Subversion of justice

If you thought PCSOs were a sick joke, join me in finding this is quite fucking breathtaking.


A security company based in Essex is to be given some police powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Door supervisors working for Regency Security Services will be able to hand out on-the-spot fines.

Under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), staff will carry identity cards issued by police.

Regency provides security staff at shopping centres and more than 200 door supervisors at venues in Chelmsford, Basildon, Harlow and Colchester.

Bouncers and shopping centre security guards? Powers to hand out fines? Of which this commercial organisation will, no doubt receive a cut to cover their ‘costs’?

It’s not hard to imagine how these monkeys will be bonused.

Get a fine from one of these lot? See you in court, fuck-faces.

Fuck this country. Fuck Labour.


A bitch scorned


I missed this last week, but it bears mentioning.


A father has spoken of his ordeal after being wrongly named as a paedophile on Facebook by a disgruntled neighbour.

Luke Chatfield was forced to leave his job, abused in the street and had a panic alarm installed at his home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

The father-of-three said his neighbour, Sally Pepper, posted the "evil lies" due to a dispute about her loud music.

"I had to leave my job," he said, "It was too much to cope with, she had posted where I worked and I was getting constant abuse.

So what did she get for this fucking disgraceful act?

A police spokesman said Ms Pepper was fined £80 for sending false messages likely to cause distress.

Eighty fucking quid? Not much surprise she feels no remorse.

Ms Pepper told the BBC that she "was a nervous wreck" and wants to move house. She said she did not regret what she did.

What a complete and utter cunt. I hope she gets face-raped by John Prescott.


A fine example of ploditude, I think

I don’t know about you, but no smoke with fire eh?


43 charges.

His arrest came following a year-long investigation by Northumbria Police’s Professional Standards Department, under the management of the IPCC.

I have a question, then. If it was a year before they stopped him, what crimes did he commit in that 12 months that could otherwise have been averted?

Bear in mind, they’d jump on any of us over a twitter comment, or an unsubstantiated rape allegation.

I shall watch this one with interest.


A Rubicon is Crossed – Trial Without Jury

We knew this was coming, but it’s still not at all welcome.


Last June, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge made legal history by allowing the trial to be heard by a judge alone as he feared jury "tampering".

One of the accused men’s barristers said: "We are breaking history."

John Twomey, 61, of New Milton, Hampshire, Barry Hibberd, 43, of Shepherd’s Bush, west London, Peter Blake, 57, of Notting Hill, west London, and Glen Cameron, 50, also from New Milton, all deny several charges including robbery and firearm possession.

Oh well.. tis alright.. armed robbers after all… oh yes. They don’t deserve a fair trail.

Who’s next?


East Germany 1980 or Britain 2010?

Who can honestly tell any more?


A wealthy businessman was arrested at home in front of his wife and young son over an email which council officials deemed ‘offensive’ to gipsies – but which he had not even written.

The email, concerning a planning appeal by a gipsy, included the phrase: ‘It’s the ‘do as you likey’ attitude that I am against.’

Council staff believed the email was offensive because ‘likey’ rhymes with the derogatory term ‘pikey’.

The 45-year-old IT boss was held in a police cell for four hours until it was established he had nothing to do with the email, which had been sent by one of his then workers, Paul Osmond.

But police had taken his DNA and later confirmed they would be holding it indefinitely.

Oh and don’t think that he’s able to carry on working, though.

His computer and other internet equipment were also seized.

So what do the pigs have to say about this?

Chief Inspector Heather Keating said: ‘Sussex Police have a legal duty to promote community cohesion and tackle unlawful discrimination.

‘We are satisfied we acted appropriately in identifying the owner of the computer used and through this, the identity of the writer of the offending line.’

Promote community cohesion? No. That is NOT your job you fucking waste of organs.

In any case, who got these fuckers involved in the first place?

A council spokesman said: ‘As far as we were concerned it was an offensive comment, so we got in touch with the police.’


Got I hate people and I fucking loathe and despair of what this country has become.


No good will come of this…


Exhibit A:

Called herself ‘Paedo whore mum’

Former prostitute and Jade Goody impersonator, Angela Allen,
‘offered a three-year-old girl as a sexual trophy to strangers”

Now exhibit B:


The move, to be staggered over the next three years, will see the size of the women’s prison estate cut by around ten per cent and could see entire jails closed down.

