Bring on the quickie divorce…

You might think that someone with conservative leanings would be horrified and appalled by today’s Tellygraff headline.

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 13.03.08

I think this is an excellent idea.

Marriage used to be a package of ‘good things’. A safe, stable environment in which to raise children. Conferred social status. Tax benefits. Pooled resources. Lifelong companionship. Extended family. Benefits to mental and physical health. Channeling of hereditary infuence, power and wealth. And – gasp – women had the benefit of her and her children being protected by her husband, physically, financially, socially and morally.

A rose-tinted view to be sure, but it’s not really any of those things any more, is it?

Not since the thin end of the wedge was inserted a generation or more ago by feminists and pandering politicians. Not since invertebrate conservatives and churchmen capitualted to what was then seen as a piffling threat from a barmy and chaotic fringe movement.

In fact, with the ratcheting up of benefits accruing to women from the dissolution of marriage, and the sharing of the spoils, and the burgeoning ‘you go girl, you can have it all, don’t need no manfishbicycle’ culture that has become utterly mainstream, marriage has become something that, for men, is a very high risk, very low reward proposition.

2017 divorce statistics for England and Wales

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 13.47.22

  • Initiated by Men: 38%
  • Initiated by Women: 62%

This latest step will help men realise that they are being shafted, stop imagining that their marriage will be different, because their wife is different. Not All Women Are Like That, right?

The easier it is to get a divorce, the sooner men extricate themselves from the clutches of marriage, the more men dodge the bullet in the first place, the sooner women can fulfil their destiny as fat, hairy, miserable, bitching, scheming, curtain twitching catladies.

“Where are all the good men?” they will cry, as their ovaries dessicate and their miniature poodle drops another dog egg in their Louboutin shoes. “Hashtag KillAllMen” they will tweet. From their iPhones, invented, designed, built, transported and delivered by men. Using machines, technology, science, techniques and processes invented by men.

All the good men are over there, dear. Working hard, inventing things, building things, maintaining things. Meeting with their friends at the pub, playing football, going motor-racing, taking the piss out of each other, going on tour, banging pneumatic 25-year-olds.

They see your game, wimmin, and they aren’t going to play it anymore.

Perhaps one of the reasons that women are embracing this lockdown in a way that actual men are not, is that it involves an extended period of sitting around in your pyjamas, talking endlessly on the phone, eating chocolate and watching Friends box-sets, paid for with money that fell from the sky.

Which is actually what most young women do when they’re not going out dressed like a Kardashian and acting like Jade Goody, or go-getting in their brilliant career as a copywriter in the packaging department of a company that makes bin liners. And moreover – much to their delight – the kibosh has been put right on all those things that men like to do. How gleeful they are.

So yeah. Fuck it. You started the fire under society 50 years ago and it’s been smouldering and slowly oxidising away in the breeze ever since. There’s nothing left to repair. Just a hulking pile of embers. Why not chuck a gallon of petrol on it and get it done so we can sweep it away and start again?


Your organs belong to the state now…

A few things have tripped over the line during the time we’ve been distracted by Covid cockwomblery.

One is this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 20.51.40

This apparently became active under the law today.

You can opt out. If I have to explain why I think you should, you’re probably on the wrong blog. There are plenty enough principled reasons to refuse to have any part in this evisceration of human autonomy and self-ownership, no matter what your political persuasion is.

Opt out here: 

Note that this opt-out will almost certainly fall into a black hole that will never be looked at, because the NHS works on your National Insurance Number and your NHS number – the only two unique identifiers that follow you for life – neither of which this opt-out form asks you to provide. Without those, it’s meaningless.

So if you want half a chance of your wishes being observed when the NHS eventually kills you, you will need to write to your GP and any hospitals you deal with and insist that this is added to your medical records.

I’ll be doing this next time I’m on an interminable conference call with droning muppets. Tomorrow morning then. 


A slow-motion car crash

Most of us will have had that experience where things have gotten out of control and disaster is inevitable, but the split second between the realisation and the impact seems to last forever.

Falling off a bike or a horse. Realising you’ve missed your opportunity to brake in time for the bend, beyond which is a precipitous drop. Seeing the sliding tackle coming in directly towards your knee.

