Justice. Well, sort of.

Remember this:




A win.

Of course, it sucks balls that the notion of complaining over sex-discrimination even exists, but this is the world we’re in and we have to play the game.

So, I’m glad this guy sued those useless gits at BA, and I’m glad he won. I salute him.

On the other hand, if I’m on a plane I don’t even want to be in the same section as a child, let alone in an adjacent seat, so their policy would have suited me fine.

This cost to BA, paltry as it is, will be most unwelcome, given their perilous financial position. And all because their militant snack vendors lack brains, charm and tact. No wonder they’re the best paid snack vendors in the sky.

I certainly hope BA sacked the moron responsible for this mess.



A Very British Airways

It’s hard to see what damage the forthcoming strikes could do, given the robust financial position BA is in. Oh.. wait.


£43m lost in 7 days of strikes. Let’s call that £6.2m per day. So another 15 days of strikes is going to cost BA £93million. A drop in the ocean, evidently.

As much as I’d find ranting about the short-sighted, poisonous, imbecility of the strikers cathartic, CF has done the job for me, and with his customary aplomb.

Well done, Unite, you self-interested clique of imbeciles. Well done Derek Simpson, you pointless rabble-rouser.

Well done you mindless snack-vending sheep. A famous courtroom victory: you’ve ‘won’; you’ve got your strike.

Now you can fully exercise your sacrosanct fucking rights to ruin your employer’s business.Go on, teach Willie Walsh a lesson. With a bit of luck, he’ll eventually lose his job – you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Willie can’t keep the business profitable if you’re all sunbathing in your own gardens, rather than sunbathing free of charge on a layover in Mauritius. Yeah, keep this up and he could be fired, and he’d have to either take another hugely well paid job or retire with all his millions. And that’ll learn him, won’t it? You morons.

By all means, read on.


BA snack vendors announce more self-destructive strike action

Bye bye British Airways. It’s been fun to watch.


British Airways cabin crew are to hold a further 20 days of strike action following their overwhelming rejection of the company’s offer in a ballot last week, Unite the union announced today (Monday).

BA management failed to offer any new proposals to settle the dispute over the weekend, so crew are to take strike action on the following days:  May 18-22 inclusive, May 24-28 inclusive, May 30-June 3 inclusive and June 5-9 inclusive.

Unite’s joint general secretaries Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley said: “Passengers and investors alike will be dismayed that British Airways’ management rejected an approach by the union over the weekend, after their offer had been comprehensively turned down by their own employees.

“Cabin crew are left with no choice but to take further strike action.  There can be no industrial peace without meaningful negotiations and while management victimises trade unionists and uses disciplinary procedures in a witch-hunt.

“The seven days notice period is sufficient time for BA management to do the sensible thing and reopen meaningful negotiations.”

Unite is also intending to hold a further industrial action ballot of BA cabin crew over issues which have arisen from the company’s conduct during the dispute.

Epic failure.


Unite Bullies: Socialism in a microcosm

Does anything in the following article sound unfamiliar or unlikely, at all, to anyone who’s lived in the UK for the last 13 years?


The emails, posted late on Friday evening, were chillingly concise and their content clear: “If any of you go into work tomorrow, your life won’t be worth living,” one read.

Hours earlier, as the news spread among British Airways cabin crew that last ditch talks between the airline and the hard-line union Unite had failed, a tirade of malicious text messages had been fired off to specifically targeted staff – those brave enough to have voiced contempt for the union militants – telling them they were “scrum” and “scabs” if they crossed the picket line to begin their shifts on Saturday.

“Suzy” wasn’t surprised when copies landed in her in-box and on her mobile phone.

At Christmas, utterly disillusioned with the militant faction in her union Unite, she and five like-minded colleagues set up an alternative group to the union in the sure knowledge that there were hundreds of staff who didn’t support Unite’s aggressive policies and its seeming determination to steer its members, lemming-like, into strike action.