It is part of the ongoing policy by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, to reduce the number of women being jailed and increase the use of community penalties.

I’m deeply concerned that gender considerations should enter into the process of determining the appropriate sentence for a given crime. I’m not so naive as to believe it wasn’t ever thus, but an explicit policy is just unbelievable. Was there ever a time when proprtionately more women than men were being sent to prison? I think not.

I’ve already pointed out that there is a rising tide of female violence, so why have a policy giving women preferential sentencing? Don’t fucking encourage them.

Meanwhile, today’s Times again underlines the problem of blindness to the capacity for evil that exists in some (some? who am I kidding?) women:


The notion that women are capable of sexual violence is still considered widely unacceptable even two decades after the seminal study on the subject was published by Estela Welldon, which went on to have a major impact on the psychoanalytical understanding of female perversion. Before her study, it was commonly held by many of those working in the mental health professions that only men — by virtue of their anatomy — were capable of sexual deviance or violence. Women, by contrast, were merely “neurotic” and therefore relatively harmless in this respect.

At first glance, the statistics do not seem too much of a problem — figures from the Home Office show that only 1 per cent of those convicted of sex offences are women. Figures from ChildLine published in 2004, however, are more shocking and serve to illustrate how difficult it can be to assess the true picture — 25 per cent of the children who call ChildLine with allegations of sexual abuse report that it has been perpetrated by a woman.

I’m not sure these are the circumstances in which to be pursuing a feminist approach to imprisonment.

I’m not convinced any such circumstances exist.


December 1st 2009: Bye bye England…

Honestly. Is there now any reason left not the move to France?

Via CF, I see that Captain Ranty has a catalogue of ways in which we’re to be bent over and buttfucked at 00:01 Tuesday morning.

A direct lift from the Capn’s post:

Item 1.
Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum. Latin for "you may hold the body subject to examination". This undeniable right protects one from the state. Whilst it is in place, no-one can lock you away without having solid lawful reasons to do so. Today, if you believe that you have been incarcerated and no evidence supports that incarceration, you can demand a Writ of Habeas Corpus from the court. The court will then examine evidence that you should be gaoled, remanded, or sectioned. You might also be interested to learn that once habeas corpus is gone you can be incarcerated for up to eight months without charge. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.
Item 2.
Courts de jure. Latin for "courts by jury". Today we have some 70 courts in our land geared for jury trials. On Tuesday morning your right to be judged by a jury of your peers evaporates completely. All magistrates courts are now companies with limited liability. They are, for want of a better term, places of business. Justice is not dispensed. A negotiation takes place. Crown courts will now become de facto courts. Same stage, same actors, same anticipated outcome. You will part with money, or your freedom, based on the whim or the mood, of one man or one woman. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.
Item 3.
Innocent until proven guilty. On Tuesday morning we start playing a whole new game whereby you, the accused, are guilty until you can prove your innocence. Our age old method under Common Law is dumped without ceremony and we revert instead to a mix of Napoleonic and Roman Law. Instead of having to convince 12 good men and true (15 in Scotland) that you are innocent, you now have to prove to one man or one woman that you are not guilty. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.
Item 4.
Loss of sovereignty. We are an ancient civilisation. People inhabited this land thousands of years before the Egyptians issued the tenders for pyramid building. Countless lives have been lost defending our little island. It had been a mecca for those wanting to live unfettered lives. Until now. Those immigration gates were flung wide and we invited in that Trojan horse, not filled with soldiers but with people intent on taking, taking, taking for themselves. Hundreds of thousands, millions, arrived under Labours watch, not to better themselves per se, but to help themselves to benefits we pay for. As I have previously stated on this blog, all are welcome. If they are prepared to work. The plan, masterminded by those fools in parliament, appears now to have been a deliberate act to dilute us, to weaken us, to take away inalienable rights, and give the immigrants more rights than naturalised Britons. Under the EU our sovereignty is dead and buried. No more English, no more Scots, no more Irish, no more Welsh. We are all european now.  This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.
Item 5.
Democracy. From the Greek demokratia-power to the people. The first democratically elected parliament was De Montforts in England in 1265. We shared this method of rule with others, and it spread. Many authoritarian systems have been toppled only to have democracy established. On Tuesday morning we give away this unique method of rule for an oligarchy. Mandarins in Europe are not elected. They are selected. No previous experience is required. Which is handy if you are a (well connected) imbecile. Fat salary, fat pension, fat chance of actually having to work for a living like the proles. Arguably, because of their vastly diminished responsibilities, we have no need for a parliament, no need of the traitorous monarch, and certainly no need to pay 646 goons and their back-room staff billions every year. Brussels will rule absolutely. They will waste our money with unimagined skill. Bye bye democracy. It was nice while it lasted. This item will be stolen just after midnight on Monday 30th November 2009.
I have to stop. This is far too depressing. I had another 15 or 20 items lined up that I had researched earlier today.