You sense the inevitable, you (figuratively) shut your eyes tight and wait for the horrible pain, the tearing of skin, muscle and ligament, the crunch of bones and teeth, the visit to the hospital, the miserable healing period and the rehabilitation to a state where you will never quite be the same again, and will have to cope with for the rest of your life.

That’s where we are now. In the time between the dawning realisation and the life-threatening crash.

Some people fail to realise or understand that we’re beyond the point of no return, heading over a socioeconomic cliff. Others are programmed to plumb the depths of denial, lest they have to confront the reality that’s heading our way.

We know what comes next: Loss of jobs and homes, loss of life, shattering of families, job security out of the window, lower standards of living, higher taxes, a bigger more overbearing state, pulverisation of civil society, destruction of children’s social education, crumbling mental health, demolition of the underpinnings that enable our innate human social being. 

While I get that there’s nothing to be gained from running around with our hair on fire, putting our heads in the sand and singing la-la-la amounts to egregious denial of reality.

So what are we to do?

Well, all we can do now is campaign for the earliest possible return to something approaching normal. A side-serving of accountability and justice for those who were at the wheel would be nice, but first, let’s get the show back on the road.

We have to get out in the streets, in the biggest numbers we can muster. If we’re going down, like hell will we go quietly.

We will have to hold our noses at the 5G/Vax numpties and get out there, make our presence felt, seen and heard in the public square. Peacefully would be ideal; the coppers won’t hesitate to compound the injuries being currently inflicted on us all.

The government is not your friend, the police are not your friend. They are the grifters and bullies in the playground that are best avoided.

But that doesn’t mean staying in the house and hiding from the fuckers. Until they see us out on the streets, en masse, it will not start to sink in. Similarly, lots of people will have misgivings, and I can see this Saturday having a fairly small turnout, but so long as we can stay 1 step ahead of the internet censors, and refuse to engage with the MSM who will inevitable paint us as troublemakers who are putting the public at risk, we can cut through and start to gain a critical mass.

I foresee the need to get out there week after week until the dam breaks. And break it will. People haven’t forgotten how they lived 2 months ago and as their precarious financial positions start to become clear to them, their social lives die on the vine, their holidays cancelled (and paid for), their daily endeavours fraught with restrictions, rules, nannying, hectoring and little hitlers, the anger will build. Let’s channel it constructively.

See you there.


Excellent New UK Podcast – Sounding Board

Well, new to me…

A while ago I asked where all the decent British content providers were – well, this is one of them, chaps.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.03.21

I’ve been listening to this for a little while now and they’ve been beyond excellent on the lockdown, and, listening to some back-episodes, they’re excellent on liberty, economics and common-sense.

And they don’t panhandle because they have big-boys jobs as well as doing this podcasting lark.

Subscribe today!


Nutjobs for Freedom

I can’t help but notice that – as with the USA, so goes it in the UK – the ‘Freedom Movement’ that is organising gatherings this weekend around the country is being billed as an Anti-Vax movement by the Daily Mail.

A quick glance at Facebook – so far as I’m able to dig without being enrolled with Facebook – tends to confirm their analysis.

But it’s actually worse than that, because as well as the classic anti-vaxxers, it’s also the anti-5G and the 5G-causes-COVID bellends who are in the mix.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.57.36

While I’m heartened that some people are waking up and saying NO to the Lockdown nonsense, I’m not terribly impressed by the prospect of throwing my lot in with swivel-eyed conspiracy nutters, a lot of whom – to judge by Facebook – are functionally illiterate, scientifically ignorant, utterly irrational and very shouty.

It’s the work of a moment for the MSM to undermine the claims made around vaccines and ‘5G-causes-badthings’, to say nothing of ‘5G-causes-COVID’, being as these claims range from unlikely, through unproven, via provably wrong to totally deranged.

Also, I’m not even sure mandatory vaccinations are on the table outside of the internet forums wanking themselves into a fury over Bill Gates just now. If they were, it’d be important not to let objection to mandatory vaccinations be conflated with objection to vaccination per sé, which has a murky and inglorious past.

If there’s to be any meaningful progress at all by any movement against lockdown and for those responsible to be held to account, it needs to focus on lives, liberty, jobs and the economy.

Simple as that.


No, YOU tighten YOUR belt, the state

As it starts to become clear what we’re looking at in terms of the government paying for all this shit from our pockets, there has to be some acknowledgement that a lot of the things the government used to pay for were luxuries and gifts that we can no longer afford.