By now she had thought she would be busily enrolling members to the Professional Cabin Crew Council and negotiating on their behalf in an altogether more moderate and measured fashion than that adopted by Unite.

Instead Suzy, a mother of three with 20 years experience as a cabin attendant for BA on long and short haul flights from Heathrow, is too scared to give her real name and too frightened to even reveal her identity on the PCCC’s official web site, never mind to conduct a recruiting drive.

”You have no idea how frightening it is to receive those sort of threats,” she says anxiously. ”Don’t get me wrong. There has been no physical violence threats – nothing like that.

“This isn’t about handbags at dawn in the powder room. But when you know the militants know where you live. Where your children are. Then you start to wonder exactly what they are capable of. Just how far they might go.”

“Suzy” wasn’t rostered to work today, but volunteered. At noon yesterday, two hours before her first flight, she was, she admitted, terrified.

”My stomach is churning. I don’t know what I’m going to face. I just know I am going to be aboard that plane, reassuring passengers, sorting out the seating, the food. Doing my job.”

Over the past three years, Suzy says, the hitherto contented work force has been subjected to a sustained yet subtle barrage of intimidation and coercion.

The message from Unite hardliners was always the same. You are either with us….or we will have you out. ”We all became worn down by it,” she says.

”There was this constant air of menace. At one stage a message was posted on the BA cabin crew internet forum that ”named and shamed” the pilots who had volunteered to retrain so that they could work as cabin crew during a strike.

Several were warned to be careful of the food cabin crew served when they returned to work. A lot of them were totally freaked out by that. This is a highly unionised business.

If you don’t do as the union says you are ostracised. And that isn’t easy in a job that so depends on team work – on-board and off the plane.

“Being abroad, sometimes for several days if you are waiting to work on a return flight, you are cooped up with your colleagues.

“It’s a brave man or woman who can withstand constantly being cold shouldered and ignored. And that’s if you are lucky.

“There are the bitchy remarks, the scathing comments. You are called a management dupe. If you make the slightest criticism you are marked out as “not one of us”. Unite seems to rule our lives. Not being in the union isn’t an option.

“OK, call me and others like me cowards. But I tried to step above the parapet by setting up the PCCC and now I’m too scared to be publicly linked with it.

“It’s particularly scary for newcomers who pick up on the tension immediately. Let’s say it is made known to them that, if they are wise they will do what the union tells them.”

Much of the intimidation, she says, is unspoken. “A lot of it is a meaningful look, a raised eyebrow.”

Inside Heathrow, she says, menace and unease are everywhere. When BA suggests a new service Unite generally instructs its members to ignore it.

“Ridiculous things,” Suzy says. “We were asked to distribute hot towels on short haul. Unite said no. We got on board and everyone was in a state.

“Do we give them out or not? Usually workers – quite rightly – fear not doing what the boss asks. But we are just as frightened not to do what the union asks.”

When the PCCC web site first appeared Unite militants set up another with a similar name – then flooded it with hard core porn. Although she is reluctant to reveal membership numbers, Suzy admits it is no more than 10 per cent of the 12,000 strong cabin crew.

It has been ”trying” she says, to even get the organisation off the ground. Because she and her fellow founder members have remained anonymous many among Unite believe the PCCC is nothing more than a management stooge.

”Unite is rich, it’s members pay £15 monthly. That’s a lot of money.”

Suzy and her colleagues say they are more than happy to work harder if crew numbers are reduced. 2We are just glad to have a job in this climate. And we already have more crew than the recommended CAA minimum.

“Becoming an air hostess was my dream as a little girl, 2 she says. “I’ve always been proud to wear the BA uniform. It means I work for the best.

“But yesterday I stopped at a filling station to buy petrol and, before walking in to pay, I put on my coat. I know the public has no sympathy for us.

“Who can blame them? And I couldn’t be sure what sort of reception I would get in a BA cabin crew uniform. How sad is that?”



