In case you forget whose side they’re on

Two items of interest.

The first is the Spectator, which has predictably cucked in the face of an SJW onslaught over Rod Liddle’s column this week.

The Spectator seem to have allowed Liddle’s column to leak across their paywall, here, presumably so everyone can see what all the fuss was about, presumably edited from its original form, based on Fraser Nelson’s comments.

With characteristic spinal flexibility, Nelson allows Liddle to give a full throated defence of himself, then adds his own comments, which start with ‘it was a joke’, but conclude, ‘this one was too easily misrepresented and should not have been published in the form that it was.’

I suppose we should be grateful that Liddle’s column was left up at all.

The second is from the Telegraph, where their defence and security corrrespondant is running a series of articles, as well as a drinks reception, to celebrate 100 years of GCHQ.

Somehow I doubt that this will involve reminding anyone of the Snowden revelations, which show that GCHQ – once responsible for winning the second World War – is now more usually emplyed to continuously spy on us all in partnership with the USA’s NSA. But it should.



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