Stand Up For What’s Right

Tim Pool and his colleagues make a series of unassailable points.

It boils down to one thing: You have to stand up for what’s right.

When your streaming service goes woke, cancel it. (Hello Netflix, Spotify et al)

When your audiobook provider goes woke, cancel it. (Hello Audible)

When your TV goes woke, cancel it. (Hello, BBC TV Licensing scum)

When a brand goes woke, cancel it. (Hello Gillette, Nike et al)

When a retailer goes woke, cancel it. (Hello BurgerKing, M&S et al)

So far so easy, right? Here comes the big one.

When your company goes woke, fight it or walk away. Either your company or you is going over a cliff, so you may as well be on the front foot.

Of course not everyone is a troublemaker like me. Not everyone would stand up at a staff conference and ask the CEO how he reconciles his LGBT policies with the contract he just signed with the government of a middle-eastern country that kills gays.

When I did this the CEO’s reply made it clear, in front of everyone working there, that he would not allow LGBT policies to stop him from doing business with rich, brutal Muslim countries. Nor would his supposed embrace of female empowerment stand in the way. We all heard him tacitly admit that the woke agenda is very much secondary to making a profit, and it was getting nothing but lip service. The woke stuff continued to exist, in vestiges, but after a brief and hilarious flirtation with promoting unqualified women, it never interfered with business and it never to my knowledge impacted on hiring, promotion or firing. Even the lip service dwindled to nothing.

Don’t think, by the way, that questioning such contradictions should cause your company to stop doing business with unpleasant people and regimes. That’s not why you would call out these conflicts. If a company is offered the choice of cancelling business or wokeness and it chooses to cancel business, then you know immediately which way things are headed and you know that you have to get out before the inevitable happens and the cancer eats the company.

I don’t assert for a moment that my intervention singlehandedly stopped woke in its tracks in this multinational multibillion company, but it only takes a few well timed, respectful and very public interventions to change the mood.

But that doesn’t mean you can ignore it all and hope it goes away, or that you can afford to leave all this to more reckless or anti-fragile souls.

You can raise your objections within the company community, and you can do so in a way that if/when you face the wrath, you will know that your conscience is clear. That all you want is clarity, honesty, integrity and good faith. Equality of opportunity, meritocratic HR practices and freedom of political and religious conscience are no less than every employee deserves. Any time they discriminate in favour of one group, they are de facto discriminating against another, and it’s almost always you.

And even if you don’t have the stomach for a confrontation, you can start looking at your options for taking your skills, knowledge, experience and work ethic to some place that isn’t contributing to the undermining – and ultimate destruction – of your way of life.

Do it today. Tomorrow they will come for you. Have you got the stones to stand your ground and enact Vox Day’s SJW Attack Survival Guide?

Naturally, all of this is much much easier if you’ve been wise, and have done all you can to protect your interests. That means getting out of debt and staying out of it. Own all your things, bought and paid for, to the greatest possible extent. Minimise your overheads. Diversify your income streams. Start a side-gig drop-shipping catnip and cushions to middle-aged women. Consider insuring your income using a policy that would give you some security in the event that you are cancelled by your employer, either because of internal forces or their spinelessness in the face of external SJW zombies – check the clauses and exclusions before you buy a policy.

If you haven’t read the above survival guide, do it now. Think it through, be prepared. Read Vox Day’s 3 books on the subject (1) (2) (3).

You may not be interested in Woke, but Woke is absolutely interested in you.



3 thoughts on “Stand Up For What’s Right

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  2. Cheers, I’ve downloaded the guide. Fortunately I work for a small company who don’t tend to bother with woke stuff in any form, but we have contracts with some major companies who could easily put the pressure on

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