Falling off the fishbicycle…

I notice that the Spectraitor is giving yet another outing to paleolithic lesbian misandrist dumper-truck Julie Bindel.

What has changed in the 40 years since I became politically active? Feminists have achieved significant victories. Just on the issue of sexual and domestic violence, we are responsible for criminalising rape in marriage; ensuring police treat domestic violence as a crime rather than a ‘private matter’; and making female genital mutilation (FGM) a crime.

The column overall is rather babbling and pointless and, just like last time, it’s rich with semantic legerdemain, even this one paragraph is riddled with half-truths. Perhaps a more honest writer would have said:

Just on the issue of sexual and domestic violence, we are responsible for criminalising rape in marriage (but don’t expect this to be enforced against ethnic minorities, because ‘cultural sensitivities‘); ensuring police treat domestic violence as a crime rather than a ‘private matter’ (provided that it is a man committing the offence against a woman, and the man has no ‘cultural sensitivities‘); and making female genital mutilation (FGM) a crime (even though there have been almost no prosecutions at all, because ‘cultural sensitivities‘, and even though mutilating someone has always been a crime and no legal purpose is served by putting down a specific law about this particular variety of grievous bodily harm).

They really are the hollowest of victories. But it’s the second claim that I want to focus on, being as this morning’s news bewails the suicide of a woman who – presumably due to some administrative error – was being asked to face the consequences of her actions, when it comes to her apparent penchant for throwing a punch (or a pewter statue or whatever) at her boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 12.13.19

Curiously, the Telegraph manages to get through the whole article without directly stating what is at the heart of all this. To find that, we must turn to The Guardian. Really.

Flack was arrested in December for assault and was charged with attacking Burton, 27, with a lamp at their home in Islington, north London. The court heard that Burton had “received significant injury to his head”. Flack was released on bail on the condition that she did not contact Burton until the trial.

Other outlets are going further in their reportage:

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 14.06.17

We can all imagine what the media and social media would be saying if it were a man who killed himself rather than go before a judge accused of beating his sleeping girlfriend. The coward, the bully, good riddance.

The merest suggestion that the prosecution of a man alleged to have smashed a lamp over his sleeping girlfriend’s head would be ‘not in the public interest’ and ‘a show trial’ would be met with furious resistance from womyns and their obsequious allies.

But that’s not what we get when the boot is on the other foot, is it? No it fucking isn’t.

Laura Whitmore, who took over hosting the winter series of Love Island, tweeted: “I’m trying to find the words but I can’t.”

This Morning presenters Eamonn Holmes and Phillip Schofield also shared messages of support. Holmes said he was “shocked beyond belief”, while Schofield said: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Former Love Island contestant Amber Davies, who won the ITV2 series in 2017, tweeted: “My heart is actually broken.”

Jonathan Ross said he had been in touch with Ms Flack recently and had “hoped she was doing better”, adding: “She was talented and smart and likeable and will be missed. It’s awful.”

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly shared a tribute to Ms Flack on their joint Twitter account, writing: “We are both devastated to hear the news. It is beyond sad. Beyond words. So tragic.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Rest In Peace Caroline.”

A statement posted on the official Strictly twitter account said: “The entire Strictly Come Dancing family are heartbroken to hear this incredibly sad news.

“Caroline had an infectious energy and passion for dance, she shone brightly in the Strictly ballroom every week and became an incredible champion.

“Words cannot express our sadness, she was simply one of a kind. We are sending our love to all her family and friends during this difficult time”.

It’s a cavalcade of sycophantic, self-promoting, grief-whoring shite.

This woman of whom I’d never heard, because I don’t watch TV, especially TV that is made for imbeciles, is now being talked about as if she was the Queen Mother, Florence Nightingale, Ginger Rogers and Audrey Hepburn rolled into one.

From what I can tell, she was an empty vessel with all the signs of having been repeatedly and vigorously recycled. Filled and then emptied, and put in the back of the car until the next trip to Homebase for cement or aggregate.

Last time out, I talked about how Adam Piggott and Vox Day have a knack of embracing uncomfortable – but in the final analysis incontrovertible – truths. I need to add another more ridiculous name to this panoply of seekers after truth. That is “The Great One” of the Cynical Libertarian Society.

I reckon I can tell you, from listening to his ‘Yes All Women Are Like That‘ podcast, just what he would say about Caroline Flack. And it wouldn’t be flattering or pandering or virtue-signalling. Let’s take a punt:

This strong and independent don’t-need-no-man-fish-bycycle woman is beyond reproach because women have no agency and therefore cannot be accused of crimes, or be expected to account for themselves.

So how could this have happened? It’s almost like throwing a lamp at her ‘boyfriend’ was an act of desperate and justified attention seeking – a bid to have her profile pinned to the front page, relying on the nostrum that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Because that may have been true when she was 21 years old.. there would have been nothing that she could not persuade some man to do for her, and she would have traded on that until the bitter end. But now here she was, 40 years old, having hit the wall like a Boeing 737MAX from a 3rd world airline.

All the ways in which she used to get the attention she craved are no longer available to her. And to add insult to injury – for it was her, not him who was truly harmed by all this, obviously – she was being treated in a way that ought to only apply to men. Charged with a crime, due to face the court, there was no way to flutter her eyes and pout her way out of it; and drawing attention to her tits & ass now elicited an altogether different sort of gasp to what it did 20 years ago.

How could this be? She’s a special princess, perfect in every way! Never ever had to face the consequences of her actions before like men have to do every day of their lives.

You wanted equality, ladies? Well, now you got it and you don’t like it, do you?

But does it occur to you that the laws on domestic violence can be unfair to accused people of either gender? No, it doesn’t… it occurs to you that equality doesn’t mean what I think it means… it means something subjective and malleable, which can be quietly disregarded when it’s a woman who is being subjected to the punishment of Kafkaesque legal process.

And it would be stating the obvious to say that Caroline Flack was clearly being irrational (say it isn’t so!) if she imagined that the consequences of her being found guilty would be anything more than a slap on the wrist and – after a brief period in sack-cloth and ashes – a priceless boost to her media career.

After all, Sally Challen who killed her husband by smashing a hammer into his skull 20 times – had her conviction quashed after a court decided that she had suffered her husband’s ‘coercive control’ – a legal definition that had yet to be even dreamed up at the time she hammered his skull.

And then there’s Lavinia Woodward, who stabbed her boyfriend and walked from court because she’s ‘an “extraordinarily able young lady”, whose talents meant that a prison sentence would be “too severe”’.

Honestly, she really had nothing to worry about.

Apart from the fact that she was now 40, with 20 years of nonsense and bullshit behind her and nothing at all to show for it other than a reputation as a girl you wouldn’t introduce to your mother.

So while it may be sad, if understandable, when anyone decides that life is ‘not for them’ anymore, I think the hoohah surrounding this unremarkable woman and her taudry private life is just a mirror held up to the society that people like her have worked so hard to make.


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