You may have noticed that I’m very fond of highlighting the times I’ve been right in my analyses, proclamations and predictions.  There have been a lot of them.

But reading through my blogposts since last March, there have clearly been a number of times when I’ve been wrong.

These fall into two basic categories:

  1. Misplaced faith in politicians, based on their history.
  2. Misplaced faith in the general public, in complete denial of their history.

On the first, for all of my rightful cynicism about politicians I have proclaimed my belief that two politicians would see common sense and liberty prevail. These were Dominic Raab, based on the book he published before he became an MP, and Priti Patel, based on her history of being a hard-boiled, plain-speaking taker of zero shit.

Of course this was naive and an archetypal triumph of hope over experience, which was revealed false as it became clear that – in service of their careers and the narrative – these two would jettison everything they had hitherto claimed on the record to believe in.

Both of these two have since uttered the same selection of vacuous nonsense and authoritarian monstrosities as every other front bench politician. Because nothing they previously believed in matters as much as their access to the levers of power.

‘Oh they need to retain their hold on the levers in order of effect the change that we need. They can’t do it from the backbenches, and if they seem to compromise their principles in order to do this, then so be it.’

Sorry, no. Fuck off. They have jettisoned their principles, and these are now languishing somewhere on the Atlantic ocean floor, never to be recovered.

I kick myself for not seeing this in the first place, but I was clearly naive enough in those early months of this horrific clusterfuck to hang onto some hope that good sense may soon prevail.

It’s not a mistake I shall make again.

My other class of mistake – expecting the general public to be totally over this nonsense by the middle of 2020 – was, similarly, hope over experience.

Even as I wrote about them I had underestimated the sheer number of people who had a vested interest in this ‘new normal’. The millions who surfed through 2020 with the government paying their wages. The vast number of people who are in any case routinely paid by the government. The preponderance of people who can ‘work from home’. The undeniable ease with which one can now get through most days without leaving the house. The unprecidented and overwhelming success of the government’s propaganda campaign and their buying of the media (via advertising revenue) who then fell into lockstep behind the propaganda campaign. The number of low-status people who would seize and jealously guard the newfound powers to don a flourescent tabbard and order people around – wear a mask, keep your distance, use the hand gel, get a jab, stay in your house.

Even as I wrote about my own view that 2019 was not some sunlit upland of freedom, low taxes, cohesive wholesome society, and that it wasn’t going to be something that a lot of people would truly want to go back to, I thought that there’d be a rapid regression to the mean.

I got it wrong because of hope.

‘The Great One’ is fond of saying ‘hope is not a process’ or ‘hope is not a plan’. He’s right, but as a means to hang on to one’s sanity in times of lunacy, it’s awfully tempting to cleave to it.

There’s one more big thing that I remember from early 2020, and it’s not something I particularly bought into, but it’s definitely something I hoped was correct. I hoped (in spite of my own scepticism) that those who said “well, now we have an actual crisis, people will stop crapping on about 73 genders and calling all the statues racist. Woke is dead” were correct.

That REALLY hasn’t turned out to be the case, has it? Certainly not in my world at least. The march of diversity and inclusion, feminism and victimhood olympics has been more pronounced and more fundamentally victorious in 2021 than in any previous year. The cancellations have accelerated. The green agenda is flying higher than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and RIchard Branson. The legislative absurdities have ramped up. The propaganda has become more blatant and more soviet in its insistence that you loudly countermand the evidence of your own senses.

From the small coterie of sensible people, I hear an ongoing back and forth. “People are waking up. The dam will burst soon.” “Bah. People are not waking up. They are sleepwalking into armageddon. Things that were referred to a year ago as right-wing conspiracies are now being talked about as if they are the obvious, right and just truth.”

I’m in the latter camp now. People are not waking up. As they narrative changes they will change direction and pay no mind at all to yesterday’s direction. On the first day of the new mask mandate, there everyone was in the supermarket, dutifully sporting their magic face nappies, using the hand gel and keeping their distance. It was like we’d transported right back to April 2020 and forgotten everything that has gone since. The only difference was that they now don’t have a nobhead on the door shouting at anyone who didn’t toe the line. I expect that to change once they’ve gotten their shit together again. But still, I was one of only two people in the entire place (that I saw) the other day not wearing a mask. And this is not one of those rough places where some chimp member of the public would get in your face for not wearing the nappy. It’s a place where ignorance and superstition are embraced.

