Boris is captive…

I warned about this, and as I explained, I do get it. I understand how incredibly grateful you feel to those who probably saved your life, particularly when it’s so obvious that they’re working in less than ideal circumstances.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 12.21.52

He said: “I have today left hospital after a week in which the NHS has saved my life, no question. It’s hard to find the words to express my debt.”

This is the trap – the category error. Yes, the doctors and nurses saved your life. They managed to do it in-spite of the moribund, bureaucratic, self-serving, one-size-fits-none NHS, that treats its staff so appallingly.

And now, Boris will want to just pour endless money into the pit.

Don’t be tempted to support this.

If you get ill, you will not – unlike Boris – receive the personal care of the country’s leading lung doctor. You will be seen by a criminally overworked and undersupported junior doctor who has hundreds under his care.

You will wait, and you will be triaged, and you will get what you’re given, and you will be expected to be grateful.

The NHS is a cruel imitation of a 1st world health care system. Those who tirelessly and unquestioningly support it are stupid and evil, small minded and with soul-crushinly low expectations. As much as they ‘love the EU’, they clearly don’t know anyone who has had medical treatment in Denmark, France, Germany, Holland or even Spain or Italy- if they did, they would know that all those people had better experiences and better outcomes than they would have had here.

Don’t patch it up. Burn it down.






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