A total and utter betrayal. I feel truly sick.


More plod hubris unfolds…

Not really a surprise.


The story begins this July when photographer Alex Turner was stopped whilst taking snaps in Chatham High St and approached by two men, who refused to identify themselves, but demanded that he show them some ID. When he refused, they called for back-up. A PCSO and WPC arrived: Turner took a photo of the pair, and was promptly arrested.

He was then handcuffed, held in a police van for 20 minutes, searched in public by plain clothes officers before being released. It remains unclear, both from from his own account and from subsequent police explanations, exactly why he was arrested – although he did note at the time that the WPC stated she had felt threatened by his size – 5′ 11" and about 12 stone – and implied that she found it intimidating.

Mr Turner complained: a police internal investigation was carried out; and this week, the Investigating Officer (IO) finally got back to him with the very welcome news that, according to their barrister, his arrest was unlawful.

This would therefore render both the subsequent search unlawful as well as Mr Turner’s detention in a police van.

Read on…


Suicide watch…

Eamonn Butler is the head of the Adam Smith Institute – a free-market think-tank.

But I’d not be surprised to hear that the Dignitas marketing folk were keen to retain his services.

I say this because, ever since I started reading this:


I’ve been increasingly curious about their services.

It’s an unceasing catalogue of the things that Gordon Brown and his coterie of bastards has done to our country.

Oh sure, there’s not much in there that you couldn’t find on most libertarian blogs, but the sheer scale of their destruction wrought upon the fabric of our economy, society, liberty, privacy, justice system and democratic protections is breath-taking.

I may, in fact, never finish this book, because I decide that I want to live. On the other hand, I may neck a fistful of vallium and get it over with. The book, I mean.


Stuff I can’t bring myself to blog about…


The new EU roles and the Communist monkeys that have been plonked into them.

She began as an administrator for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organization so stupid even the Russians burst into laughter when its name was brought up. This was followed by a spell at the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, the institution which works hard to inculcate in our social workers incompetence, stupidity and political correctness. Then she hopped over to the National Council for One Parent Families, an organization which likes one parent families and thinks they are a Good Thing. Later, she received an award from the unspeakably ghastly homosexuals at Stonewall, presumably for some hideous manifestation of political correctness.

For all this stuff she was made a life peer. Then, without the remotest experience in trade matters she was appointed EU trade commissioner. Never elected by anyone, anywhere, totally unqualified for almost every job she has done, she has risen to her current position presumably through a combination of down-the-line Stalinist political correctness and the fact that she has the charisma of a caravan site on the Isle of Sheppey.

And some gleeful smirking from another corner of the Speccie, seeing the possible benefits of putting numpties with no democratic mandate in these potentially powerful roles.


I find it slightly surprising that few are pointing out (thought some do) that she is married to Peter Kellner, head of Labia’s favourite pollsters, YouGov, who is also active, with ASH, in the war against smokists.

Old Holborn is kindly covering the Mandelson bases.

Constantly Furious is still watching the #paulclarke case with interest and there is no shortage of twists.

Dick Puddlecote also contributes his thoughts on #paulclarke. He also brings us the latest from the frontline of the war against smokers.

Other shit later, if I run out of pharmaceutical grade sweeties.


UPDATE: Yeah.. Steve Shark shuts the ‘they’re banning Christmas’ wankers right up.

