The world on its head

There’s not much for me to say about this that hasn’t been said elsewhere. Nick Sandmann and his schoolboy cohort are being demonised by swivel-eyed shitlibs for doing precisely nothing wrong – unless what you count as wrong includes bravely, silently and motionlessly refusing to capitulate to an antagonistic, bullying mob of race-hustlers, and then refusing to bow to the ensuing twittermob.


For further commentary, I’ll defer to the eloquent words from:

Tim Newman: Sitting Bullsh*t

Spiked: This is a New Low for the Twittermob

Chateau Heartise: The Anti-White Hate Machine

…and for the final words, Adam Piggott: The Moment a Boy Becomes a Man

I’m also minded of the comments Aaron Clarey made relating to a previous trip on the Outrage Bus, specifically Baraboo, in which he astutely observed that America has become South Park – i.e. the kids are alright, it’s the adults who are all fucking mental.

Who’d be a white kid in America today, when degenerate coloured adults have it in for them, and white adults (mostly) do not have their backs?

Captain, I’m calling in a meteor strike.


UPDATE: There’s rat stink in the olfactories with this Nathan Phillips bloke. And here. And here. And here.

UPDATE 2: Decent commentary on this from Stefan Molyneux


Déjà Mong

Once you’ve been blogging a while, you find that subjects frequently arise time after time, even though you’ve already dealt with them in no uncertain terms.

Today, it is the turn of the Daily Mail to prattle on …


…. about something I dealt with back in April.

To summarise:

The reason these spaces exist and are right in front of the stores is simply this: Parents spend a fortune in the sort of establishments that have P&C parking spaces, so supermarkets, leisure parks etc have no problem affording this demographic special treatment.

Accordingly, they are a commercial enticement, not the fulfilment of a civic good, which is what disabled spaces are

Boo-hoo, breeders. Suck it up. You’re not special and neither are your screaming sprogs.

And in light of their apparent fury, it’s almost worth using P&C spaces just to drive the point home to them.



Being silly season, there’s not really much happening at the moment that isn’t complete bollocks or made up media filler based on reports peddled by fake charities and righteous agendas.

I’m sure inspiration will return in due course – and/or something will piss me off so immensely that I’ll return frothing and foaming anew.

In the meantime, go and have a look outside. Perhaps you can do something for the common good, and be the monster that the smokophobics have created?

Oh and be sure to check out the latest bully state outrages at Big Brother Watch.


P.S. If you happen to be a farmer, in East Lothian, how about turning your muck spreader on these smelly fuckers at Gogarburn?

Sympathy for the Devil

The Tellygiraffe seems to have a twisted definition of ‘fun’.


Jazz workshops? I’d rather stick wasps up my arse.

Stress Angels? Get the fuck away from me.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Guantanamo Bay with added pikeys.

This stuff shouldn’t be sneered at.

It should be mandatory for all public sector workers.



Obo recently covered the fact that BluLabour have performed an EPIC U-turn on the 2011 census.


Invasive. Intrusive. Unsuitable. That was how the Conservatives described next year’s census plans when they were in opposition.

So, how have things changed since the coalition took over from Labour, and Mr Hurd became a minister in the Cabinet Office?

The director of the England and Wales census Glen Watson told the BBC: "They haven’t expressed those reservations to me since taking office." His plans have not changed since election day.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said: "The expenses already committed to the census mean any changes are difficult.

Utter boswellox, Mr Maude. You know it, and I know it.

I do find this quote particularly surprising, though:

Alex Deane from the Big Brother Watch campaign group is encouraging anyone who finds the questions intrusive not to comply.

He said: "I don’t imagine for a moment that putting a blank or palpably absurd answer – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck – would result in a prosecution for anyone, and anyone who feels that they’re having their privacy intruded upon should feel free in my view to put that."

Don’t you, Alex? Although I don’t agree with Big Brother Watch on every issue, the blog is an invaluable source of information about the intrusive surveillance state, and BBW is a doughty campaigner and advocate on these matters.

Day after day, they carry tales of excessive behaviour and abuses of power by low-level state appointed pecksniffs, driven by a heady cocktail of targets and zeal.

Failure to properly complete your census form can attract a £1000 fine.

So does he really think that a department of state (or QUANGO) that needs to cut costs and justify its existence will fail to pursue the non-compliant with fresh vigour?

