The Poison Drips…

The Spectraitor continues its descent into becoming a period rag at the hands of queen-of-wo(k)e Isabel Hardman and spineless cuck Fraser Nelson.

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Julie Bindel – about whom I’ve written before here and here – thinks that women who kill their husbands with hammers should get clemency and is part of a team that has successfully campaigned for a woman who did just that.

She also thinks that we should ‘believe all women’. Because they’re saints, right? Well, the headline itself contains a crafty little sleight of hand that sets the tone for the entire article.

It demands what we used to call a Fisking.

Are women inherently dishonest?

Well, some of them demonstrably are, yes, as are some men. But no-one is asserting that they ALL are.

We must be, particularly when accusing men of rape. This is one of the most pervasive of all rape myths: that women love nothing better than maliciously and falsely accusing decent, law-abiding men of sexual violation.

It’s a matter of public record that there are some women – however small a minority – who wish to geld or kill men, particularly white ones.  Women, too, who have openly asserted that ‘all men are rapists’. Why would such women not be equally apt to exploit the levers of power that the law places in their hands?

But that would be a tiny – if disproportionately strident – minority. More likely is that in most cases of falsely reported rape, the truth is more prosaic. Young woman gets herself into a situation that she doesn’t know how to get out of, and for any number of reasons, finds it to be expedient (if regrettable) to make a false accusation.

Some of the coverage of the poor young woman in Cyprus would lead you to believe that men are walking targets for female fantasists hellbent on destroying their lives. Having met the young woman convicted of making false allegations of rape against 12 men, I am very clear that she’s not lying. Why is it then that we are so keen to believe that young women in particular lie about rape?

Again with the semantic legerdemain. Not all women, some women.

Look, I don’t know anything about this young woman. The whole situation in this case is pretty shabby. I think – whether or not they actually committed a crime – the men involved seem to be detestable animals, the Cypriot criminal justice system seems as corrupt and deplorable as it ever was in the Mediterranean region, and the young woman involved is deeply unfortunate. I hope she’s able to come home and move on from this.

However, the case raises a number of points that the partisan lesbian feminist Bindel will never ever acknowledge, let alone address.

Let’s look at the recent figures from the UK. We know, from the government’s own research, and expertise from rape crisis centres that only a tiny minority of sexual assaults are ever reported to police.

Yes, and to explain that, we need to understand the sheer breadth of things that ‘women’s groups’ are apt to call ‘sexual assault’. The definition is broad and getting ever broader to encompass every instance of a woman being touched, spoken to, gestured at or looked at, which may be construed (rightly or wrongly) as sexually motivated.

Right now in the UK, the conviction rate for those cases reported to police stands at a shocking 1.4 per cent, one of the lowest in Europe, and the worst in the UK since records began over a decade ago.

And what are we to conclude from that? Well, it can be interpreted many ways, not all of which support the feminst narrative.

Bearing this in mind, is it really possible that anywhere approaching the figure of 98.6 per cent of complainants are making false allegations for malicious, trivial purposes?

Again, compounding separate things together. Of those 98.6%, some will be malicious, some will be for trivial purposes, some will be both. Others will simply be trivial complaints where the law says no crime was committed, contrary to whatever feminist doctrine the woman in question was force-fed by her university, the media, politicians and her Facebook ‘friends’.

So, those women that do go to the trouble of reporting rape are, according to some, making it up.

There we go eliding ‘some’ to ‘all’.

Their motives? They hate men and want to punish them for some minor transgression or other.

This will be true in some cases, however few.

Perhaps the man they falsely accused of rape dumped and humiliated the complainant, so she decided to get her own back?

This will be true in some cases, however few.

Or these women have been told that they can pull in a load of compensation (the average pay-out by Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is around £11,000) which would no doubt take them on numerous luxury holidays.

This will be true in some cases, however few.

But there are plenty of other possible contributory factors, some of which I allude to above. Other include:

  • The Crown Prosecution Service is reeling after a number of high-profile miscarriages of justice against accused men, and has become far more risk-averse in what cases it chooses to prosecute. This is the nature of bureaucracies in the wake of a crisis of their own making.
  • Perhaps the CPS have found that juries of any gender, ethnicity and orientation are disinclined to believe women who are shown to have multiple concurrent short-term partners, post their barely concealed T&A all over social media 24/7, and have left an audit trail of social media and whatsapp messages casting their integrity in a generally poor light.
  • Police driven to refer all sorts of paper-thin cases to the CPS because of targets, which subsequently do not go to trial, contrary to the false impression given to complainants by PC Plod.
  • Police unable to adequately resource rape investigations due to time and money spent on politically motivated wild goose chases and witch-hunts, on policing speech on social media, and on the whole panoply of counter-terrorism activities that are consequent to the vast army of alien cultures that the left have gleefully imported into the country, and the clusterfuck of middle-eastern war mongering pursued by western ‘leaders’.

