2022 Predictions

It’s be rude not to, eh?

Roughly speaking, I’ve included anything that is evens or better, so if I get half of them right, it’s in line with expectation.

  1. The vax mandate for the NHS will not go ahead – at least not without significant dilution. I imagine the notion will continue, as politicians won’t want to climb down on it, but there’ll be sufficient exemptions that it’s effectively meaningless, and the disappearing of hundreds of thousands of NHS staff will be averted. For better or worse.
  2. If the Queen thought she had a horrible anus in 1992… it’s entirely likely that 2022 will see her off for good, while her second son is on trial in New York and the world wonders whether – against every expectation – Harry’s marriage will actually outlast William’s.
  3. Boris johnson will survive one actual leadership challenge and several putative ones, and will continue to be Head Boy into 2023.
  4. Biden will survive as president. As long as his heart beats, his puppet-muppets will maintain the absurd facade of him actually being at the controls.
  5. James Delingpole will open up a franchise of the David Icke foundation and start selling creatine powder, vape pens and vitamins.
  6. The right wing in France will make more progress than ever before towards winning the presidency, but will still fail in the final two-horse race to the line, as they are constitutionally destined to do.
  7. In the face of Poland’s continuing defiance of the EU, Germany will offer an ultimatum to them which proves beyond all doubt that the sackcloth and ashes act they put on in the second half of the 20th century was all fake performative bullshit. The leopard does not change its spots.
  8. A member of the Labour shadow cabinet will transition from male to female, and position him/her/itself to run for the leadership. Thus when Labour finally do get their first female leader, it will be a man in a dress. If I had to put money down I’d put it on Wes Streeting.
  9. Ghislane Maxwell will name names. They will all be Republicans who supported Trump. Clinton, Gates and Prince Andrew will never be named.
  10. A man’s body was found at a beach in Lowestoft today, where the traditional New Year’s midninght swim occurs. He will have posted a self-congratulatory message on social media about getting his booster some time in the last 3 weeks, and will be found to have had a heart attack while swimming in the North Sea.

That should do it for now.



One thought on “2022 Predictions

  1. Hello from the UK.

    Many thanks for this post. ‘Velly interesting, velly interesting’ as the Germans might say.

    Regarding the Queen (I assume you mean Elizabeth Windsor, not Wes Streeting), I once thought her OK. Of late I wonder what she is playing at. Is it all a front? Was the real Queen etc. shipped off to Leicester as in Sue Townsend’s funny book?

    In any event, she is a soul, an ‘R’ soul. As in Royal soul. This may explain the horrible anus in 1992. 1992 was a ‘dire rear, sorry, year’ for her, no doubt about that.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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