Collaborators, snitches and the Stasi

I expect the forums at have been rendered in a state of apoplexy about this:


Thousands of drivers have been reported by fellow motorists after being spotted speeding, drink driving or talking on mobile phones.

Anyone reported twice in a year could face police action under the scheme, named Operation Crackdown. The culprits could receive a home visit or a warning letter.

Sussex Police is trialling the campaign and has already received 20,488 reports from the public. Warning letters have been sent to 2,695, while a further 1,047 have been sanctioned for offences such as having an out-of-date tax disc.

The scheme, under which reports are submitted anonymously online, could be rolled out nationally if it is deemed a success.

A newsletter promoting the scheme reads: "Are you fed up with anti-social drivers? People who still use their mobile phones while driving, not wearing seat belts or those who insist on getting right up your bumper and are really annoying and dangerous to others."

I’m sorry.. how does not wearing a seatbelt constitute anti-social or dangerous driving?

Surely they’ve seen the studies showing that when wearing seatbelts, people drive in a less risk-averse way? AKA the Peltzman effect.

No, this is not about safety or anti-social driving. It’s about the police asking members of the public to do their job for them, and in doing so, appeal to the worse-nature of the inevitable portion of society that is given to being judgemental, self-righteous, nosey and vindictive.

Dylan Sharpe of Big Brother Watch points out the most obvious flaws with the plan, and is quoted in the article.

Dylan Sharpe, of the campaign group Big Brother Watch, warned that Operation Crackdown is "based on unfounded accusations by untrained and possibly prejudiced members of the public".

He added: "This scheme is wide open to abuse, ranging from people with minor grudges against neighbours to busybody drivers who think they know what constitutes bad driving."

There is a further problem though. I drive getting on for 30,000 miles a year. On a mile for mile basis, that makes me 2-3 times more likely than the average 10k a year driver, to be reported by some embittered numpty. And yet the bar for police action is set at 2 reports over a given period, not per 10,000 miles driven. Of course it’s obvious that they can’t realistically judge it on miles driven, but the result is a creation that is manifestly unfair to those of us who drive a lot, in the course of generating revenue for the tax man to steal from us, to play for police.


The main problem I have with this scheme is something of a personal one. I’m a target for this shit. I drive quickly and assertively. I have no patience for timewasters and idiots on the road.

You know what I find to be anti-social? Driving at 40mph in 50mph zone for no good reason, and causing a queue of traffic to build up.

I don’t want to be doing 40. I want to be doing 50 (probably I want to be doing more than that, but I can live with 50), and you can bet your arse that after a half mile or so, I’ll be doing everything I can to draw this fact to your fucking ignorant attention.

This means “Get the fuck out of my way” you tedious wanker.

So what do the police encourage? Well they diagnose my behaviour to be anti-social and ask the 40mph fuckwit to report me.

They will doubtless fail to accept my assertion that Mr 40mph is, in fact, the one driving anti-socially.

Similarly, the art of overtaking is a dying one in this country, and when encountered, it is frequently met with righteous indignation, flashed headlamps or a ‘wanker’ gesture.

For why? I didn’t do anything dangerous. There was a plentiful gap, and I used my car’s considerable power in order to overtake swiftly and safely, in line the police driving manual Roadcraft.

No doubt a goodly proportion of these remonstrators will be moved to go on to the local police website and tell tales about me.

What’s interesting about the phenomenon regarding objections to overtaking is that the usual source of this objection comes from one of two stereotypes. Firstly, is the obvious one. Old people, of whom there are far too many on the roads, and most of them drive like total fucking morons. Secondly, though, is young men.. teenagers to late 20s. The class of the New Labour years. Conformist metrosexual sheep.

Fuck them all.


NB: This is far from being the first time that a police force has tried to make informers out of their paymasters.

UPDATE: Manwiddicombe makes an interesting case for exceptional circumstances.

This evening at around 6pm I was proceeding in an Easterly direction along the Old Shoreham Road (A270) approaching the junction for West Hove Sainsburys. I was driving *cough* at the 40 mph speed limit when a vehicle raced past me in the outside lane.