Mr Watson revealed that in 2001 3m people did not return a completed census questionnaire. Fewer than 100 were prosecuted.

I’m going to bet that there are upwards of 1000 prosecutions on the back of the 2011 census. Perhaps thousands more.

You or I could be one of them, if we don’t give full details of anyone who stayed at our house on 27 March 2011. Or what type of heating we have, or Christ knows what other pecksniffery in their 32 page questionnaire.

Well, I’m a Native American Indian practitioner of Buddhism. I heat my tepee with burning babies. On the night in question Tony Blair, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Beth Ditto stayed at my house. I speak no English. I don’t sleep, so my house has 7 reception rooms, and no bedrooms.

Of course, this post is prompted by the story that the Tories are implying that they’ll ditch the census after 2011 and do something else. I’ll believe it when I see it.


I’m backing Balls

Good news people.

If you want to help ensure that Labour are mangled beyond all recognition, do this:


You may be asking, “WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?”

Quite rightly, too.

The reason to do it is that you’ll get a vote in the forthcoming Labour leadership election. For the princely sum of a quid. One pound.

Who to vote for? Well, I for one, am backing Ed Balls.

Once Balls is duly installed, tear up your membership card and walk away. Job done.


Via Old HolbornObo’s also on the case.

All your branes are belong to GlaxoRochePfizer

In February 2009, I wrote:

O.D.D. has been a pretty successful life-strategy for me. Review the pronouncements of the Righteous (© Legiron), then do the exact opposite.

Seen via the Intermong today:


Psychiatrists have been working on the fourth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and, in it, they hope to add a whole slew of new psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, many of these disorders are merely differences in personality and behavior among people.

The new edition may include "disorders" like "oppositional defiant disorder", which includes people who have a pattern of "negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures." Some of the "symptoms" of this disorder including losing one’s temper, annoying people and being "touchy".

Other "disorders" being considered include personality flaws like antisocial behavior, arrogance, cynicism or narcissism.

Well that would be the entire political class, the entire media, teenagers, sportsmen, the police, lawyers, doctors, Oxbridge alumni, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Find a sweatshop and start sewing straightjackets.

For why, though?

The perception that character differences are somehow a psychic illnesses not only absolves individuals of personal responsibility, but it takes away their unique personhood. It reduces people into subjects that cannot think for themselves, but rather have to be controlled through drugs.

Which brings us to perhaps the biggest thrust behind the DSM revisions: the drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies stand to gain a lot for having virtually every person categorized as mentally ill and in need of drugs.

More here.


Opt out of the NHS

.. database. I dream of the day we can opt out of the whole disgusting mess, but this is a start. Do it.

For why? Well, see here, here and here. In summary though:


Non-medical staff? Uh huh.

From the responses received, in certain NHS Trusts access to confidential medical records is provided to hospital porters, IT staff and those working in the finance department.

And if you’re handy with a tinfoil trilby, see here as well.

Opt out here.



Freedom Lovers Say: Fucking have that

Smoking martyr freed thanks to all of you who contributed, in spirit, blog and wallet.

Ten quid very well spent in my view.

I’ll hand over to Old Holborn and Anna Racoon.

Nick Hogan is safely back behind bars. Not the bars which the government sought to contain him behind for failing to act as an unpaid policeman and report his customers for smoking – even when he was not on the premises to witness them to doing so – but the bars, the snug, and the restaurant of his own private property, the Swan with Two Necks, in Chorley, Manchester.

It was with the greatest pleasure that I was able to telephone Denise Hogan, his wife, a few minutes ago, and ask her to go and collect her husband from the Forest Bank jail in Pendlebury.
The indefatigable Old Holborn had moved heaven and earth, above and beyond the call of duty, to arrive at the jail with £8,664.50p in cash, to exchange with the Custody Officer there in return for Nick Hogan’s freedom.

Nick was jailed as an example to us all, that when the State barks ‘jump’ you only question ‘how high’.

He didn’t. He said ‘Why’?

Bloody good work by all involved.


National No Smoking Day

And so it comes around again – are you sure this shit is just once a year?


I don’t want your help. I don’t want to quit. And if, or when, I do, I’ll quit. Okay?

