LOLympics PART 3

North Korean women’s football team were playing [insert some other country’s team here] at Hampden park in Scotchland.

Only problem is the wallah operating the scoreboard displayed the players fizzogs next to a South Korean flag. The players left the field in protest.

Photo from


I shall have a wee snigger at that.



LOLympics PART 2

It’s been a quiet couple of days for the LOLympics.

Seb Coe and LOCOG are arguing about whether spectators will be allowed entry to ticketed areas if wearing a Pepsi T-shirt. Coe says they (probably) can’t. LOCOG says they can. I say whoever can run off 20,000 Pepsi T-shirts in the next week will make a killing with the contrarians.

It’s also worth noting that Seb Coe (who tweets as @sebcoe) says that “athletes who use Twitter risk Olympic medal chances”. Given his track record during preparations for London 2012, it wouldn’t be paranoid to consider his words as a sinister threat to the likes of Kerron Clement, whose tweets of discontent I mentioned in LOLympics PART 1.

I have now to admit my credulity. When I saw this on Twitter I thought it was for real:


It’s the work of a splendidly inventive joker, as I was quickly informed by multiple tweeps, including one claiming to represent G4S.

If nothing else, I claim fair play is reasonably assuming that this could easily be part of the M.O. of the monkeys that G4S deploy to these roles (parking enforcement etc).

It clearly has touched a nerve with G4S, or they’d never dignify it with a response, let alone have their Head of PR rebutt it.

So either way, >SNORK<.

UPDATE on Great4Satire’s security difficulties:







LOLympics PART1

Oh this is going to be good…


Interesting that Google Maps is reporting no significant queues on the M4… everything east of the M4 is completely screwed though :-)


Meanwhile on Twitter, athletes are stuck on a bus…


I wonder if LOCOG will punish Mr Clement for tweeting bad words about the event.


UPDATE @ 14:38

Security deployments all going smoothly and to plan:


UPDATE @ 20:25

Let’s see if Mr Olympic Coach Driver reports to the police that he ran into this person’s car.




2012 Olympics: Shove It

Not much to add to Old Holborn’s missive on the matter.


A complete waste of public money on an anachronistic clusterfuck.

If it was worth doing, it’d be viable as a private venture, like football, or F1, for example.


UPDATE: Join in the curmudging over at the CoffeeHouse.

If you want to rejuvenate parts of London, just go and rejuvenate them. Even allowing for the grotesque inefficiencies of the public sector, you should be able to build 100,000 units of affordable housing for the cost of hosting the Olympics. They’d be very affordable indeed, because you could give them away and still spend less than is being wasted on the 2012 games.