It was definitely travelling at speeds in excess of the posted limit. A *cough* passenger in my vehicle managed to take a photo of the rear of the vehicle with a mobile telephone device. Would you like to see the photo?

Whoever it is that works for this nannying outfit deserves everything they fucking get. Speed kills? Cunt.


Keeping us safe

From stuff that’s no fucking threat to anyone. Well done, Captain Buzzkill.


Oooh – really? That’s terrible. Awful. I didn’t even know about it.

Officers were alerted after neighbours reported "unusual behaviour" and "strange sounds" coming from the four-bedroomed house in Lee Mill, Devon.

Police arrived with battering rams to raid the home but after a plain clothes officer knocked on the door the residents let them in – thinking he had an appointment.

The sex dungeon was then found in a converted room filled with "hundreds" of items including whips, gas masks, wooden bats, handcuffs, clothes pegs and shackles.

Police also discovered bondage chairs with straps, straight jackets, sex toys, gimp masks, S&M outfits, shackles, cattle prods and car batteries used to power the toys.

The dungeon was also stuffed with "various electrical vibrating" items and a recording studio complete with computer equipment and mixing desk.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Gilroy of Devon and Cornwall police said officers made the "startling" discovery last Friday (26/02) afternoon.

Oh well done, you.

But during the raid one "customer" arrived at the home – and still asked for his appointment despite the large police presence.

ROFL. And do you know why, Captain Cockwash? Because he wasn’t there for a fuck – he just wanted his arse whipping and his balls burning with a cigarette. Fucked up, perhaps, but not illegal between consenting adults. Not even for money, as far as I know.

"In the dungeon alone we discovered bondage chairs with straps, gimp masks, whips, shackles and various electrical vibrating items. Hundreds of items were seized at the address."

Oh the hilarity back at the nick must have been side-splitting. Twats.

A 38-year-old man from Lee Mill, a 21-year-old woman from Ivybridge, Devon, and a 24-year-old woman from Plymouth have been arrested in connection with the incident..

What fucking ‘incident’, you cunts? Breach of the epidermis?

DS Gilroy said: "We are glad to have disturbed this activity and restored normality to the neighbourhood. We would also like to thank residents who reported the activity to us."

Oh I’m sure you are, you smug puritan prat.

Inspector Phil Chivers, police inspector for the South Hams, added: "This incident demonstrates that we, the police, are reliant on information from the community."

Yes, and it also demonstrates that the community is awash with pecksniff curtain twitching cunts who’ll gladly inform on their fellow man, without even the pieces of silver in return.

I leave you in the capable hands of Doug.



I do hope Guido has this right:


Guido understands that Andy Burnham is about to be in some deep trouble. Yesterday he said he “did not believe that a lengthy, adversarial inquiry would be in the best interests of health care in Staffordshire.” Today it has emerged that in 2007, as a Junior Health Minister, he signed off on one of four stages of the Mid-Stafford Hospital’s elevation to Labour’s coveted Foundation Trust status. This was despite four formal alerts about the hospital’s dangerous practises. The rest they say is history.

No wonder Dave was asking about this at PMQs yesterday. Guido just got off the phone with Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS, a local group campaigning for a full inquiry into the case, who said she had to go because “we’re just about to start filming” as Andrew Lansley was on the way.

After Burnham’s “tired and emotional” outburst at Lansley last week for the death tax posters, Guido senses he may be dodging Nokias by the end of the tea time news…

… because Andy Burnham is a puritanical authoritarian scouse tosser.


Quite remarkable

Uncommon sense here from frequently surprising porridge guzzler Tom Harris MP.

Minimum pricing of alcohol won’t work. Do you imagine that the type of person who gets blitzed on a 12-pack of Carlsberg from the local supermarket is going to see the new, increased price label and say to himself: “No, I can no longer afford to indulge my drinking habit. I will therefore save my money and spend it instead on books for my children.”?

If someone wants to get drunk, then you know what? They’re going to get drunk. If they have to go into debt or deprive their families of the bare essentials in order to do it, then that’s what will happen. And given that for those in work, levels of disposable income are higher than ever, you’d have to push prices up a hell of a lot before it would have even a marginal impact on consumption.

