Voices of reason…

Evidently I’ve not had much to say recently and so, being as unattuned to the times as I am, I’ve not said much.

Not much is new. Creeping totalitarianism, millions of highly educated imbeciles imposing their imbecility on others with officially sanctioned zeal. A million ‘told you so’s etc.

(Speaking of “I told you so”, tell me… did you write a piece in mid-2019 predicting a mass mandatory vaccination campaign that hinged upon the benefits bestowed not on the vaccinated person but on those with whom they came into contact? Why yes. Yes I did. Thanks for asking.)

Some voices, though, have had things to say, and they’ve been edifying, enlightening, entertaining and something else beginning with E. Echidna, maybe.

The first is Adam Piggott, who’s having something of a blogging renaissance. I don’t much hold with his recent turn towards God, but he’s otherwise thinking very clearly indeed.

In “The Unvaccinated Will Be the New Smokers” we are woken up to the reality that the progress of vaccine propaganda and the treatment of the unvaxxed follows a blueprint that was prototyped, debugged and established over the last 20-30 years on smokers.

Everything They Have Told You Is A Lie” kinda speaks for itself.

Elsewhere, Vox Day is – of course – making more sense than almost anyone else drawing breath.

He highlights that teenaged boys are 6 times more likely to get a heart complaint from the vaccine than they are of being hospitalised from the coof.

He tracks the latest edicts from the US Federal Govt.

And that Amazon Web Services are going to be coming after you if you host a free speech platform on their service, but probably not if you host a Russian bot farm promoting left wing causes on their service.

(Indeed, you should note that Vox’s own long established blog was kicked off Google’s platform, and is now hosted beyond the reach of big tech. Something Adam Piggott did a while back too, and something we should all do before it’s too late.)

And that in most age groups Israelies who are vaxxed are more likely to get the coof than those who are unvaxxed.

Elsewhere, I found this twitter thread from Twatterer Mello.B33 which does a pretty good job of explaining why we are where we are, and lays a few trails towards the people to blame. It’s worth clicking through to see the interspersed memes, which add context and provide quotes from pertinent thinkers, but here’s the gist of the text:

This is essentially a pandemic of the educated and pandemic of the lunatic elites. There are some demented and ideologically driven bad actors but most who support the narrative are useful idiots who are either being driven by money & power or have been brainwashed and are under the spell of mass delusional psychosis.

For what they are doing, meaning committing crimes against humanity, there is simply no coming back from that. They will face either capital punishment under the law or they will perish from the hands of the people whom they wanted to exploit, enslave and destroy. This is the short version. But let’s dig a little deeper.

What we can observe is an utter failure of governing systems in the West and a complete institutional takeover. If this whole thing will implode in time, it will bring down our current world, societal structure and societal order along with it. It absolutely needs to happen.

Government structure, Big Pharma, medical establishment, financial system, mainstream media, bureaucracy, scientific community, education system, big tech giants, large corporations, the way we produce food and run agriculture… everything will need to be broken down, restructured & rebuild. In its current state this is largely one big cartel, a cancer for the planet & society itself. And with its current path, if not opposed, it will lead to enslavement, mass genocide and possibly destruction of our species. This is the true enemy of humanity, freedom and human rights and we have created it by our own hands.

The good news is that the ultimate trojan horse has already been set in motion, either by design or by an accident. There is no going back from the narrative that was set, there is no smoothing things out, if it all ever gets exposed it will create a blowback of epic proportions and wrath of the people will be unimaginable. “We didn’t know” won’t be accepted as a valid excuse either. This is why some of the people who know what they are doing, they are fully aware that this is a one way street for them. It’s either that or the end of everything for them. They will lose wealth, assets, status, reputation & possibly their own lives.

Now, let’s look at educated people whom I mentioned in the first tweet. First thing, we should never confuse the educated with the intellectuals. The truth is, the more educated you are, the more brainwashed and indoctrinated you can become. This is exactly why so many seemingly smart, brilliant & educated people fell for the narrative, got detached from reality and ultimately fell prey to propaganda & now are part of the herd affected by mass delusional psychosis.

An intellectual is someone who uses reason & critical thinking skills to make sense of the world around him and is not afraid of asking questions or making mistakes along the way. Every educated person has a paper to prove it but not every educated person is an intellectual. Formal education is also not a requirement to becoming an intellectual. We all have an ability to teach ourselves, explore the world and make sense of it and use logic and reason and critical thinking skills to navigate it. Of course, we need some basic skills and navigation, but at some point we no longer need guidance.

Classical education system teaches us how to think and organize information. You are not being taught to ask the right questions, be critical and open minded as there is very little leeway and acceptance in this area, which under normal circumstances would lead to developing critical thinking skills. Education system teaches conformity and unquestioned obedience to all the information that is presented to you during your education phase.

The allowance for debate, critique of the ideas is stifled and narrowed down, which only gives people a false impression that asking questions, using logic and critical thinking is allowed or even desired. This kind of mindset is the enemy of progress, learning, exploration and truth.

