International Day of Happiness…

Yes, there is one!

Yes, it’s TODAY!

Everyone break out your Pharrell Williams CDs, grab a minion and GET HAPPY!

Lest you think I’m taking the piss…

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide every year on 20 March,[1] and was originally conceptualized and founded in 2006 by Jayme Illien, CEO of the United Nations New World Order project, to advance happiness as a fundamental human right for all human beings, and happytalism, as new economic system, theory, and philosophy, which achieves the United Nations global goals, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on earth.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

But this isn’t just some generic nonsense. No. Each year has a special theme.

This year, 2020, that theme is:

‘Happiness For All, Together’

That’s right. As we cower in our domiciles, diseased, workless or both, with only a single bogroll each for dinner, the UN is encouraging us to celebrate “Happiness For All, Together”, while forcibly kept apart, in despair.

As an accelerationist, this discovery has just made my day.

The UN is literally (Hitler) asking us to enjoy the decline.

Here, by the way, is the grinning hairy faggot responsible for this hilarious horseshit.

Jayme Illien United Nations Special Advisor.jpg

Jayme Illien. Founder of Happytalism, CEO United Nations New World Order Project



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