Your organs belong to the state now…

A few things have tripped over the line during the time we’ve been distracted by Covid cockwomblery.

One is this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 20.51.40

This apparently became active under the law today.

You can opt out. If I have to explain why I think you should, you’re probably on the wrong blog. There are plenty enough principled reasons to refuse to have any part in this evisceration of human autonomy and self-ownership, no matter what your political persuasion is.

Opt out here: 

Note that this opt-out will almost certainly fall into a black hole that will never be looked at, because the NHS works on your National Insurance Number and your NHS number – the only two unique identifiers that follow you for life – neither of which this opt-out form asks you to provide. Without those, it’s meaningless.

So if you want half a chance of your wishes being observed when the NHS eventually kills you, you will need to write to your GP and any hospitals you deal with and insist that this is added to your medical records.

I’ll be doing this next time I’m on an interminable conference call with droning muppets. Tomorrow morning then. 



3 thoughts on “Your organs belong to the state now…

  1. This ability to opt-out hasn’t – funnily enough – been promoted much. I vaguely recall their being mention of an opt-out when this was first being discussed but hadn’t thought much about it since, not since my initial “f**k ’em” though at the time. So reading this was a useful reminder and this weekend I got my letter confirming I’m no longer automatically state property upon my death. Thank you.

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