UPDATE 2: SteveShark recommended ‘New bloggist on the block’, StasiNation, also addresses a number of these areas with aplomb.

He also has a Taser update (now available for use on kids apparently), and a victory for the woman who, I previously relayed, had a ticket slapped on her in Sandwell for feeding the ducks. Some quite interesting details in there:

Big Brother Watch picked up on the story and offered to take up Miss Kelly’s case with Sandwell’s Stasi. The latest news is that the Council have revoked the FPN, along with 6 others that were issued, and are reimbursing a further two citizens who had already paid. They warn, however, that in future “wardens wearing head cameras will be on patrol at the Londonderry Lane park.” Oh really? I’d like to see the boot on the other foot once these “wardens” start filming children at play without their parents’ permission



Oh, and StasiNation also has a most insightful update on the latest threats to parents who home-school their children, which I urge you to partake of…

Parens Patriae

The council is investigating one of the families in my street. While discussing this with Mrs. KiddR last night, it became apparent that, for a cul-de-sac of only 28 households, there are some seriously dysfunctional families here. So anyway, who has the council got their hooks into? There’s Mrs. X , the alcoholic with behavioural, emotional and possibly psychological problems. If she isn’t pissed and drunkenly singing along to Abba at max volume at 2am,  then she’s pissed and arguing with her live-in boyfriend at max volume at 2am. God alone knows how – or if – her 8 year old daughter sleeps through it.

Read on…


StasiNation, I think, refers to this:


A British plan to allow local authorities "the right of access to the home" and "the right to speak with each child alone" in order to evaluate homeschooling families and make certain they do what the government wants is a warning about what could happen in the United States, according to the world’s largest homeschool advocacy organization.

"On June 11, 2009, a report on home education in England by Graham Badman, a former Managing Director of Children, Families and Education in the County of Kent, was accepted in full by the British Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families," according to today’s report from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

"The report makes the case that homeschooling should be extensively regulated in England," the HSLDA continued. "Aside from registering with the state and mandating reports by homeschoolers, the Badman report makes references to balancing the rights of parents with the rights of children. This idea is expressed in the UNCRC."

According to the report now awaiting legislative action in Britain,

^^^ Read this!

… Badman concludes, "I am not persuaded that under the current regulatory regime that there is a correct balance between the rights of parents and the rights of the child either to an appropriate education or to be safe from harm. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) gives children and young people over 40 substantive rights which include the right to express their views freely, the right to be heard in any legal or administrative matters that affect them and the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas. Article 12 makes clear the responsibility of signatories to give children a voice:

Read on…

Retention of DNA. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh… what a surprise.


A high-flying city lawyer was fired from her £150,000-a-year job after a ‘routine security check’ revealed her DNA was held on the national database – over a ‘false allegation’ made against her.

Lorraine Elliott said that she felt ‘gobsmacked and depressed’ after bosses spotted her file during ‘background clearance’ checks as she was just about to start work on a new project.

The mother-of-three today described her reputation as having been ‘tainted’ after she was dismissed from her post following the discovery of her DNA profile – despite never having been charged with an offence.

Oh, well.. what was she accused of?

She was taken to her local police station in Ashford after a complaint was made against her that she had tried to fraudulently obtain a nursery school place.

She was accused of forging a signature on an application form and then finger-printed and swabbed for her DNA.

But following extensive interviews with officers she was released without charge and the very next day she received a letter saying there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to prosecute.

Despite ‘no further action’ being taken her genetic record was kept on file.

Sounds like someone with a grudge made an anonymous complaint, which the coppers were unable to put any substance to. And she was fired.

We have reached a point where you can have your life torn asunder based upon a vexatious complaint and a fucked up DNA retention policy.

This country is truly fucked.


Nauseating Tory Shitbags…

We can’t be surprised at the attempts of the state to co-opt the public to their authoritarian programme. That they should succeed is unconscionable to me.


These ‘volunteers’ should be peeled and rolled in salt on live television. I’d buy a TV to watch that.

The “Neighbourhood Champions” will pass on evidence of graffiti, fly-tipping, litter and excessive noise. They could eventually be trained to report child abuse, domestic violence, racial harassment and other “hate crimes”.

