Are you ready to be race-audited?

You think I’m joking, right?

How confident are you that the books on your Kindle include the right number of BAME, female and LGBT authors? (Personally I have no books by women or black people. I’m pretty sure Douglas Murray is single-handedly representing the whole spectrum of benders.)

Or that your Linked-In connections correctly represent the racial and gender proportions in society? (You can be 95% sure anyone I’m connected to who isn’t a white man is either a recruitment consultant or a salesman)

Or that the podcasts you subscribe to in iTunes are suitably diverse? (Nope)

Have you watched the mandatory diversity programing on Netflix and listened to the requisite race porridge on Audible? (Fuck no, I cancelled them instead, but they have that data forever anyway)

Don’t expect all the rap and dance music on your Spotify playlists to count for anything, mind.

Given how riddled with wokeys these companies are, could you seriously convince yourself that there’s no-one in those companies running database queries to answer all these questions, and then grading you on a curve?

If you think this is never going to happen, I have a bridge to sell you.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to defend your position. Yes, I do prefer the intellectual and artistic products of white western men who have a predilection for freedom and individual responsibility. What of it? How many Jeremy Clarkson books do you have, Mx Ngombwe? Hmm? Any Richard Dawkins, Charles Murray, Matt Ridley, Chris Brookmyre, Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams? No, I didn’t think so. Watched anything by Chris Morris or Charlie Brooker recently? No? Off you fuck, then.



4 thoughts on “Are you ready to be race-audited?

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  3. I imagine that they are coming for us at my workplace. I started seeing the big wig bosses sending out “we are checking out diversity measures” emails. I also need to get to a tattoo shop.

  4. Charlie Brooker is as woke as a tube train driver on a weekday morning. The Coronavirus-Screenwipe he did was the final nail in the coffin.

    These days he continues to moan about Brexit, is still moaning about Trump and is eerily quiet about Black Lives Matter. He also has gone very quiet about his support for Graham Linehan, who, let’s face it, has gained a reputation for being the ultimate shit on social media, and has only fallen from the ranks of the pious due to his opinions about chicks with dicks.

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