  • Foreign aid
  • Welfare and healthcare for anyone who isn’t a British national or current tax payer
  • Admission of illegal immigrants, refugees etc
  • IVF treatment, cosmetic surgery
  • Gender fuckery
  • HS2
  • Public sector bloat and pensions
  • Diversity & affirmative action
  • The United Nations, WHO, UNICEF
  • The Royal Family/Civil List
  • Expenses for MPs & Lords
  • A million QUANGOs
  • The BBC
  • Unrecovered student loans
  • Funding of ‘charities’ and lobbying organisations

Of course if furlough payments had been done as loans…

Honestly, the first time Boris or one of his monkeys starts crapping on about fairness, I’m going to blow a fucking gasket.

My MP is going to get really sick of me in the coming months.



Let the WTFs begin

There’s been a lot of bed-wetting at the Telegraph, but there have been some stand-out columns.

As the dust starts to settle, we’re going to be seeing a lot more testimony like this:

A Covid cardiologist at a top London hospital – friendly to Boris – has been so incensed by the daily charade of bogus omniscience that he vented his spleen in an email to me on Sunday night. It is a poignant indictment, so I pass along a few snippets.

Basically, every mistake that could have been made, was made. He likened the care home policy to the Siege of Caffa in 1346, that grim chapter of the Black Death when a Mongol army catapulted plague-ridden bodies over the walls.

“Our policy was to let the virus rip and then ‘cocoon the elderly’,” he wrote. “You don’t know whether to laugh or cry when you contrast that with what we actually did. We discharged known, suspected, and unknown cases into care homes which were unprepared, with no formal warning that the patients were infected, no testing available, and no PPE to prevent transmission. We actively seeded this into the very population that was most vulnerable.

“We let these people die without palliation. The official policy was not to visit care homes – and they didn’t (and still don’t). So, after infecting them with a disease that causes an unpleasant ending, we denied our elders access to a doctor – denied GP visits – and denied admission to hospital. Simple things like fluids, withheld. Effective palliation like syringe drivers, withheld.”

The public has yet to realise that the great quest for ventilators was worse than a red herring. The overuse of ventilators was itself killing people at a terrifying ratio and behind that lies another institutional failure.

“When the inquiry comes, it will show that many people died for lack of oxygen supply in hospitals, and this led to early intubation,” writes the doctor. “Boris survived because they gave him oxygen. High flow oxygen wasn’t available as a treatment option for all patients.”

By all means let us clap our NHS staff but are we implicitly also being asked to clap the managerial and bureaucratic structure responsible for these policies? Is it henceforth taboo to raise a whisper of criticism against the edifice?

Let that sink in, because it’s exactly what I said would be the case. The NHS may have saved the Prime Minister. It doesn’t mean they’d use the same resources to save you.

Pure fucking socialism.

Lessons won’t be learned. People will not be held to account. Except those people who infract against whatever the coppers interpret the latest covid-cockwaffle to be.

All that’s left to do is disengage or start launching mortars.


This evening’s clarion call…

It’ll be “Well, thanks for allowing us to now do things that weren’t actually banned in the first place.”

Sturgeon was first out of the gates:

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 16.47.59

I’m going to ignore the open goal that wee Jimmy has left for us.

In case you were in any doubt, there was nothing at all in the existing legislation – or the associated ‘guidelines’ – that said you could only exercise once a day or only for one hour or anything at all like that.

Boris is going to do exactly the same… he’s going to come up with a list of 3 or 4 things that were never proscribed in the first place and throw that to us, like a zoo-keeper tossing fish to the captive seals.

If any real things are actually going to be eased up, my money is on things for women (hairdressers, nail bars, tanning salons, horse riding schools, shoe shops) and for the dullard middle-classes (golf courses, shoots, garden centres, estate agents, stately homes, galleries and museums).

We’ll probably not get to go to the football, the motor racing, the cinema, a pub or a restaurant this side of Christmas.

We shall see.


UPDATE: Jesus H Christ, I never thought I was being optimistic…. fuck me, what a crock of shit.

Why people don’t want to return to work…

Just a hypothesis, and I’m sure it won’t cover everyone, but I don’t buy the ‘lazy scroungers’ argument as a big contributor… before this, unemployment was at historically low levels.