Even people who know somewhere in the back of their minds that things are not adding up (the unjabbed need to get the jab to protect the jabbed from the virus?) are hostages to the cognitive dissonance. They’ve worn their magic-face-nappies, even got a cute Cath Kidston one or a manly one from Oakley or some shit, got their jabs, queued for boosters, done endless LFT/PCR tests. They’ve condemned as stupid and selfish anyone who points out the obvious – fallability of the tests, the quickly waning efficacy of the jabs, the spectre of indefinite boosters, the scores of collapsing sports people, the media normalisation of fit young people having heart problems – and they have been rendered violently psychologically incapable of contemplating the possibility that they have been made a total mug out of – if not mortally endangered and pauperised – over the last 2 years.

Adam Piggott wrote the other day that the Omicron variant represents the get-out-of-jail free card for the politicians and for the public who are under their behavioural psychology spell.

I think there may be something in that hypothesis, but I think the ‘road to normal’ promises a sting in the tail for us refuseniks. The government and their media lackeys still have the narrative very much under their control.

If the Cathedral is going to make it out of this period in one piece, they have to be able to maintain the impression that they did the right things given the information that they had at the time and that it was all in everyone’s best interests. They will have to leave the lingering impression that things would have gotten back to normal much more quickly if it weren’t for those who refused to wear the mask, get the jabs, stay at home, keep their distance etc.

That way, the general public who have been swept along by this clusterfuck will maintain faith in the rotten institutions and sceptical people will never be able to conduct an inquest into the sheer evil that has gone on, because the pat response from an overwhelming majority of people (who still have a vested interest in believing that they were not useful idiots, conformists, cowards and latent fascists) will be “you should shut up, because if it weren’t for the likes of you, this would have all been over in 2021.”

We have to keep reminding them. The collapsing sportsmen, the millions of adverse reaction reports, the deaths in care homes as the NHS cleared its decks, the tiktok nurses, the graphs that showed a greater percentage of hospitalised people were vaxxed, that the numbers were cooked and manipulated to give a profoundly dishonest account, that places with no masks fared as well or better than places with masks, that dozens of studies were unable to show a statistically significant benefit from magic face nappies.

That government ministers and their comrades made millions of pounds from side-deals in 2020. That there is now a full record of the government’s use of behavioural psychology to terrify and manipulate the public into compliance. That the government bought the media’s compliance with advertising money (out of your pockets). That Neil Ferguson, Matt Hancock and Dominic Cummings were instrumental in imposing draconian restrictions on you and me, but showed no intention of being bound by them themselves. That there is now a perpetual NHS crisis as waiting times and missed diagnoses of cancer and heart conditions comes home to roost, likely to see an order of magnitude more deaths than even those tenuously linked to Covid since March 2020. That there are internment camps in Australia and mandatory jabs for all in Austria. That vaccine passports are rolling out around the world. That this is nothing less than apartheid and bigotry, the likes of which we would consider horrific if it only applied to black people or Muslims or women. That even discussing these things on social media will see you memory-holed – the entire western world’s permitted range of opinions is now being dictated by a bunch of blue-haired, dim-witted landwhales in California. That we are now in an inflationary hell as costs of living rise at a rate we have not seen for 40 years in the UK, as a result of supply chain disintegration, vast money printing and businesses attempting to make up for a lost year and an ongoing loss of productivity as everyone stays at home and as the business property market falls into distress and is all bought up by the Chinese who are used to sitting on idle assets for years at a time, waiting for the moment of action – their big advantage over governments who have to strategise over a much shorter time horizon due to democratic vagaries.

I don’t feel able to predict what will happen next, but if I did it wouldn’t involve sunlit uplands and it wouldn’t involve hoping for rational or just things to happen.

And that’s my end note. We all know who is responsible for the last 18+ months. Big tech, the legacy media, the politicians, the unions, the public sector employees, the go-along-to-get-along loser public, the atomised seizing on the social solidarity of totalitarianism. The one thing I feel confident in predicting is that – bar the odd lone scapegoat – none of these people will ever be hend accountable or face consequences.

But consequences are all we’re going to be facing for years to come. It’s not going away for years and years.

Happy Sunday, and if your God is with you this day, ask him just what the fuck he’s been playing at for the last 50 years, because the forces of evil have been making him (and you) look like a right dickhead for my entire lifetime.


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