The questions. Just listen…

Again… barmy vagina-haver advocates iron reign.

My software is being millennial, so I’m afraid you’ll have to forward to 21m51s to hear the question.

It was easy to agree with the likes of Adam Piggott and then get on with our lives. And then the people he’d been warning us about turn up in a time of crisis and demand that blood be spilled, liberties be ground underfoot, lost forever, and righteousness be served.

For their own personal emotional comfort.

It occurs to me that none of these incredibly strident wimmen were demanding decisive measures when it was revealed that thousands of girls (who weren’t them) had been raped by culturally-identifiable clusters of offenders around provincial Britain, all the while British bureaucracy gave its inventive all to find reasons not to investigate, follow-up, take preventative measures or crack down.

If anything should change after this it’s our societal propensity to let these fucking people get away with this shit. The same 52% of the population who voted for Brexit are doubtless aghast at these latte-sipping metrofuckwits advocating we turn the country into a scene from Starship Troopers.

We will take our country back from them.



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