We told you so…

There’s nothing new under the Sun. Perpetual human stupidity and groupthink is foremost.

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James Delingpole is today wailing and gnashing his teeth over the emerging awfulness of Boris Johnson’s Tory government, with its plans to tax us to death, force our cars off the road, land us with massive bills to move our homes away from gas-fired heating and cooking, decimate our ability to save for retirement and apply punitive property taxes on those unfortunate enough to live in the areas of the country worst affected by inflated house-prices. Grotesquely inflated house prices, by the way, which are in turn caused by the influx of immigrants and the failures of successive governments to enable housing stock and infrastructure to scale at a rate concomitant with said influx.

It’s enough to make one throw up ones hands and say ‘fuck it’. Go and live in a mouldy, terraced back-to-back shoebox of a house in the benighted north, and work a mentally un-taxing minimum wage job, awaiting an early death at the hands of a dilapidated, but religiously revered, health-care system.

The aforementioned Delingpole has repeatedly written naive triumphalist drivel about Brexit and Boris, completely and wilfully ignoring the demonstrable truth that I and some others have repeatedly drawn attention to, much to the discomfort of those who prefer comfortable falsehoods and pretty illusions of liberty, justice and affluence.

Well look, Delingpole, and your sycophantic acolytes.


I told you so before Boris was elected leader, I told you so when the last election was called and I told you after he won. I. Told. You. So.

So get real, and choose a fucking side. Stop sucking the cuck cocks of Toby Young, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Fraser Nelson et al. If you truly believe in the things you claim to believe, stop fucking about, grab a musket and man the barricades, or just shut up and fuck off.

In ‘I fucking told you so’ news elsewhere, Vox Day and Adam Piggott are both – with some justification – doing the dance at the expense of those gulled by arch-charlatan Jordan Peterson.

In the very early days of his emergence, I was intrigued by Peterson, principally because he seemed to be taking a principled stance against the woke mob. I read his book, and I listed to him in conversation with Joe Rogan. But I soon smelled a rat.

Both Day and Piggott are absolutely resolute, single-minded people, and that’s a quality that I find uncomfortable sometimes. Both of them espouse decidedly pure and rational viewpoints that are completely at odds with prevailing orthodoxy. I think it’s admirable and courageous that they put themselves out there, so I take them seriously and their view carry some weight.

So when they both came out quite unequivocally against Peterson, I listened, I considered their viewpoints, and I decided that I agree with them. It wasn’t a period in which I was active on this blog, but I was still active below the line on various sites that invite comments, and I found it amusing how people reacted to any suggestion that Peterson was not what they thought he was. People were afraid that to question their opinion of Peterson was to attack their fundamental identity. Personally, I found it bizarre and just another depressing example of how dim-witted most people are. Or, as Vox Day puts it, ‘MPAI’.

They were right. There are myriad other examples of times they have been proven right by events, and that is why in-spite of how grating I sometimes find their sense of moral certainty and the supposition that their personal experiences can be generalised to the whole of humanity, I still read their content, and give it due consideration.

Certainly, whatever I think of their grandiose opinions of themselves, Day and Piggott are both far more reliable analysts of current affairs and human nature than people like Delingpole and his cuckservative chums are.



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