A prediction…

It may take a very long time for this to come out, and I’ve no evidence to support my hypothesis at present, but I’ve been around a while, so mark my words.

One day we will discover that Justin Welby has a deep dark secret that, if known, would render him unfit to be in society, let alone in high church office.



3 thoughts on “A prediction…

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. I had a word with Jesus about Justin Welby. I said I would take a vaccine and shove it up Justin Welby where the sun don’t shine, what did he think.

    He said ‘I said, when I was on earth, that people should love their enemas. It got mistranslated. So my advice is do that. Then do the thingy with the what’s it.’

    By the way I see that Justin’s full name is Justin Portal Welby according to Wikipedia. Rather bizarre middle name. Probably related to Gates.’

    Apparently, his biological father was not married to his mother. I believe this makes him a bastard.

    Jesus has just pointed out that ‘He would still be a bastard even if he wasn’t, if you see what I mean.’

    The vaccines are poisonous if they are anything at all. I write about this on my website. You might be interested in this link of mine.

    By the way I have also read a much earlier post of yours about the NHS. Very helpful. I have suffered under the NHS stupidity in last 3.5 years. I will explain on my site in due course. It should be demolished and anything worth saving reused (recycling is good if there is anything worth salvaging from the crap).


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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