The day after…

.. the chicks showed up, the chaps started to shed their tail feathers.


They know it’s game over for 2012.



Minipecks 2012… Finally

They’re a bit late this year,

UPDATE: Yeah – it seemed like they came late this year, but in fact, a week sooner than they did last year. Ho hum.

There are only 2 of them to start off with. This does not fill me with optimism, based on past rates of attrition over the first 3-6 months of their lives.






Failwhale: Pretty good job, actually.

Ahh.. the antarctic right whale.

A couple on a whale-watching trip off Cape Town, South Africa, say they had a lucky escape when a 10m (33ft) specimen leapt on to their yacht.



I remember years ago, Ben Elton used to close one of his stand-up routines with a piece about ‘bio-diversity’ by describing the behaviour of this particular creature.

To cut a long story, short, the whale just tried to shag their boat. And it succeeded to the tune of £8.5k.

Nice work.



Awesome stuff…


Police have warned people not to approach a dangerous giant owl that could be hungry enough to attack and eat domestic pets.

The European eagle owl, which has a 2m (6ft) wingspan and is 1m tall, escaped from an enclosure in its owner’s back garden at Lower Stratton, near Swindon, Wiltshire, on Sunday

A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman said: “The owner went into the enclosure and the owl flew at him. He ducked and the bird flew out.”


“As it has been bred in captivity, the owl is unlikely to attack humans, but it could try to carry off a cat or small dog. If anyone spots the owl they should contact police and we will send an appropriate team with the right sort of equipment to catch it.”

Might I be so bold as to suggest…

My cats are confined to barracks until further notice.


UPDATE: Found this fantastic pic on Google:

Click to enlarge.

Nature Gawp 6…

On of our pecksters is missing….


I’d like to think that the third chick was indentified as male and re-homed… I hope.


Here’s a family pic, with speshul brudder in the background.


Recall, if you will, that on 21st June, the chicks looked like this:

The full series of pics in this longitudinal study are here: