The thrill of the new…

I kid, obviously. There is nothing new. Two years in and everything is still due to covid.

Due to a serious technical fault, I read a piece in yesterday’s Telegraph by Allison Pearson. She’s been pretty sound throughout this business, has Allison. Perhaps not as resolute and uncompromising as I have been, but she’s top tier.

She writes movingly and compellingly about some of the episodes people were experiencing on May 20 of 2020, as we were under the lockdown boot while Boris and his chums had bottle parties in the Westminster village of the damned.

The missed rites of passage, the lost social engagements, the separated loved ones, the cancelled medical care, the dying alone, the inhumanity of a mid-covid funeral.

People are angry about those things now they know what they now know. “Never again” says Allison.

But now is too late to start getting angry. The time to get angry was the very minute restrictions were imposed and the blanket of propaganda started to smother us. A good number of decent people pointed out at the time how utterly fucking outrageous, authoritarian, inhuman and futile all of this shit was.

But for 2 years, we were condemned. Conspiracy nuts, anti-social, a danger to society, killing grandma. We were told in red-faced shouty, hectoring terms that we needed knuckle under, pull together, put on a useless mask, get an experimental injection (or 3) and do what’s best for the common good, which meant listening to the government and the BBC. It meant clapping for the NHS. It meant pulling out our own teeth and beating cancer with a good old-fashioned stiff upper lip. It meant closing our businesses and suspending our livelihoods. It meant closing schools and cancelling the exams on which children’s futures rest. It meant sitting helplessly 2 metres from our mother as she sat isolated and sobbing at our father’s funeral. All for the common good.

All the words about education, education, education no longer count quite so much.

All the plastic straws and bags may be gone, but a billion disposable masks will be fine for the sea turtles.

Disability rights matter – for the deaf, the autistic, the immobile – except when they don’t.

You can’t leave your house, but flights are still arriving from Africa, Asia, America.

You are instructed to disinfect your shopping bags and to quarantine your Amazon parcels in the porch.

The police are fining people for having coffee together on a park bench, dying reservoirs black, throwing old ladies to the ground and arresting them, sending a van full of paramilitary pigs to check that a teenage girl is at home quarantining.

You are expected to routinely stick a swab up your nose and down your throat, as if this is somehow normal.

Repeat after me: “Bitch, What The Fuck? No. I’m not doing it, and you are a fascist imbecile if you are insisting on it”.

A VAST majority of people simply refused at the time to say “this is wrong, I’m not doing it and I condemn anyone who collaborates with this insanity”. Because a vast majority of people are spineless simpletons with the memory of a goldfish who used to be a boxer. They’d rather join forces with the big thick bullies who take it upon themselves to socially enforce whatever ludicrous nonsense a minister most recently dreamt up in the bath.

Just how the fucking hell are we going to ensure that this was a “never again” event, when we know that the great many are cowardly imbeciles who hate the heretics with all the zeal of someone who conveniently doesn’t remember the 20th century, let alone those that went before?

“Never again will the hypocrites take us for fools” she says.

Motherfucker, every time you vote they take you for a fool. Your vote doesn’t count. Your MP does not and will not represent your concerns. They represent their jobs,their promotions, their peerages, their chums from Oxbridge and Eton, their lobbyists, their media appearances and their asinine political hobbyhorses.

When you were on the doorstep clapping for the NHS at the very same time that you couldn’t get any of your own family’s health issues addressed, did it never occur to you that this was insane and that you were being taken for a fool?

When Boris Johnson said “3 weeks to squash the sombrero”, “Hands, Face, Space” and “social distancing”- did you not feel then that you were being taken for a ride?

When you saw the one way systems in shops and the shouty, megaphone wielding, fluorescent vest wearing Karens? Did you not….

When Neil Ferguson was caught nobbing his fat side piece? Or Matt Hancock? When Dominic Cummings went for a little drive to Castle Barnard? Did you not once wonder if you were having the piss taken out of you?

If you’ve watched politics for 10 years – any 10- years in history – and you still haven’t worked out that they are taking you for a fool, you need to be put in a wood chipper or fed to pigs.

Remember voting for Blair in 1997, as a traditional working class Labour voter then watching him proceed to screw you over by importing millions of cheap labourers? Remember believing in nuclear disarmament and unilateral peace, then watching him confect a pretext for us to launch a Holy War against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Remember watching as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were given devolution while us English simply retained responsibility for paying the bills?

Remember Gordon Brown plundering your pension and raising your taxes to pay for it all? Remember Brown’s rhetoric at the time of the Banking crisis? ‘No time for an amateur’? And the bailouts? Oh the bank bailouts and the perpetual money printing.

Remember voting for the Lib Dems in 2010 and watching Cleggo get into bed with the Tories? Remember them campaigning on no VAT increases – a promise that was broken almost immediately that Clegg got into bed with Cameron? I expect you had reservations about the continuing warmongering, too, don’t you?

Remember voting for Cameron as a Tory, and watching him – in spite of his prior rhetoric – embracing the green blob and pursuing all the same costly multiculti crypto-socialist policies that we hated Blair for?

Remember the Tory crowing when Boris won the leadership and won his general election? Oh how things would be different now.

I’m sure you could say simlar about the governments of every party and PM going back to Robert Walpole and before.

Just consult a search engine and have a look at how many times in recorded history journalists have used the words “never again”.

But you always get fooled again, don’t you? And they WILL take you for fools agin, won’t they? Because – most of you – you ARE fools, aren’t you? Fools of the worst, most vile, vicious and pathetic kind.

Alexa, call in the motherfucking meteor strike.



3 thoughts on “The thrill of the new…

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  2. Excellent post!

    I’m with you on the meteor strike – given that the ratchet only ever goes one way I see no way out of this mess in my lifetime…

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