Boris, the media and the idiot public made a fool of Captain Tom Moore

I’m sure that Tom Moore had no idea what was coming next when he decided to raise a couple of hundred quid for his local hospital to thank them for looking after him.

He would have had no idea that he would become the zeitgeist. No-one ever does, unless they’re a fame whore.

So he ended up emptying the nation’s pockets of more than 20 million quid that was then given to the NHS so they could buy new iPads for their executive leadership teams.

The NHS is the 5th largest employer in the world. The budget for NHS England – just England – in 20/21 is more than £200BILLION. The whole UK treasury tax take in 2019 was £634BILLION. Money taken out of your paypacket on pain of imprisonment. The NHS in England has eaten a third of the whole UK budget for the year.

And still people are having their routine care cancelled. You can’t see a GP, you can’t get a dentist/hygenist appointment, you can’t get your suspicous lump diagnosed, you can’t get your cancer treated, your heart disease identified or your stroke prevented. Meanwhile the internet is wall-to-wall fat nurses doing TikTok dancing.

Thursday nights saw millions of brain donors on their doorsteps banging pots and pans to thank the NHS for all this benificence. And so the media mobilised Tom Moore to shakedown the British public for another £20million to pour into the bottomless pit.

Did you give any money to this absurd campaign? You’re a dickhead. Look at your last P60. A third of that money you paid in tax? That’s what you already gave to the NHS last year.

Clap for the NHS, donate to the NHS. Mobilise the WW2 veteran to give £20M of extra free money to the monster. Fuck off.

Perhaps if the money he had raised went to people who lost a relative in one of the care homes that was infested with Covid thanks to the NHS. Or people who have terminal cancer which could have been treated if it had been caught in 2020. Or people who couldn’t be at their loved one’s side as they died, or couldn’t give them the funeral that would have honoured their lives.  Or people who lost their jobs and businesses, yet still had to find a grand down the back of the sofa to buy each of their kids a laptop for home-schooling because teachers were afraid of missing an opportunity to sit on their sofas watching Quincy.

And now, honorary Captain Tom has sadlidied at the tender age of 100.

He went into an NHS hospital. He contracted covid in the NHS hospital. He died in the NHS hospital with the covid he caught in the NHS hospital.

No doubt, if it weren’t for covid, he’d have lived to a ripe old age, instead of being cut down in his prime like that.

I bear no ill will to the old fella himself, but the monster that his little fund-raiser became and the current mawkish circus around his death makes me hate the government, the NHS, the media, social media and the British public that little bit more than I already did.

So if you come within a mile of me and start crapping on about Tom being a hero or clapping for ‘our NHS’ or blaming ‘covidiots’ for his death, I’m going to run you down in my car, and then I’m going to reverse over you to make sure the job is done.

Bring on the meteor strike.


4 thoughts on “Boris, the media and the idiot public made a fool of Captain Tom Moore

  1. After the grossly-overstaffed ‘complacency’ of middle managers have taken their cut, there’ll be about 3s 6d left of that 20 million for front-line health care. It’s pointless giving any money to the ‘Now Harming Somebody’ lot unless it can reach medical staff.

    • Thanks :-)

      There’s not been a great deal of motivation to write about groundhog day a million times, but I’m sure some comedy value can be extracted out of whatever new stupid shit the govt has persuaded Joe Public to do.

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