We don’t need to talk about the NHS…

We need to kill it. With fire, explosives and extreme prejudice.

We’ve been talking about it since before it was born and we should all be utetrly sick of the whole shooting match and livid with all those whose ideological machinations have set in aspic this post-war relic. Like cherishing and worshipping a Bakelite rotary-dial telephone and completely refusing to look at the smartphones everyone else has been using for ages now.

And while we’re at it, Public Health England needs to be burned to the ground too.

And while the NHS frontline workers all deserve honours and secure employment in a new system, I’m going to say that no-one who works for PHE should be spared the firing squad.

All figuratively, of course, but I am deadly serious. We can now all see and cannot possibly deny – while retaining any claim to a reality-based point of view – that the system fails to meet our needs as individuals and as a nation.

Oh sure, it meets the needs of a vast army of blinkered bureaucrats to remain employed and perpetuate their calamitous mediocrity.

Honestly, as I approach the time in my life where I’m going to be increasingly reliant on health services, the state of affairs in the UK regarding the NHS is the one thing that’s giving me serious reason to emigrate. And I resent that deeply. Being driven from my home country because, in spite of having contributed vast amounts above the average in taxation and National Insurance during my working life, and in-spite of this being the world’s 5th largest economy, we cannot get 1st world health services, unlike most of Europe and the rest of the Anglosphere.

The prime minister is critically ill and is in a bed in an NHS hospital, getting the same treatment of leaches, poultices and incantations that you or I would get – albeit he is under the care of the UK’s leading doctor in this area. Which you and I can practically guarantee we would not get – no… a frazzled, inexperienced, overstretched, and probably diseased junior doctor from a place you’ve never heard of is what we can look forward to.

It’s very frustrating because, like Boris, I have private health cover through my employer, but that doesn’t help. The NHS crowds out private providers in a great many areas of healthcare. It didn’t help last year when I had a brain tumour, and it wouldn’t help if I needed hospital care relating to COVID-19, as we’ve seen in Boris’ case.

It’s time that we realised (and acted upon the fact) that all these morons who bleat on about protecting ‘Our NHS’ and refuse to countenance any change of the model are not just stupid. They are pure evil and must be defeated as the demonic force that they are.

Here are a few illustrative examples and clarion calls from the media of late.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 13.12.39

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 13.14.12

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 13.16.58

Of course it will never happen. None of this will ever be fixed, because the country is in the hands of stupid, evil, demonic people who should be driven into the sea at the point of a bayonet.

Lost will be the arguments that not only are the NHS & PHE directly responsible for people dying, but that because the economy is shutdown to protect our teetering Bakelite health service, people will die in the future through the consequences of severe economic hardship.

Anyone who has come out of hospital after live-saving treatment feels deeply emotionally grateful to those who have cared for them. And that’s fine so long as it’s the individual doctors and nurses concerned. But the temptation to elide that into reverence for the system in which the medics work has to be called out and eliminated. Boris will need to be carefully scrutinised for signs of this secondary disease over the coming months and years.

We can hope, but if experience has taught us anything, it’s that nothing will change, and no-one will ever be held to account. We need a revolution, and we need heads on pikes.


One thought on “We don’t need to talk about the NHS…

  1. Copy the German or Swiss insurance led structure.
    No one dies in the street, a lot more spent on healthcare pre Covid as its not a political football and people can and do take themselves to another doctor if they don’t like the service they are getting.
    That alone puts some balance in to the relationship with arsehole prima donna types infesting medicine.
    UKs GPs are the highest paid in Europe and we get some of the shorties service, especially evenings and weekends.

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