BTCC Silverstone – Part 1

Everyone rejoice. REJOICE! For there is a vagina-haver on the grid.

Jade Edwards is having a drive of a BTCC car, everyone!

You’ll know when she’s being interviewed, because as well as being on the only driver with long blond hair, she has ‘JADE’ in big print across the front of her face-mask, lest we think that is Jason Plato behind the mask.

She’s been involved in motor-racing since she was 10 years old. Her dad was in Touring Cars when Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang was in it. Her last season in Clio Cup has been charitably described as everything from ‘solid but not spectacular’ to ‘unfortunate’.

And she’s had a stellar entry into the BTCC championship. She’s qualified… in last place, behind the pay-to-play cerebral palsy rolling-roadblock Nicholas Hamilton.

Look, I don’t care.. let her drive, let’s see what she can do. I wish her all the best and I hope no harm comes to her or anyone else.

BUT I do expect today’s commentary to be wall-to-wall simping, excuses making, ‘isn’t it marvellous’, ‘we do need to work to get a more diverse range of competitors’ and all the associated horseshit. None of these specious propositions will be confronted by the key question: WHY? Why do we need more diversity, inclusion, darkies, minge-owners, cripples, and the generally unsuited to this elite sport?

Lest we forget, she was considered by ‘her team’ not to be suitable to have her first outing at Thruxton, which is a difficult, balls-out circuit. No, they saved her debut until Silverstone National, which has…. 3 corners, one of which you don’t normally even brake for.

Good luck, Jade.

But, to Paul O’Neill and anyone else who craps on about how marvellous it is, die in a bin-fire.


UPDATE: Well, fair’s fair. She made it to the end of the race and finished ahead of Davros ‘Cookie Monster’ Hamilton. At one point she was in 19th place, having overtaken several cars, and then along came Andy Neate and punted her off the track… but she saved it and carried on, able to get to the end. Fair play.

I reckon Neate should be sitting out this meeting after he had accidents and incidents in all 3 rounds at Thruxton last weekend. Also, it’s time for Michael Crees to do the decent thing and declare ‘well, I gave it a go, but this clearly is not for me. Sorry for fucking up everyone else’s day all season long’.

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