Why people don’t want to return to work…

Just a hypothesis, and I’m sure it won’t cover everyone, but I don’t buy the ‘lazy scroungers’ argument as a big contributor… before this, unemployment was at historically low levels.

I’m very lucky with my job – I have great levels of trust, latitude and discretion, and every month has achievements I can reflect upon.

But a lot of people’s jobs suck more than ever before.

People who once did things from which you could derive a sense of pride and achievement – i.e. worked in industry, engineering, manufacturing, as craftsmen or tradesmen – are now scratching a living working in a warehouse, or a call-centre, or driving an Uber or an Amazon van. Their job security is tenuous, their every movement – literally – is timed, measured, graded and judged. They are completely interchangeable human cogs in a process driven machine. Process – the progenitor of ‘the computer says no’ – is everything. All discretion and reliance in individual human ingenuity is gone – to display any initiative is to pull the lever that prints out your P45.

And then we have all the poor bastards who hadn’t been exposed to Aaron Clarey’s arguments and were brainwashed and browbeaten into going to university, racking up a mountain of debt on a false prospectus and then finding that the real world just wanted them to fetch coffee and muffins, and they’d never be able to afford a house to start a family in even if they landed the job their education trained them for.

If this described your job and the government had told you to go home and stay there, while being paid 80% of your normal income, would you want to go back to how things were in February?

This period will have given a great many people opportunity to reflect on their predicaments.

A brave few will be laying the groundwork for striking out in a new direction…. millions more will be playing for time, with no idea what to do, but certain they would not choose to go back to the mongfarm.

Thus we are at a potential turning point where a move away from globalism could be just the thing we need to enable millions of ordinary people to do work that is less soul-crushing than the anodyne computerised, global corporate grey-goo shit that has thus far been their only choice.

I suppose we can dream, while at the same time fearing that the masses have been in Plato’s cave so long that they can never be released back into the soul-nourishing productive world.

Ho hum.



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