Plenty more where they came from…

As thoroughly sick as I am about the whole appalling business of Brexit, such is the state of brinksmanship that it’s totally engrossing.

So I was irritated and suspicious when, in a change from scheduled programming, this started to dominate the news:


So what’s the Brexit angle going to be from each side?

That these people are the victims of exploitation of the EU’s open borders?

That without the cruelty and inhumanity of the UK’s closed border, such deadly efforts would be unnecessary, and will only increase after Brexit further limits cross-border movement?

That since this seems to be an operation relating to Irish Republicanism, we shouldn’t be too bothered about losing Northern Ireland on the back of our Brexit deal?

That we’ll be powerless to play our part in stopping this trade when we’re outside the EU?

That once we’re outside of the EU, we’ll no longer be an attractive destination for this trade?

I expect all these positions to be tried on for size by the usual media suspects, but my question is this:

What else are they hiding by the entire media going large on this story?

I expect we’ll find out sooner rather than later, but it was a heroic effort by the entire media establishment to change the conversation by shouting “SQUIRREL!” in unison.



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