Teh GOT awesome

Crack Labia-Mangler GrumpyOldTwat has reposted a corking video to support the #kerryout campaign. Apparently, It was originally done by “we4productions”. I have no reasonable choice but to repost it here myself.

A splendid tune, and ripping the crap out of Kerry McCarthy. Winnage.

Nice work fellas. Fuck off Kerry.


Reg speaks…

Interesting listening to Tom Morello from Reg Against The Machine on the current subject matter. The quotes mentioned in print are thoroughly transcended in the full conversation between Tom and Shaun Keaveny. My reasons for backing this movement are beautifully articulated by Reg & Co.

I don’t think I can embed this, so here’s the link to the audio,


And here’s the article from the Currant Bun.


All aboard the bandwagon…

This is a campaign I can sign up to: #ratmxmas1


This angers Cowell? Good… good.

More than half a million people have signed up to a Facebook campaign to try and propel US band Rage Against The Machine’s 1992 single "Killing in the Name" to the top of the charts instead of the "traditional" X Factor winner’s Christmas single.

And yesterday there were signs the campaign was riling X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

Splendid :-)

Annoyingly, I’m going to have to provide an English translation of Cowell’s self-interested-weasel newspeak.

"If there’s a campaign, and I think the campaign’s aimed directly at me, it’s stupid.

Stupid. Yeah. That’s some claim to be an arbiter of intellect you have there, Mr Cowell.

Me having a number one record at Christmas is not going to change my life particularly.

So why the long face?

It does however change these guys’ lives and we put this opportunity there so that the winner of the X Factor gets the chance of having a big hit record.

And that is an opportunity that I and lot sof other people don’t just want to deny you. We want to deny it to whichever (and I’m not looking it up) anodyne no-mark won the X-Factor.

We want to protest against tedious synthetic shite dominating popular music. If your elected numpty doesn’t get to #1 maybe, just maybe it’s a small victory for us haters of mediocrity.

"It’s quite a cynical campaign

Oh… ahh… ha hahahahahahaaaaaaa. Cowell is fucking COMPLAINING about a CYNICAL campaign?? ROFFLAGE.

geared at me which is actually going to spoil the party for these three. I also think it’s incredibly dismissive of the people who watch and enjoy the show… to treat our audiences as if they’re stupid and I don’t like that."

The simple fact of the matter is, though, that the vast majority of your audience are total and utter windowlickers. Especially the ones who pay money to vote. Even more so the retards who actually buy the records.

Anything that wipes the smile off their imbecilic fizzogs is worth 79p of my money. Hell I may even buy it twice for myself and once each for all my family for Xmas.

Here’s a mash-up that’s doing the rounds on Twatter…

And to remind us that nothing in the world is new, here’s Bill Hicks on Debbie Gibson vs Jimi Hendrix.

Marvellous :-)


Blog fatigue…

Not much to say right now, which is why this blog has declined into whimsy and neglect in the last couple of days.

Today’s cunts in front were all in diesel VWs. Penny-pinching pikey cunts and metrobumfondlers to a man.

Until I can think of something informative and/or insightful to say, have a muesli-cal interval:

Sadly the proper video can’t be embedded, but you can see it here.


TV Times…

In the Times, indomitable conservative philosopher Roger Scruton presents arguments for ditching your idiots’ lantern.


To my amazement the Australian Government has come out against television. Admittedly its report is confined to the effect on small children, and takes the form of undemanding guidelines: the report says that no child under the age of 2 should be allowed to watch telly.

It has been known for 20 or more years that television induces mental disorders, such as enhanced aggression, shortened attention span and reduced ability to communicate, and that these disorders involve an even greater social cost than the obesity and lethargy that are TV’s normal physical side-effects. Research by the psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Robert Kubey has shown that television is also addictive, setting up pathways to pleasure that demand constant reinforcement. As a threat to the nation’s health, it stands far higher than alcohol, drugs or tobacco, and the worry is that it may be too late to do anything about it, since the addiction is all but universal.

Yet worse than the effect of television on adults is its effect on small children. The human brain is not fully developed at birth and goes on growing through the early years, in ways that depend on a constant exploration of the environment. This feature of our development is unique to our species and lies at the heart of what it is to be human. Many of the connections vital for a fulfilled life — notably those involved in social understanding — do not exist at birth, and come into being as the brain develops in the first five years.

Brains subject to the wrong input in early years will be wrongly wired; vital capacities, both intellectual and emotional, will fail to be acquired, and the result will be a stunted human being. If you don’t believe this, just ask how you might explain the sudden emergence in the age of television of so many young people who are inarticulate, short-fused and unable to form lasting or genial social relationships.

This syndrome — which we witness everywhere, in the classroom and in our streets — is exactly what neurologists predict. When children are distracted by a flickering screen from the earliest age and never encouraged to explore the real world, they will not develop the capacity to communicate with other humans, or to cope with the stresses of real encounters. They will take the short way out, which is not the way of communication but of aggression.

Like every medium of communication, television has its uses. There are important educational programmes, in which visual images communicate what can be conveyed in no other way. There are TV classics, and forms of innocent entertainment ideally suited to the screen. A serious TV programme should be treated like a book, or a visit to the theatre — to be absorbed in a critical frame of mind.

But that is not how television is used. It is a constant flickering presence that competes for attention with all the necessary goings-on of everyday life. Over the years, as its impact has stalled, it has had recourse to ever more vulgar colours, ever grosser language and ever more mesmerising facial close-ups. When the telly is on, and in a third of Australian households, apparently, it is never off, conversation is impossible, and conversational skills cannot develop. Moreover, even the wisest and most affectionate remark will lose its flavour when heard against the clamorous vulgarities that issue from the screen.

All that was obvious long before psychological research confirmed it. I have to say that this research came as no surprise to me. In my childhood television was a rare luxury; broadcasts would begin at 6pm and were constantly interrupted by technical faults. My father took a principled attitude to this intruder, which his mother-in-law had smuggled into the household, and would turn it off whenever he walked through the sitting room. In the few years before he finally dispatched it with a hammer, the telly never gained a foothold that would enable it to compete with books and music. So I grew up outside the culture that television has spawned.

His argument is sound. I long ago recognised the syndrome posited by Csikszentmihalyi and Kubey in my ex-wife, in whom the ups and downs of Eastenders and Big Brother correlated with her own moods, reasoning and state of mind. Until you’ve had a Christmas Day ruined by Pete Beal or Phil Mitchell, I reckon you’ll not understand, or believe, this crucial point.

To this day I know well educated people who cannot fathom my complete absence of interest in anything the gogglebox has to offer. Sure, I’ll watch Top Gear on iPlayer, or whatever, but X Fagtor? Nah. Soaps? Fuck off. Big Brother? Just no fucking interest whatsoever until they’re given lethal weapons and an incentive to use them on each other. Rape and kill, kill and rape. Dismember and disembowel. Cook and eat.

And all this is before you consider the fucking disgraceful nest of socialism that is the BBC, and the extortion with menaces that is the TV license.

Just bin it.


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