Ho hum

I don’t think there’s much to say about this: However, it was entirely predictable, in spite of the fact that: Mr Lansley said people needed to take responsibility for their own health. He warned lecturing people often ended up being counter-productive. Meanwhile, while Philip Hammond declared an end to the war on motorists, already shown … Continue reading Ho hum

This is just getting fucking tiresome now.

Sort this out, Eric Pickles you Happy Shopper Peter Griffin-lookalike. It had been thought plans for workplace parking levies would be abandoned after ministers declared an end to the "war on motorists" within days of the Coalition’s formation. Yeah – I think we already realised Philip Hammond was taking the piss out of us. Initially, … Continue reading This is just getting fucking tiresome now.

On speed cameras

A very thoughtful and even-handed post by Patently Rubbish. Sometimes I wish I could be as balanced and reasonable as this gent, but mostly, I remember that a compromise is a defeat you have to smile about. Do click through and watch Richard Hammond’s most eloquent performance on 5-Live with someone called Simon Salad-Cream. AJ