If the NHS can’t keep Boris alive…

Well… in that case… everything that has been a game changer so far will have turned out to just be an amuse bouche.

I’m sorry Boris, but if you kicking the bucket leads to the downfall of the NHS, well… I’ll chip in for a statue. I promise.


3 thoughts on “If the NHS can’t keep Boris alive…

  1. Mmm, possibly Trump could offer to ship him to the states for treatment with Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin.
    It apparently works on Murkans, but medical establishment here is opposed / prepared to sacrifice PM to prove how dangerous the virus is to OURNHS.

    • Yes indeed – the Iranians are using just this therapy with success. CV19 is now being considered a blood rather than respiratory disease, so the Hydroxychloroquine treatment makes sense (as it reduces the release of HEME from virus-infected blood cells). Free iron ions stimulate lung cell failure, which, in all CV19 cases, is bilateral. Pneumonia does not usually, certainly never always, cause bilateral damage: so treat the blood, not the airways!

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