The firm hand of government…

Have you noticed, per chance, the thing that is common to pretty much everyone who is howling for the government to do more and crack down on those not observing requests to self-isolate and socially distance?

Those who are demanding the government forcibly detains anyone who cannot or will not remain out of sight in their homes?

All of those people who are demanding draconian measures… are… women. See for yourself the ‘when are you going to crack down’ questions being asked during the Prime Minister’s daily briefings, and by whom.

The don’t-need-no-man-fish-bicycle brigade sure do need a man… and that man is The Man.

Because – and I think this is the wider point – they’re scared. Of getting ill, of losing loved ones… of experiencing any sort of emotionally difficult time. And they want to hold responsible anyone who disregards The Man’s instructions. Because women are conformists and they are draconian and merciless in the way they regard anyone who does not share their outlook, because people who do not share their outlook are terrifying.

And if we project that back over the last 10 years, particularly vis. the screechy, demanding, cake-and-eat-it behaviour of young women it all becomes clear. They act all ‘don’t need no man (but I do need The Man)’ because that’s the magical incantation they’ve been taught to chant when they are scared. And why are they scared? Because the sisterhood and the apparatus that the sisterhood has built up and (more usually) appropriated has spent these girls entire lives forcing them into roles in life, work and society for which they are completely temperamentally unsuited.

Cappy and his chums have talked in the last week about how guys’ phones are lighting up with messages from women who all of a sudden need companionship and someone to rely on, and provide for them.

I have a feeling a great many of these newly bidable women are going to find that very difficult, because if they ever did learn to be charming and companionable – and very few of them ever did – they have spent recent years furiously unlearning that skill. Now that they unexpectedly find themselves relying on it to build social capital, they’re going to come up short.

So if your phone does light up, think very seriously about telling them to go dig a ditch.



3 thoughts on “The firm hand of government…

  1. So is the strong modern Feminist a chimaera built on sand? it seems so. I know many women, some normal, some aggressively not so much.
    Any problems, like the current viral death sweeping the land like the black one, and they all suddenly become all soft and “feminine” again, wanting reassurance and protection from strong males.
    After the way I and other males have been treated in recent years, my answer is, “you wanted equality (good), independence (OK) and self-reliance (hope that works out for you), so why are you suddenly expecting shelter and nurture from a white heterosexual male whom you previously denigrated?
    Cognitive Dissonance is widespread in this land. Look after those who are real, not the false, dissembling, help me now it’s serious brigade.


  2. As women have taken over aided by girly men wimps our society has gone downhill. No risk, no upsetting people. It’s been like that as feminism has gained power and now we are reaping the rewards. Arrested for saying a few things.

    And it is contradictory, as Muslims grow in power there will be changes and I for one will consider becoming a muslim to shut these whiny harridans up. Not long to go now.

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