As for the elites, power tends to corrupt and ultimate power corrupts absolutely.

If you approach a point in your life in which you start thinking that you are better than everyone else, this inevitably becomes a straightforward path to the delusions of grandeur. Not every rich or powerful person or an oligarch falls into this category of course.

Now, the connection between educated and elites / oligarchs is simple. Due to their education, status and simple fact of being human, many can fall prey to brainwashing, start believing falsehoods and ultimately become useful idiots to more charismatic, devious leaders among them, who essentially control them through money, the promise of power & influence or through sheer manipulation. People always think that conspiracies can’t possibly exist, because if there are so many people involved, then for sure someone would spill the beans sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the way our world is structured allows for conspiracies to exist & it is even possible for most of the world working towards certain goal & narrative without being aware of that. You only need a good & believable cover story to achieve that with charismatic & determined people to narrate it. It also helps if you understand human mind which allows you to employ propaganda & manipulation techniques which essentially conditions people & allows the creation of a trap for their minds.

This is how you make people willingly follow your lead towards a certain goal and without them knowing or understanding the true purpose of it and what is really happening around them. Look at the state of our world, useful idiots literally everywhere and they are happy to participate in the scam to their own demise, literally like sheep to the slaughter. Anyone who is paying attention knows that the Western world has been becoming more corrupt, deranged and detached from reality over the years and especially in the last few decades.

This is how ideological subversion, combined with brainwashing, indoctrination and domestication of a modern and westernized culture, looks like. Add to that prosperity and peaceful times where everyone forgets about the past, people let their guard down and you have a perfect recipe for a disaster. This kind of social conditioning has lead the society and people to become weak, brainwashed, prone to propaganda and irrational fears. They are literally unable to defend themselves or come to the sensible conclusion how to even do that.

Here is the truth, the educated and the elites, the ones who support the narrative, have become a burden on the society and they have outlived their purpose and usefulness, not only to society but also to humans as a species. They are no longer public servants or entities working and living their own lives or contributing to the good of the society or at least trying to keep everything undisturbed and in a relative balance. They have their own agenda now & it doesn’t matter if they are simply bad actors themselves or useful idiots that were brainwashed and manipulated by the bad actors.

They are on the path of destruction with the intention of bringing down, not only our society, but also our species to a very dark place. What humanity needs right now is indeed a The Great Reset and people have a very narrow and rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to get rid of cancer that is currently plaguing the world.

I’m not superstitious but this is the fight of good vs evil if I ever have seen one. There are lots of confused and undetermined bystanders (majority of the society) who need to be navigated to what is right by the intellectuals. If the intellectuals fail to do that, the bystanders will just move along and their minds will be taken over, either by force or by propaganda (already happening), which will lead them to their own slow & painful demise.

Understand this, the enemy knows human nature very well. They are also playing a long game here in hopes that no one sees it… but there are ones who do see it very well. This is a very sophisticated and multi layered approach with some things being quite obvious and in the open, other things slightly hidden but still visible while the dark truth is most likely buried deep down inside.

The path to victory is simple, refuse to do what your enemy wants and expects you to do, instead do the only thing that they are truly afraid of.

This is how we can have The Great Reset, but on our own terms.

Via the Lockdown Sceptics subreddit, we learn from an insider how worthless Public Health England’s datasets are; how disparate, unintegrated, confused and error-prone they are, and how the evidence of double counting the jabbed is mounting up.

Given the likelihood that this will be the lastest Covid-realist subreddit to be purged, here preserved is the text in full:

Working in the PHE IT I can confirm that all the data they show you is rubbish. Don’t believe any of it – especially dead counts; # tested; # jabbed; or scariants (all models no data). In Layman’s terms:

1-There are many, many sub-systems and feeders into 2 main track and trace systems and 2 jab analysis systems (soon to be 3). None – None – have common data sets or schemas. This makes data aggregation very difficult (problem 1) if not impossible given the quantity of data.

2-No primary key across data sets (prob 2). This means there is no unique ID which is common. This kills your data. You can’t do relational analysis without a single unique ID.

3-In all systems you the stabbed, or tested are known as: Client, Patient, Subject, or by your NHS no. Problem 3. No data dictionary or consistency.

4-Due to all this, the application code when applying logic and pulling information from the databases pulls in double-triple counted data.

I proved the above to management a few times. Eg. Test Centre A jabbed 50 people in August. Yet another data set shows me total inventory used of 25. When you get into the code you can see how it double counts the data.

Conclusion: The 85% jabbed number would be false. It will be maybe 50%. The systems upon which they fear monger are a fucking joke.

I will repost this over the next few weeks in different ways, given how important a point it is.

Meanwhile TCW is on an absolute ripper about 9/11.

9/11: Warped agenda of the BBC

9/11: Why be so afraid of the M-word?

9/11: Our road to self-destruction

9/11: Twenty years of lies

Finally, if you’re an Audible subscriber, one of Jim Goad’s collections “The Headache Factory” is available for free as an audiobook.



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