A thousand “I Told You So’s”…

Here’s just one of them.

On 30th March 2020, a week after lockdown had been called, being an awkward man I posed an awkward question.

Might this social distancing have unintended consequences?

If we normally maintain our immunity to general bugs by being regularly exposed to things that keep our immune system strong and up to date with the latest viral and bacteria mutations, will 3-6 months of not being exposed to the general menagerie ultimately be harmful to us, causing knock-on effects when we all try to go back to normal?

Dunno. There’s a probably a graph with a cross-over point, beyond which we’re doing more harm than good, purely in epidemiological terms with this current endeavour.

So imagine my surprise when that question finally gets an answer, 16 months later.

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 10.59.25

Does anyone still doubt that by November, we’ll be locked down again to some extent, and mask mandates will return, once again to absolutely no beneficial effect?



4 thoughts on “A thousand “I Told You So’s”…

  1. Good post…
    A lot of us have been saying this for ages… Also, we know it is rarely spread outside so why confine everybody indoors?
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist generally but something is going on here that we don’t understand.

  2. Two mice walk into a bar, one turns to the other;-” Had your jab yet”?
    Other replies;-“Jab, gonna wait till the human trials are finished”

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