I’m very lucky with my job – I have great levels of trust, latitude and discretion, and every month has achievements I can reflect upon.

But a lot of people’s jobs suck more than ever before.

People who once did things from which you could derive a sense of pride and achievement – i.e. worked in industry, engineering, manufacturing, as craftsmen or tradesmen – are now scratching a living working in a warehouse, or a call-centre, or driving an Uber or an Amazon van. Their job security is tenuous, their every movement – literally – is timed, measured, graded and judged. They are completely interchangeable human cogs in a process driven machine. Process – the progenitor of ‘the computer says no’ – is everything. All discretion and reliance in individual human ingenuity is gone – to display any initiative is to pull the lever that prints out your P45.

And then we have all the poor bastards who hadn’t been exposed to Aaron Clarey’s arguments and were brainwashed and browbeaten into going to university, racking up a mountain of debt on a false prospectus and then finding that the real world just wanted them to fetch coffee and muffins, and they’d never be able to afford a house to start a family in even if they landed the job their education trained them for.

If this described your job and the government had told you to go home and stay there, while being paid 80% of your normal income, would you want to go back to how things were in February?

This period will have given a great many people opportunity to reflect on their predicaments.

A brave few will be laying the groundwork for striking out in a new direction…. millions more will be playing for time, with no idea what to do, but certain they would not choose to go back to the mongfarm.

Thus we are at a potential turning point where a move away from globalism could be just the thing we need to enable millions of ordinary people to do work that is less soul-crushing than the anodyne computerised, global corporate grey-goo shit that has thus far been their only choice.

I suppose we can dream, while at the same time fearing that the masses have been in Plato’s cave so long that they can never be released back into the soul-nourishing productive world.

Ho hum.


Are you ready for Phase 2?

You’ll be overjoyed.


Literally every step you take outside of the house will be regulated, measured, monitored and judged.

By the government, by the council, by anyone with a shiny reflective tabbard, and by Karen.

Do you remember how after 9/11, airline cabin crew went from being sky-waiters to sky-cunts, like they were the thin blue line between you and certain death? The people who work in B&Q are now behaving exactly that way.

You will literally want to tear people limb from limb by the time we reach summer.



Yep, it’s the Karenavirus again…


The other day, I pointed The Great One ( towards a news story where 900 KARVID snitches were outed on Facebook via a FOIA request. Remarkably, the story links to a 922-page PDF file containing the full details of all these Karens and their complaints.

The Great One went to fucking town on them in today’s podcast and it was a tour-de-force. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

When I first started listening to him, I found his views on women difficult to come to terms with. But then I thought about it and I compared what he said with what I see women doing. And he’s right. About all of it.

#NAWALT my ass. Thankyou for your order. You ordered a NAWALT, but none were in-stock, so instead, we’re sending you a NARWHALT.




Bedwetters Banquet

I don’t use Twitter as such anymore… haven’t done so since they suspended my account for telling Gilette to go fuck themselves (blogposts passim).

During this clusterfuck, though, it’s been amusing to follow Old Holborn’s twitter feed. While surveying the latest idiocy, I noted a trending gashtag…. #extendlockdown

It’s ever so good of the fags, whiners, bints, workshy public sector wasters, useful idiots and media retards to publically identify themselves like this.

Here’s a snippet, but check the link to see what I think is known as ‘the absolute fucking state of it’.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 17.49.32

The depressing thing here is how many people who would test positive for Y chromosomes, yet prove themselves to be invertebrate pussies, who want daddy government to spank them hard.

When this is over and the reckoning comes, every one of these dipshits needs to be called out, dragged into the street and beaten with hammers.


The missing Antonia Staats Podcast…

Oh, someone has been cleaning house real well… LinkedIn gone, the podcast gone not gone.

Yeah, I downloaded it last night. Oops. It doesn’t matter that the webpage with the transcript has gone (and not in the wayback machine).. it was an automatically generated transcript that could be easily recreated.