Either way, the disproportionate media coverage on cases of women convicted of making false allegations of rape can give much of the general public, and therefore those that sit on juries in rape trials, the impression that women are dangerous fantasists that imagine being raped.

Once again, it is demonstrable that there are some women out there – however few – of whom this impression is accurate, and it is a fundamentally deluded, unjust and dysfunctional society that refuses to acknowledge the possibility.

And who is to decide the correct amount of coverage to give to a case where a woman is shown to have made a false claim, malicious or not, leading to an innocent man being publically named, hounded out of his job, and society and, in some cases, spending time in prison on remand?

Are we to suppress reporting of these cases? Why?

Increasingly, the defence used by men accused of rape in consent cases is that the complainant has happily and enthusiastically participated in the type of sex that tends to be a popular porn narrative – such as having a gang bang with a load of strange men. If the complainant is forensically examined and found to have suffered internal bleeding, extensive bruising, and signs of serious trauma, this is dismissed as merely signs of the rough-and-tumble of sexual activity.

Well yes, the gamification and pornification of dating and sex is a bad thing. There’s plenty of blame to spread around on that score. Some young men develop grotesquely unrealistic expectations about how sexual encounters ought to be. Why? Because of the sheer volume of porn available everywhere all the time, because of the media, because of the feminist message that women are free and liberated, and their value is in no way diminished by them exercising a voracious sexual appetite. Ask your nearest Slutwalk for details.

For that matter, from whence comes the seemingly endless supply of young women prepared to participate in making pornography?

So, this subset of young men having developed unreasonable expectations, some young women will acquiesce to them for a variety of reasons. Amongst them that the raft of protections built up by society (a.k.a. the patriarchy) to prevent young women falling prey to men’s most animal insticts, have been summarily torn apart in the last 50 years. Gone is sin, gone is shame, gone is modesty, gone is personal responsibility and accountability.

For feminists, the idea of suggesting that women dress modestly, remain chaste and take sensible precautions against the possibility of attack is simply beyond the pale. ‘Slut-shaming… victim blaming… just teach men not to rape’ go the howls of outrage.

The impression given by the focus on women supposedly lying about sexual assault is that whilst countless men languish in prison, their accusers are having a rare old time buying vodka shots, while snogging any half decent man available and setting him up as her next victim.

Yes, and there are certainly instances that this is the case, though no-one at all has suggested that it is all, or even a majority of cases.

Presumably, part of her holiday fun is getting ready to give a detailed statement to police alleging serious sexual assault if things don’t work out for her on their date. It must be a major cheap thrill to recount humiliating details of previous sexual history in public, and enduring, on the very rare occasion it gets this far, a Crown Court trial where she, rather than the accused, is judged.

This is just utterly fatuous. Playing to the feminist gallery.

After 40 years of campaigning to end rape, I am well aware that the real injustice relating to rape is that the vast majority of men who commit rape will never even be reported to police, let alone locked in a prison cell.

And right back we go to the problem of definitions.

Have a think about any 18 to 19 year old young women you know, perhaps in your friendship circle, or the daughter or granddaughter of your friends. Do you really think these young women are fair game for a gang bang with several strangers in a cheap hotel room, or might that be the fantasy of young, porn sick men?

Not against their will, no. In fact, not at all. But also have a think about whether these young women have realistic expectations themselves. Whether they continue to shirk the responsibility they have for their own safety, by avoiding getting into situations where they may be taken advantage of. Whether the modern cultists have stripped these young women of their agency and their accountability, leaving them mere passengers on a ride.

Imagine, if you are lucky enough not to have experienced it, what it must feel like to be raped, traumatised, hurt and scared,

Well, yes… and listen to what feminists far and wide think about men and boys who are raped. A great many of them don’t care at all or think it doesn’t count. A sick few delight in hearing of men falling victim to predators.

Because the reality about rape is that women who report sexual assault are far more likely to be judged and blamed than the accused.

According to you. Why not go out into the street and find me a man who doesn’t find rape and genuine sexual assault to be utterly abhorrent, and those who commit such crimes to be beyond contempt. See how long it takes you. They are so few and far between they are practically non-existant.

A large part of the case for accused men remaining anonymous until convicted rests on the fact that accused men are put at great risk of being assaulted or killed by men who take a dim view of any such behaviour, and that the public record of the accusation – however baseless – will follow them around for the rest of their lives, both on the Internet and in the official records that are disclosed by authorities to any potential employer.

The real takeaway from this, though, is that there is no ‘all women’ or ‘all men’. But there is an ‘all feminists’, and they are all intent on giving women enough rope to hang themselves, and on convicting the nearest convenient man, however culpable. In their largely successful quest to impose their will on society, they are presiding over its dissolution and degeneration.

They have to be stopped.


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  1. I had been considering it following the election, but that post prompted my to get on the phone and cancel my Spectator subscription. Too much Hardman and Parris and not enough Liddle and Delingpole.

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