The plan is expected to be approved this week in Harrow. The council says the scheme, which has police backing, will increase pride in the community.

Oh yes. Increase pride. That’s what it’ll do.

There’ll be absolutely no further divisions drawn in society, no extra mistrust and suspicion that one’s neighbours are either collaborators or traitors.

Please note that Harrow is a Conservative controlled council.

So, there’s our future.


What the blithering fuck???

This is more wrong than… well pretty much everything.


Draconian police powers designed to deprive crime barons of luxury lifestyles are being extended to councils, quangos and agencies to use against the public, The Times has learnt.

The right to search homes, seize cash, freeze bank accounts and confiscate property will be given to town hall officials and civilian investigators employed by organisations as diverse as Royal Mail, the Rural Payments Agency and Transport for London.

The measure, being pushed through by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, comes into force next week and will deploy some of the most powerful tools available to detectives against fare dodgers, families in arrears with council tax and other minor offenders.

You see that? Used a statutory instrument to hand over unfeckingbelievable powers to local authorities and quangos. Democracy? Fuck that.

Even the fucking coppers are aghast.

The radical extension of the Proceeds of Crime Act, through a Statutory Instrument which is not debated by parliament, has been condemned by the chairman of the Police Federation. Paul McKeever said that he was shocked to learn that the decision to hand over “intrusive powers” to people who were not police was made without consultation or debate.

So are the shysters.

His concerns are shared by leading legal figures, who believe that there is a risk of local authorities abusing the powers to search people’s homes, seize their money, freeze their accounts and confiscate their property. They also see parallels with the spread of counter-terrorist surveillance powers to monitor refuse collections and school catchment areas.

Yes – we have ample evidence that the council will go to fucking town with any powers given to them. Tis the nature of the beast. A who watches the watchers? Another Quango.

An “explanatory memorandum” says that a swath of financial investigators attached to the newly empowered bodies will be accredited, trained and monitored by another quango, the National Policing Improvement Agency. The memo adds that asset seizure will result in financial rewards: “Investigation bodies will receive a share of money recovered as additional funding to incentivise further work in recovering the proceeds of crime.”

Councils and other bodies had access to asset recovery powers before but only with with the authorisation and involvement of the police. Now they will be able to act independently of any police force or law enforcement agency.

And existing powers of confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime act have not been without problems. Ask anyone who has a safe-deposit box.

The extension of such draconian powers to civilian investigators coincides with mounting legal concern about the operation of the law of confiscation. But the Home Office maintained last night that the measures would “boost the fight against crime” and “free up valuable police time”.

Lawyers who specialise in confiscation law have been expressing concern about the extension of the powers for some time. One judge said: “It looks like this has been sneaked through.”

Andrew Bodnar, co-editor of a book on asset recovery law, said that the Proceeds of Crime Act had been carefully crafted and designed but its implementation often left much to be desired. “The theory behind the law is right. But if these powers are to be used to seize the assets of — to take an extreme example — fare dodgers or council tax defaulters, it is very difficult to see how those theoretical aims are being met.

“The extension of these powers should be monitored very closely. The spectre of counter-terrorism powers being used to monitor people’s bin- filling habits, or what school they’re trying to send their children to, should be cautionary.”

Indeed they fucking should.

Talk about driving a coach and horses through democracy and justice. I’ll say it again.


Fuck this bullshit country.


Another victim of our terrifying extradition treaty with the USA…

I only discovered this chap, hence his sorry story, because he started to follow me on Twatter.

I give you Brian Howes (follow Brian on Twatter…)

Couple faces extradition over chemical sales

US jail threat to Scots family

Brian Howes with his pregnant wife Kerry and their daughters.By Craig Robertson

A SCOTS mum facing extradition to the US still doesn’t know when her fate will be decided — despite being due to give birth in just 10 days.

Mum-of-four Kerry Howes, who has been diagnosed with severe depression and post traumatic stress disorder, appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday but a hearing date was not set.

It means the 31-year-old faces a home birth without knowing if she will soon be taken 5000 miles away and thrown into jail.

Up to 98 years

Kerry and husband Brian (45) from Bo’ness face up to 98 years in an Arizona jail if found guilty of exporting chemicals US authorities claim were used to make the drug crystal meth.