Oh well, I‘ll pay it the same heed as I do

  • International Women’s Day
  • International Men’s Day
  • Secretary’s Day
  • AIDS Awareness Day
  • Cycle to Work Day
  • Run a Mile Day
  • Climate Change Day
  • Try Being Gay Day
  • Stop Beating Your Wife Day
  • Credible Government Day
  • Drink Your Own Piss Day
  • Drink Someone Else’s Piss Day
  • Drift in and out of a Diabetic Coma Day
  • Call Everyone Mavis Day
  • Beat Your Kids Day

The real question is this:

You won – there is no fucking smoking, anywhere, any fucking day. Now why can’t you just all fuck off? Bunch of unmitigated tards



Dick Puddlecote takes the opportunity to fight fail with fail and comes up trumps. LOL.

Impossible To Resist

We recently found out that the wife of one of Mrs Puddlecote’s acquaintances had sneered at the Puddlecote habit of re-filling plastic water bottles. The reasoning being that it causes cancer, apparently. So adamant was she that, at the weekend, her ‘public duty’ was to thrust a printout of this page into Mrs P’s hand, with all the alarmist phrases highlighted in dayglo green. Some chemicals were even neatly double underlined in black.

"I’m extremely worried about cancer", she gushed, "you should throw your bottles away and not let your children drink out of them".

Now, this hectoring ball of festering panic lives in a flat above a print shop from which the smell of ink fumes is significantly noticeable. So, this afternoon, Mrs P handed her a printout of this page, which I had kindly printed off, highlighted, and appropriately underlined.

The "ink" in a copier is a very fine black powder known as toner, or by its chemical name, carbon black. Carbon Black usually comes in a replaceable cartridge, and is classified a carcinogen, which means it is "capable of inducing cancer." Very special care must be taken when handling toner cartridges, and they must be disposed of properly, not, for instance, simply tossed into a trash can.

Honestly, you’ve got to read the rest as it’s an object lesson in hysterical alarmism.

Mrs P calmly pointed out the difference in toner volume between a humble office photocopier and a hard-working print shop, and between a few hours in an office compared to living, breathing and sleeping directly above industrial printing equipment. The horrified intake of breath was reportedly heard in the post office five doors down.

I think the letting agents will be getting a call in the morning, if they haven’t had one already, of course.

Does this make us bad people?

No – it makes you minor heroes, and I raise a glass to you, sir.


I’m backing Brown

Labour are waking up to the terrible predicament they have foisted upon themselves.

We have Barry Sheerman MP, Greg Pope MP and Polly Toynbee PMT all pleading in equal measure for Brown to go and the rest of the senior Labour people to grow a backbone.

They have a point. There’s no doubt that replacing Brown would give Labour a healthy boost in the polls, and more importantly, in an election.

So I’m backing Gordon as the right man for the job.


Fingers crossed.


Old Holborn becomes a Freeman on the Land

This will be most interesting.


Sadly, most of us are way too deeply enmeshed in ‘the system’, with way too much to lose, to engage in the first wave of these games.

OH has previously indicated that he has put a considerable amount of work into protecting his interests against what’s to come, which is freely admits is likely to involve:

So here’s to a year of bankruptcy, arrest, summonses and threats. Just for simply saying no.

I can but wish Mr Holborn the best of British, in his battle against what is a decidedly a continental style creeping state.


Next time some sanctimonious wanker criticises your car…

Refer them to this:


Today award-winning science writer Fred Pearce – environmental consultant to New Scientist and author of Confessions Of An Eco Sinner – reveals that the super-ships that keep the West in everything from Christmas gifts to computers pump out killer chemicals linked to thousands of deaths because of the filthy fuel they use.

We’ve all noticed it. The filthy black smoke kicked out by funnels on cross-Channel ferries, cruise liners, container ships, oil tankers and even tugboats.

It looks foul, and leaves a brown haze across ports and shipping lanes. But what hasn’t been clear until now is that it is also a major killer, probably causing thousands of deaths in Britain alone.

As ships get bigger, the pollution is getting worse. The most staggering statistic of all is that just 16 of the world’s largest ships can produce as much lung-clogging sulphur pollution as all the world’s cars.

Because of their colossal engines, each as heavy as a small ship, these super-vessels use as much fuel as small power stations.

But, unlike power stations or cars, they can burn the cheapest, filthiest, high-sulphur fuel: the thick residues left behind in refineries after the lighter liquids have been taken. The stuff nobody on land is allowed to use.


Read on…

So listen up, you fucking enviro-monkey. Until you stop buying shit made in the far-east, shut your cabbage-smelling yap, unless you want necklacing.