Things can only get better…

1997. Remember that? A new dawn has broken has it not? That grinning gibbon Blair, underpinned by Brian Cox and his gurning-faggot band.

So how did that promise work out? Have things got better? Has ANYTHING AT ALL got better?

I’m prepared to concede that there was a trajectory of improvement for a few years, but that had already begun before these shitmonkeys got control of the country.

Technology certainly continued to improve, up to a point. But I’m fairly convinced that pretty much peaked in 2012 or so.

But what about the last 10 years or so? Is there anything that is objectively better now, than in 2012?

Let’s take a few random examples:

Is there a greater or lesser likelihood of your bank accounts being emptied by foreign electronic conmen while your bank shrug their shoulders and swear there’s nothing they can do?

Is a new iPhone in 2022 honestly game-changingly better than one from 2012? Or is it twice the price and obsolete in half the time?

Are cars better or are they just more heavily loaded with cheaply-made but expensive-to-replace parts and superficially shiny technology that has ‘planned obsolescence’ written all over it? Do cars send more or less of your data to the corporations and government than they did 10 years ago?

Are politicians more honest or displaying more integrity than 10 years ago? More or less corruption and lucrative deals given to chums? Are elections fairer and more honest? Is there more or less democratic accountability?

Is the media more unbiased or even-handed? Are they more or less likely to be ‘fearless seekers after truth’?

Are there more or fewer people in positions of authority whose entitlement or suitability to that position can be questioned freely?

What about fair and open access to justice? Improved much by the Tories’ judicial reforms?

Are you more or less likely to reach the heights of corporate & political power as a person who didn’t attend Oxford, Cambridge, the LSE or the right private schools?

Is the NHS better than it was 10 years ago? Is it easier to see a doctor or get an NHS dentist? Are waiting lists reduced at all? Have survival KPIs for cancer or heart disease improved?

Is it easier to get on the housing ladder or is it more expensive, more difficult and more precarious?

Is there more or less freedom of speech? Or freedom of conscience? Or bodily autonomy?

Are you more or less likely to be tracked and traced and have your electronic trail mined by corporations and governments for their own benefit?

Are you more or less likely to be caught in a kafkaesque hell any time you engage with a corporation, in an attempt to assert your rights as a customer?

Has music gotten better, or have we in fact seen manufactured lowest-common denominator autotuned crap completely crowd out anything with a modicum of originality or individuality?

How about film and television? More or less artistic freedom or originality? More or less naked propaganda for a particular narrative?

Are we able to talk yet about who committed terrorist atrocities, and demonstrate righteous anger at the pertetrators and those who fail to protect citizens? Do you think the measures our governments took in the wake of terrorist attacks have made your quality of life better or worse?

Is the culture more or less fair, open and healthy than it was 10 years ago? Do we actually have a dominant culture that is everything promised by Vox Day in his SJW trilogy?

Do you feel more or less free than 10 years ago to make common sense observations about the reality you experience, without losing your job, your social standing or even your liberty?

Is your high street a better, more vibrant place than it was 10 years ago?

How about supply chain resilience?

Energy security?

Is traffic better than it was? Is it easier to park?

Is public transport more efficient, frequent or affordable?

Are taxes any lower? Petrol any cheaper?

Is it easier to start a small business?

How’s your pension looking? And your retirement age?

And your salary compared to 10 or 20 years ago? If you earned £50K in 2000, or £65K in 2010, and  earn £85K today, you have taken a real-terms pay cut. 

Are you more or less likely than 10 years ago to be told blatant, transparent and demonstrable lies coupled with demands that you accept the lies at face value or be branded a bigot, a conspiracy theorist, a nazi or a sexistracisthomophobe?

Are your children more or less likely to be force-fed a curriculum based on a far left progressive agenda?

Are your pre-pubescent children more or less likely to decide that they are not the gender that they were born with? How about the likelihood of ‘trusted professionals’ in education and medicine conspiring with them to make and execute life changing decisions without your consultation or consent? Less likely than 10 years ago?

Are your children likely to find a university education more affordable than you did? Is their university education going to be of higher quality than the one you had?

As a Christian are you more or less likely to find social acceptance of your devoutly-held beliefs which have been the foundations of this nation for hundreds of years?

So what, if anything has improved? Well, degeneracy, basically. Access to recreational drugs and pornography. Availability and social acceptability of body modification such as tattoos, piercings etc. Unaccountable no-strings sex. All the stuff that I thought was awesome when I was 21, but had learned the lessons of by the time I was 30.

I don’t begrudge anyone their youthful indulgence in the darker side of life, but you’re supposed to come out of the other side and see it for what it was… not make it your life’s mission to turn everyfuckingthing into that seedy, desparate, dirt-grubbing underworld depicted in Total Recall.

Honestly, I feel like a right old bastard now, but be honest, am I wide of the mark? Has ANYTHING good, beautiful or true seen an improvement in its standing over the last 10 years or so?

I’ll tell you the worst thing, though…. cunts from the alt-right condemning me for black-pilling, and stuffing their white pill or their god-pill in my face. Your God is all well and good, mate, but almost every single one of His earthly representatives has taken the devil’s coin.

Just what conclusions am I supposed to draw from that? It’s almost as if Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence are actually just the names of His furbabies.



4 thoughts on “Things can only get better…

  1. Excellent post!
    Sadly I have to agree 100% with every one of your points.
    I’m glad I’m in my 60s but fear for my grandchildren’s future…

  2. “How’s your pension looking? And your retirement age?”

    I went to HR a few years ago and asked them to reduce the amount of money going toward my 401K. My age group isn’t going to make it anywhere close to retiring.

    • And I wish I could paint a rosy picture of the sunlit uplands in our future… and if I could, I would.

      I’ll definitely read Michael Malice’s new book about the White Pill when it comes out, to see if he can persuade me of the possibility of a better future, but he’s got his work cut out.

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