How Times Have Changed…

Do you remember where you were when Jo Cox MP died?

I do. I was on an extended holiday in southern Europe taking in sights, sounds, tastes and textures that, 5 years on, are now out of my reach, and will probably remain so for a very long time to come.

Nevertheless, I got out my laptop, put it on the table I was occupying outside a seafront Café near Nice. I typed out and published a tribute to Jo Cox that, reading it now, makes me feel sick and ashamed.

So civilised were those times that a cold-hearted fucker like me felt the need to write a eulogy to the lost life of someone who was squarely my political enemy but a human being, a wife and a mother nevertheless.

But times are different now. We are at war. In March 2020, the entire political establishment decared war on us the people. They used every tool at their disposal. Lawfare, psychology, propaganda, militarised police. They sought to divide us and set us plebs at one another’s throats, to distract from the fact that 650 MPs had voted to confine us to our homes and take away our work, our families, our access to healthcare and our sanity.

This afternoon, an MP was stabbed to death at a surgery held in his constituency.

And I don’t care. 1 down, 649 to go.

This fucker, David Amess, voted with the government and against us, the public, on every single coronavirus vote.

In more benign times, we might have said ‘he was one of the good ones’ because he was no leftie and he was no remainer. But these are not those benign times. When the real test came, he sided with his chums in the Oxbridge pole-smokers club and against those of us who value freedom, personal autonomy, bodily integrity, truth, rational discourse and natural rights.

When the heat was on, David Amess turned out to be someone who, when attacked and killed, made me think just one thing: “Good. Fuck him.”

It’s a neat bit of cosmic justice.


UPDATE: Speaking of cosmic justice, it appears that the man who liked to virtue signal about immigrants was stabbed to death by a Somalian.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 19.29.58

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 16.22.45

One thought on “How Times Have Changed…

  1. When I heard about this all I could think about was hypocrasy and double standards to be read and heard in the media, by politicians – platitudes, hypocrisy, double standards. For the murdered man I did not give a jot. He was just a small cog in a wheel of escalating polarisation. How times have changed indeed.

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