Media Overload

You’d think, given that I’ve blocked all news media and social media from my internet connection, that I’d have a dearth of things to consume.

However, by being brutal in blocking channels and people on YouTube, I’ve been able to retain the use of this platform, as well as soundcloud.

First, Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin) is active again. If you’re of a libertarian/ancap/dissident-right leaning type and you don’t know who Mencius Moldbug is, you’re basically like a blues musician who hasn’t listened to Muddy Waters and Miles Davis, a physicist who hasn’t read Feynmann or a poet who hasn’t studied Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats or Larkin.

Go and find out about Moldbug’s seminal work of novel dissident thought, Unqualified Reservations. Do it now. Y’all come back, ye hear?

Anyway, he’s recently started a new book project that looks interesting at the same time as it punctures any hope of things heading in what I might consider a positive direction.

He’s spoken to Thaddeus Russell… worth watching if you’re new to this:

And for the cognoscenti, a great talk with Michael Malice:

Now, taking a turn to more earthly matters, the guys at Triggernometry have been doing a great job of almost daily streaming and interviews during the lockdown. Now that MSM attention has moved on from COVID to all those poor middle-class AntiFa dipshits and their useful BLM idiots, Konstantin and Francis did a powerful stream on Saturday, addressing the whole range of issues….

… US comedian and libertarian Dave Smith deivered what I think was his best ever episode of his podcast ‘Part of the Problem’ on this topic.

… and Tim Pool – an independently-minded US centrist – has some great coverage of the inner workings of the Seattle CHAZ zone. For those of a certain age who remember the episodes of Grange Hill where the 5th formers staged a sit-in, you’ll feel right at home.

If you don’t have time to watct the vid below, please at least feast your eyes upon the way these lefty LARPers have basically set up a camp, built a wall patrolled by armed men, and then asked mum to send supplies:

EaURxSzXsAM-wFv (1)

Vive le revolucion. Please send shoes. And comforters. And anyone who has ever been in a market garden.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.00.07

More here:

Tim also addressed (and endorsed) a series of tweets by the Triggernometry guys about where all this nonsense is headed.

And if that was a bit heavy, fret not.. here comes the light, sweet, fluffy dessert, courtesy of Richard Porter (Top Gear, Grand Tour) and Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear).

And finally, the finest American cheese course…

It should be noted that we are in an ever-more precarious position as we become more and more dependent on YouTube – an enemy platform – for timely information and commentary. It’s the only platform that content creators can use where they can distribute and monetise content in a way that integrates with most people’s modes of media consumption. Bitchute and other platforms simply don’t offer the rich functionality, the reach or the slick ways to convert creative and critical thought into rent payments and bottles of beer.

Platforms being built by Dave Rubin (, Vox Day ( and Gavin McInnes ( will hopefully allow dissident content creators to consolidate under a protective umbrella where at present, with PayPal, Patreon and YouTube, they all risk deplatforming – many have fallen already.

Quite apart from anything else, when you realise that you’re paying more (in the form of $10 monthly subs) to hear a dozen independent voices than you would for a full Sky TV subscription and a UK TV Licence, you realise that such a consolidation is overdue and gravity will eventually prevail. Being able drop north of $100 a month just to be entertained in a way that doesn’t make us want to throw bricks at the screen is a luxury that many cannot afford, and represents a significant barrier to entry and a hindrance to onboarding newly enlightened people.

Whether any of the putative platforms we have at the moment will be winners from this remains to be seen, but such a shift seems inevitable.



One thought on “Media Overload

  1. I wish “unauthorized” and “censored” should merge but they would probably fight over the name.

    I wish supporting Crowder was a better deal to support. I still think Blaze siphons money away from the Mug Club.

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