The couple ran a legal chemical business — Lab Chemicals International — until targeted by undercover agents posing as buyers after a tip-off by one American citizen.

They accused Brian and Kerry of selling iodine and red phosphorus in the knowledge they would be used to manufacture the highly addictive drug. The couple maintain they were simply selling chemicals to be used in amateur pyrotechnics.

Red phosphorous is perfectly legal in the UK but strictly regulated in the US.

“We’ve done nothing wrong,” Brian told The Sunday Post. “We sold chemicals online to be used in fireworks, some as medication for animals and for sheep dip. We sold them everywhere except where they were embargoed.


“We were registered with the Special Branch and the Home Office. Central Scotland Police visited us regularly and we would ask if there was anything on the site we shouldn’t be selling and they always said no. Also we only dealt in credit card sales so all transactions were traceable.

“They even asked us to report any Muslim names among the people buying from us and we agreed to do that. Then the next thing we know we face extradition to the US without any evidence against us whatsoever.”

Brian and Kerry spent 214 days in separate prisons without charge last year, he in Saughton and she in Cornton Vale.

The couple were eventually released on bail but only after Brian went on a 30-day hunger strike to prevent the children being put into care.

That episode has left him with minor brain damage. Kerry has been left depressed at the prospect of losing her children — Denni (11), Bethaney (10), Ellie (6) and Leela (3).

One-sided treaty

The couple are victims of the one-sided post-September 11 extradition treaty which allows UK citizens to be forced to the US to stand trial. It allows Britons to be extradited without prima facie evidence of criminality.

“We’re being extradited on false information and none of it can be challenged,” said Brian.

The couple’s cases are now being considered separately and Kerry returned to the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday. She met with a new advocate and new medical reports were called for.

“No date was set, not even for a preliminary hearing,” explained Brian. “The judges said they were unhappy that our cases are being dealt with separately.


“My case is scheduled for May 26 to 29 and Kerry’s will not be set until after that. If I win, she wins automatically, that has been made clear. If I lose then she will go into court after that.”

The couple have been refused application to have their bail conditions changed to allow both of them to attend hospital for the birth of the baby.

Brian’s curfew insists he is at home from 8 pm to 8 am and both must sign on at their local police station three times a day. As a result they feel they have no option but to go for a home birth.

The extradition was formally approved by Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill. A Justice spokesman said they could not comment subject to the appeal to the High Court.

I’m just fucking dumbstruck.

For more coverage, get over to Brian’s blog – he, his wife and their children deserve the support of every UK citizen.

Never ever forget what Labour have given away of ours. To the EU. To the USA. Where Blair and Brown get gongs and honours to say nothing of sinecures.


The balance between citizen and state…

Trixy has neatly summed up the appropriate response to a headline I was unfortunate enough to alight upon in the local fat-cunt-waster-central supermarket yesterday.

The following neatly demonstrates why Radio 4 no longer ever darkens my radio, even if John Humphreys comes out it reasonably well. This is, after all, a relative measure, and you need to ask yourself you serious fucking questions if you’re not looking favourable next to a Labour politician.

‘Just answer the question you f**king fascist’

Were the first words which came out of my mouth this morning. Yes, there were of course the early morning mutterings as I padded around trying to remember how to use my arms, but this was sniper fire in Anglo Saxon vernacular. I spat those words out.

And I’m sure many other people did too when listening to the stream of detritus emerging from the mouth of Children’s Minister Delyth Morgan.

How shall I sum up the latest piece of draconian legislation from this government? Okay.

If you’re an adult then you’re a paedophile until the state says you aren’t.

And I don’t think I’m exaggerating with this one because John Humphries seemed to come to exactly the same conclusion as me and I’ve often thought he’s a bit of a softie. But the woman, of course, could not answer a simple question. It was like Paxman and Howard with her refusal to answer an example on this proposal from her department.
Yes or No. That’s all it would have taken. Would someone who took some kids to swimming lessons on a regular basis at the request of the parents of the kids be required to undergo an anti kiddy fiddler check.

And she refused to answer time and time again, realising I’m sure that the answer was indefensible no matter how many high profile cases have occurred over the last few years.

Do read on – it’s great work.