Enrichment Part #77,941

I’ll just leave this here…

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Kasim Khuram, of Aston, Birmingham, admitted burglary and sexual penetration of a corpse following a break-in at a funeral parlour in Great Barr in November.

Embrace the diversity. That is an order, citizen.



A cut above the rest

Questions need to be asked about this and I suspect that in this case, given the anonymity that the defendants have, and that authorities are scared stiff of ‘fuelling hate’ and ‘raising tensions’, that they will not be met with answers.

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I find it curious that the father was acquitted by the jury, but not the mother. Given that he was acquitted both of FGM and of failing to protect a girl from risk of FGM, where was he when all this was going on? Because, it seems to me by definition that if he wasn’t involved in the FGM, then he sure as hell failed to protect the girl from it, whether he was in the next room, or had moved in with another woman a year ago.

Are these not members of a ‘community’ where women are subjugated either directly by their men or by tribal and religious lore? Did such a claim make up part of the case for the defence’s mitigation?

What was the racial, gender and age make-up of the jury? After all, in London – from whence the jury is presumably drawn for the Old Bailey – there’s a perfect cocktail of people who would be inclined to vote soft in the jury room. Views will be coloured by racial, religious, tribal and gender politics and no-one is likely to see plainly what is before them like an old whitey from the provinces.

Why is she not being deported, rather than being accomodated at the tax-payer’s considerable expense? What was she doing here in the first place?

Further questions as I think of them…

Because of her anonymity, BTW, we don’t have a photograph of her, but this was the court artist’s impression of the defendant:

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 16.09.49.png


Just as British as you or me

Isn’t that always what the adherants of the Magic Dirt Theory say about people from other ethnic origins, in spite of all rationale and evidence to the contrary?

So it’s pleasing to see Africans embracing traditional british values towards preserving the virtue and purity of their young women.

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It doesn’t escape my attention that it is the achingly righteous Guardian that is bewailing this cultural import from the dark continent.

Community workers in London, Yorkshire, Essex and the West Midlands have told the Guardian of cases in which pre-teen girls from the diaspora of several African countries are subjected to the painful, abusive and ultimately futile practice.

But my question is this: From whom do ‘they’ imagine that they are trying to protect their young women? Is it white British people? No. It’s other Africans.

British-Somali anti-FGM campaigner and psychotherapist Leyla Hussein said she has spoken to five women in her north London clinic who had been victims of breast-ironing.

Leyla Hussain: You are Somali. You are not British or even British Somali, any more than I would be Somali or Somali British if I moved there and took my cultural baggage with me.

“They were all British women, all British citizens,” Hussein said.

No, no and thrice no. Having a British passport does not make you a British woman. It makes you a Somali woman with a British passport.

We just don’t need this barbarism in this country. I can’t think of a single reciprocal benefit to this country.



The world on its head

There’s not much for me to say about this that hasn’t been said elsewhere. Nick Sandmann and his schoolboy cohort are being demonised by swivel-eyed shitlibs for doing precisely nothing wrong – unless what you count as wrong includes bravely, silently and motionlessly refusing to capitulate to an antagonistic, bullying mob of race-hustlers, and then refusing to bow to the ensuing twittermob.


For further commentary, I’ll defer to the eloquent words from:

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…and for the final words, Adam Piggott: The Moment a Boy Becomes a Man

I’m also minded of the comments Aaron Clarey made relating to a previous trip on the Outrage Bus, specifically Baraboo, in which he astutely observed that America has become South Park – i.e. the kids are alright, it’s the adults who are all fucking mental.

Who’d be a white kid in America today, when degenerate coloured adults have it in for them, and white adults (mostly) do not have their backs?

Captain, I’m calling in a meteor strike.


UPDATE: There’s rat stink in the olfactories with this Nathan Phillips bloke. And here. And here. And here.

UPDATE 2: Decent commentary on this from Stefan Molyneux