This evening’s clarion call…

It’ll be “Well, thanks for allowing us to now do things that weren’t actually banned in the first place.”

Sturgeon was first out of the gates:

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 16.47.59

I’m going to ignore the open goal that wee Jimmy has left for us.

In case you were in any doubt, there was nothing at all in the existing legislation – or the associated ‘guidelines’ – that said you could only exercise once a day or only for one hour or anything at all like that.

Boris is going to do exactly the same… he’s going to come up with a list of 3 or 4 things that were never proscribed in the first place and throw that to us, like a zoo-keeper tossing fish to the captive seals.

If any real things are actually going to be eased up, my money is on things for women (hairdressers, nail bars, tanning salons, horse riding schools, shoe shops) and for the dullard middle-classes (golf courses, shoots, garden centres, estate agents, stately homes, galleries and museums).

We’ll probably not get to go to the football, the motor racing, the cinema, a pub or a restaurant this side of Christmas.

We shall see.


UPDATE: Jesus H Christ, I never thought I was being optimistic…. fuck me, what a crock of shit.

4 thoughts on “This evening’s clarion call…

  1. We need to arrange a way for all the clappi g seal NHS apologists to bear a proprtionate cost of the lockdown.
    How about “Due to the cost of the panic demic all state pensions are set at the level of the national old age, pensions may not be taken until you reach pension age, this includes all local authority and police pensions”

  2. Didn’t think there were enough of those in the Amazon( the largest river on the planet) to cover the legions of privileged employees in the UK public sector.

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