Jeremy Wagstaff writes: The latest in my series on lives disrupted by the coronavirus. I met Antonia when I was leading a Carter Center mission to Indonesia in 2009 to observe elections there. I wanted to find out from her about how Britain was taking all this. Yes, I’m British but I haven’t lived there since the third Thatcher government. What was all this doing to my compatriots’ state of mind? Turns out most of the change, at least in Antonia’s orbit, is taking place on the macro-level, as relationships within her family adjust themselves to life under lockdown. Home schooling, dishwasher-emptying duties, juggling two jobs and Zoom meetings, relieved by the occasional bike ride: will Antonia’s optimism outlast the virus?

I wonder where I should put the MP3 file…


Joining the dots…

The Sun asks the important questions… and adds a tidbit of information.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.00.03

Ms Staats is married to an academic in his 30s who works at SOAS.

Hmm… well, for the husband there are few Chris’ amid the SOAS staff pages who fit the profile, but this one caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.32.24

It’s very circumstantial, but:

  • German✅
  • In his 30’s
  • Can afford a £1.9M house in Clapham✅

It’d kinda make sense, wouldn’t it? Certainly with the cost of the house I’m not sure a PhD in “comparative Bantu poetry” would quite allow you to live in such a style.

On the other hand…. this guy does sound like a very promising prospective cuckold:

Dr Gerteis’ first book, Gender Struggles: Wage-earning Women and Male-Dominated Unions in Postwar Japan (Harvard, 2009), is an interdisciplinary study of the forgotten history of wage-earning Japanese women who during the 1950s militantly contested the socialist labor movement’s revival of many prewar notions of normative gender roles.

Even though Staats has taken down her LinkedIn page, we do know that she:

… gained a masters in Asian politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Which would be a common point of interest and way they might have met. The house could be explained by one of them having a rich daddy. The guy almost certainly isn’t in his 30s though.

Which brings me to this guy.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 12.00.05

A definite candidate. 8/10 on the cuck-o-meter. According to his CV, he’s near-native German speaking.

Then there’s this guy. Again he’s a bit old to be in scope, but he was chair of the Equality & Diversity committee. He gets points for looking like an Easter Island carved head of Damian Lewis.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 12.07.45

This is fun… just a bit of fun… God I’m BORED. FUCK.

Hello, Mr Chris Alderton…

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 12.13.56

My pronouns are he/him. I am a professional mentor at SOAS, providing holistic, emotional and practical support and helping students fulfil their academic and personal potential.

I am a relational humanistic counsellor working upon a wide range of theoretical approaches which underpin my clinical practice. I’ve worked across several mental health services in London, supporting people with a wide range of mental health issues, helping individuals recognise their strengths, creativity and choice. I’m particularly interested in using a creative approach to express our ‘inner world’ through materials and objects.


UPDATE: Looks like candidate #3 was the winner

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.21.43

And the Met Police have confirmed that the rules only apply to us little people.

Massey and Ferguson…

Uproar tonight as news breaks that the divisive dipshit Neil Ferguson has had to resign, after being caught having his married lover over to his house during lockdown for some extra-curricular fish-filleting.

Antonia Staats is a foreign, lefty, environmental activist and pro-EU campaigner.

Are we honestly surprised?

The thing that’s pissing me off though, is the photo of her that is doing the rounds:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.06.39

And people, looking no further, are like: Wow, he was punching above his weight, I would etc…

But because I’ve been on the Internet for 25 years, I knew damned well that this photo is almost certainly (1) 10 years old and (2) hiding something.

And we need only turn to the Daily Mail for the answer. Here she is:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.10.49

As soon as the doorman heard the front door go “chonk, chonk, chonk” he knew who was there.

And here she is again:

Ferguson deserves to be ruined…. a campaign to have him fired from Imperial and made untouchable by all publishers should be unrelenting.

Not for sticking it in this wobbletastic kraut trout, but for thinking it’s okay for him to do this while being a key player in screwing up the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of people in this country, wrecking the future of the economy and of society for a generation or more.

I’ve fucking had enough. If I passed this cunt in the street, I’d put him under an oncoming car.


UPDATE: And for the cherry on today’s triple-cooked shitcake:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.32.54

Hail to the Queen…

No, not that one… or that one, or…. no.

This one:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 16.25.55

It’s faintly embarassing that in order to get some common sense, reason, humanity and backbone we have to refer to a foreign woman author, in contrast to the platoons of bedwetters that have taken over the British public sphere.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 16.30.26

But there it is…. well worth a listen. And you needn’t worry about there being too much of Brendan O’Neill speaking.