People drink alcohol for many reasons, and the price of it may well be a factor. But I doubt if it’s anywhere near the most important one. I hope the government doesn’t end up on the wrong side of this argument, as Paul Waugh hints today.

Of course, they will end up on the wrong side of this argument because they’re in thrall of the puritans, but then so will the AuthoraTories.


UPDATE: Via OH, I see that the Tories do indeed fancy some of this bullshit.

Mr Lansley confirmed plans to increase taxes on super-strength drinks and said he would if necessary introduce legislation to ban cut-price supermarket deals on alcohol.

He pledged to toughen up the licensing regime to make it easier to close down noisy or irresponsible bars and clubs.

But he rejected calls from the chief medical officer and the Commons health select committee to set a minimum price on all alcohol – claiming it would penalise moderate drinkers.

Mr Lansley’s public health strategy also contained plans to tackle obesity by working with fast-food restaurants and bars to publicise calorie contents of their meals, and to reduce the sizes of portions.

He said he wanted food packaging to show daily guidenewlines amounts of fat, sugar and salt, and called for further restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy foods to children.

Just fuck all the way off you total and utter cunts.


Denormalisation of alcohol in Scotland

Ramping up again, I see.


Orly? Let’s see.

Economists at the University of York suggested the total burden to Scotland’s public purse every year of drink-related problems is between £2.5 billion and £4.6 billion.

Now. First of all, if this costs every Scot £900pa – and let’s just suppose it does – what is it costing the English? Remember we subsidise those Jock twats up to the eyeballs.

Moving on,

Economists at the University of York suggested the total burden to Scotland’s public purse every year of drink-related problems is between £2.5 billion and £4.6 billion.

The midpoint of the range of estimates, £3.56 billion, includes a £268.8 million cost to the NHS, £727.1 million to the criminal justice system and £230.5 million to social services.

That’s quite easily fixed with a claw hammer and a chainsaw.

The Scottish economy loses more than £865 million per year thanks to alcohol-related absenteeism, unemployment and early death, the study also suggested.

Early death? You’re counting the cost to the economy of people checking in their chips and not drudging on to 65? Fuck off, and while you’re going, check the cost of the benefits trap, the brain drain and the stagnation and Randian striking that high taxes and over-regulation cause.

Meanwhile, the human cost, including suffering caused by premature drink-related deaths, was estimated at £1.46 billion.

Oh now you’re just plucking crap out of the air. Dare one ask how such as cost was put on such intangibles?

Previous research had suggested the annual cost to taxpayers was £2.2 billion, and SNP ministers argued the new, higher total showed urgent action is required.

Ahh…. a hockey stick for Salmond?

They want to introduce a minimum price for alcohol, mooted at 40p per unit, but look set to be defeated after the three main opposition parties vowed to vote down the measure.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish health minister, said: “This report, which takes a more comprehensive view than any previous study, indicates that the total cost of alcohol misuse to Scotland’s economy and society is even worse than we thought.

“The time for stalling is over and the need for action is clear.”

Clear indeed. I don’t think we agree on the required action. Almost certainly, your preference doesn’t include claw hammers or chainsaws – or your scrawny righteous cunting necks.


Puritanism is exactly what it is, and we have to stop it

Uncommon sense in the Graun yesterday


It’s about time the MSM got up to speed with the situation as detailed extensively by the likes of Dick Puddlecote and Boaty & D.

Do read Mr Cohen’s column, which is most refreshing.


Suicide watch…

Eamonn Butler is the head of the Adam Smith Institute – a free-market think-tank.

But I’d not be surprised to hear that the Dignitas marketing folk were keen to retain his services.

I say this because, ever since I started reading this:


I’ve been increasingly curious about their services.

It’s an unceasing catalogue of the things that Gordon Brown and his coterie of bastards has done to our country.

Oh sure, there’s not much in there that you couldn’t find on most libertarian blogs, but the sheer scale of their destruction wrought upon the fabric of our economy, society, liberty, privacy, justice system and democratic protections is breath-taking.

I may, in fact, never finish this book, because I decide that I want to live. On the other hand, I may neck a fistful of vallium and get it over with. The book, I mean.


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