All because the lady loves Milquetoast…

This whole reaction to the Wuhan Flu is driven by women – and by their spineless white knights – who will gladly trade away everyone else’s privacy and liberty for her security.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 14.42.22

(Pastebin Link)

This is why they should not be allowed to vote – if they don’t have a husband whose vote they can influence over household matters, then no voice, no say, because it’ll only be used to make the whole debate about them and what other people should give up to make them comfortable.

I know, not all women, blah blah… well, women are forever controlling and policing each other’s behaviour… you should have policed this. A few of your number have spoiled it for all of you. That’s one of your favourite lines of reasoning isn’t it? Enjoy.



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