This morning, my absurdity meter was showing as depleted, so I needed a quick boost. The TellyGiraffe provided it in spades.

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I’ll begin at the beginning. The time to stop living in fear of Covid was sometime last April, about the time Boris had had his 3 weeks to squash the sombrero (of which we are now into week 70-something). About the time we realised that the goalposts were being moved daily, the statistics measured differently each time the wind changed, masks not recommended, then recommended, supplies of toilet roll been normalised etc.

Admittedly, the time to resume living in fear came around the time that the ‘vaccines’ started to be coercively foisted upon us all, including those of us who remember some of the previous deadly errors by government, the NHS and the pharma companies, and involving co-opting public opinion against anyone with reservations about being injected with a novel, experimental drug that has undergone nothing close to the normal extent of trials and testing. But that’s a different topic.

Admittedly also, as I recorded at the time, while fears about Covid should on any rational reading have been minimal by this time last year, fears about falling into the clutches of the monstrous NHS were – and still are – very valid. It is a truly awful, inhuman and evil entity, from the GP’s reception, all the way through to its intensive care facilities. That it is outperformed on all major indicators by the healthcare system of a 3rd-world communist kleptocracy like Italy speaks volumes.

I can quite imagine the fear in the hearts of people who face having to resume doing a horrible job for their living, rather than getting magic furlough money, and of those who worked at home for a year and face a return to an awful commute, to an awful place filled with awful people.

But Michael Deacon doesn’t mean any of those things, does he? He means the one fear that was never legitimate after the first useful information emerged. The one that has been stoked by every traditional media outlet, perpetuated by the one-sided information available on social & new media, amped up liked a Spinal Tap Stratocaster.

The one fear that has revealed an enormous majority of the public to be bidable loathsome imbeciles, collaborators and snitches.

Which brings me to the second part of the headline: a duty to get out and spend.

Now, I’ve long since recovered from the folly of youth, and I live within my means without ever going into debt for any reason. Nevertheless, I’ve spent a small fortune in the last year. I bought a house, fixed it up, moved into it and my ongoing battles with entropy ensure that I’m never short of jobs to do, requiring tools, materials and parts, labour and expertise.

I don’t mind saying that I’ve spent most of that fortune (after buying the house) with Amazon. Not because I think Amazon are amazing, but because they have been the one supplier who has never played the ‘due to covid’ card on me. I’ve not had a delivery delayed. I’ve not had a gibbon or a Karen tell me to put a mask on or demand I rub some mystery sludge on my hands before I am granted the privilege of spending money with their business.

‘Oh’ they moan, Amazon are just a China shill and everything you buy from there is poorly made rubbish. Have you been in your local hardware store, or in a B&HomeWickes, a Currys or Argos or whatever recently? It’s precisely the same Chinese tat as on Amazon, just marked up by 30% and wrapped in a pretty bow.

Because thanks to the idiots we think of as ‘in charge’, the the western world ran its consumer ecomomy off a cliff last March, and the only suppliers left standing are in the Orient. And that is not because I bought my powertools from Amazon (Makita, since you ask) rather than B&Q who offer nothing of comparable quality. It’s because China has pulled a massive long con on the weak, foolish, cowardly, self-indulgent western leaders. They deserve some level of congratulations for this, and a couple of gigatonnes of warheads shortly afterwards.

Does Michael Deacon, or anyone in the media or government, seriously expect us to go and spend with gusto in the sorts of business who for the last year have treated us as if we should be thanking them for letting us into their ghastly shops?

Do they imagine that our favourite restaurants are just all going to fling open their doors and carry on as if nothing has happened? Or that somehow we will ignore that they’ve had to double their prices and halve their portions in order to balance their books?

Do they imagine that we are going to want to spend any time at all in environments where people are still cowering behind face nappies and scowling at anyone who doesn’t, even after the government drops the ‘requirement’?

Do they imagine that we are going to want to fly abroad, with the cost of (fake) tests galore, even after a full compliment of ‘vaccines’, risking having to quarantine or isolate on return?

Is it possible that some of the people who got a nasty financial shock last year are more focused on putting themselves on a firmer financial footing than they were before? That is surely a duty that we all hold to ourselves and anyone who depends on us. Is that recognisable duty to have sound household finances at odds with the ‘duty’ to spend, spend, spend? I rather think it is.

I’m not sure I recognise any other duties. Not to society (what society??), not to the government and certainly not to any retailer you care to name. Not to God (doesn’t exist/is a total dick – delete as applicable) or country (missing presumed dead/overrun with orcs and zombies – ditto). Not to the planet (big enough to look after itself) or to the animals (delicious but smelly), or to the human race (fuck it, peel it, salt it, burn it).

Not least because duties (if we must use that word rather than ‘responsibilities’) once correlated with rights – they were part of a package. But we have seen how easily our rights can be swept away under the flimsiest of pretexts. If you’re telling me I can’t visit my mother, I can’t be at my dying brother’s bedside, I can’t go to my grandfather’s funeral, and even if I can, I cannot comfort my family; If you’re telling me that I need a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave my house and walk up the street, or that without a ‘vaccine’ I cannot leave the country; If you’re telling me I have no right to privacy or dignity or to travel without participating in medical experiments, then I have no rights whatsoever and I therefore assume no responsibilities (or even ‘duties’) to anyone but myself.

But I do understand if you think that the economy, and society and all that shit need to be saved, because you want a decent world for your children to grow up in. I just don’t care any more. I cared for years, while politicians only cared about promising free stuff to morons in exchange for their votes. Which was always going to end well, wasn’t it?

I’m sorry, parents of young children. The world you thought you were bringing new life into is gone. Your offspring are destined to be cookie-cutter drones, zombies or slaves, whether you intended that or not.



2 thoughts on “Duty…

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  2. Excellent rant!

    I fear for the future of my grandchildren, I really do. What a fucked-up world we are leaving them.

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