UPDATE: Unite has strong views on bullying in the workplace.

  • Bullies may use terror tactics, open aggression, threats, shouting, abuse, and obscenities towards their target
  • Bullies may subject their target to constant humiliation or ridicule, belittling their efforts, often in front of others
  • Bullies may subject their target to excessive supervision, monitoring everything they do and being excessively critical about minor things
  • Bullies may ostracise and marginalise their target, dealing with the person only through a third party, excluding the person from discussions, decisions etc
  • Bullies may spread malicious rumours about the individual
  • If any of these sorts of things are going on in your workplace, you are perfectly justified to take matters further – they are all examples of behaviour that is totally unacceptable, no matter what the reasons for it are.


    More fail for British Airways

    Though they previously promised to avoid Easter strikes

    Wouldn’t book with them for anything right now.


    Still, Ze Germans appear to have similar problems with Lufthansa drones.

    I suppose, for me at least, it doesn’t matter much as I’d rather walk than fly these days, it’s such a pain in the balls. This, though, hardly serves as an imperative to look again at flying. Prats.


    A finely balanced argument

    Via Twatter, Steve Williams points me toward this post on his blog, highlighting the following:


    A businessman is suing British Airways over a policy that bans male passengers from sitting next to children they don’t know  –  even if the child’s parents are on the same flight.

    Mirko Fischer has accused the airline of branding all men as potential sex offenders and says innocent travellers are being publicly humiliated.

    In line with the policy, BA cabin crew patrol the aisles before take-off checking that youngsters travelling on their own or in a different row from their parents are not next to a male stranger.

    If they find a man next to a child or teenager they will ask him to move to a different seat. The aircraft will not take off unless the passenger obeys. 

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. British Airways are cunts. Not just as an organisation, but as their striking ‘cabin crew’ showed in December, they are cunts as a collection of individuals too.

    Since 9/11, these Skycunts have been bestowed with the mantle of the righteous jobsworth, and boy do they know how to use it – it’s like they recruited en masse from local councils.

    But it’s not quite so one-sided, as we shall see.

    Mr Fischer, a 33-year-old hedge fund manager, became aware of the policy while he was flying from Gatwick with his wife Stephanie, 30.

    His wife, who was six months pregnant, had booked a window seat which she thought would be more spacious. Mr Fischer was in the middle seat between her and a 12-year-old boy.

    Shortly after all passengers had sat down, having stowed their bags in the overhead lockers, a male steward asked Mr Fischer to change his seat.

    Mr Fischer refused, explaining that his wife was pregnant,

    Oh that’s right – the pregant and their partners are to be bestowed with preferential treatment, dedicated as they are to ensuring that the chiiiiiildren are indeed the future. Well actually, no. This sense of entitlement that some breeders have gets right on my tits. They can fuck all the way off. And don’t ever get me onto the subject of parent & child parking spaces.

    Anyway, back to the Skycunts:

    at which point the steward raised his voice, causing several passengers to turn round in alarm. He warned that the aircraft could not take off unless Mr Fischer obeyed.

    Fucking queen. His polyester trousers were probably chafing his piles.

    Mr Fischer eventually moved seats but felt so humiliated by his treatment that he is taking the airline to court on the grounds of sex discrimination-He is paying all his own legal [costs].

    Suing them, due to humiliation? I’m not sure I approve of that, but since he’s paying for it, why should I care? If anything, seeing British Airways trepanned and skull fucked in any way will bring me joy.

    In the meantime, if I fly BA, I’ll know that (1) I won’t end up sat next to a damned child, and (2) Precious Mr Fischer won’t be on-board with is screaming new offspring, demanding special treatment.

    In any case, since 9/11, flying has just become hellish – I avoid it at all costs. Such stupid treatment has become quite normal in the world of air travel. Thanks cunts. Thanks rag-heads. Thanks US Department of Total Fuckwits.