Get used to it Greta…

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I don’t know how to tell you this, Greta, but welcome to the world. If you think what they did to your childhood is bad, I suggest you strap in for them screwing up your adulthood, your prospects for raising a family in safety, your retirement and any aspirations you may ever have. Trust me, the planet won’t be in your top 20 concerns by the time the show really gets going.

All this pre-supposes, of course, that she continues to subscribe to this pathetic version of the world where she has no agency. And it overlooks the fact that if anyone has responsibiity for the state of her childhood, it’s the parents who have scared her half to death with tales of environmental armageddon, and subsequently allowed this unfortunate girl to make a total fool of herself on the global stage, dancing to the tune of this very global leadership she purports to castigate.

I don’t know if I wish dawning realisation on her, because when it comes, it won’t be pleasant for her.


4 thoughts on “Get used to it Greta…

  1. Call me an old cynic but isn’t it strange that Norwegians becoming all green and pious just happens to coincide with the running down of their North Sea oil and gas reserves?

  2. I dunno that they give terribly many fucks about ecobollocks in Norway.

    Greta’s Swedish… an altogether different animal from the Norwegians.

  3. It’s rather surprising this indoctrinated mouthpiece child hasn’t spotted a real problem – Sweden is now a very unsafe place (in the cities at least) for women. Not due to climate, but incomers: there are inner city areas where the police will not and do not go, allowing gang “justice” to prevail.
    Instead of ranting about the imaginary climate changes wrought by humans, about which we’re already taxed increasingly (for no discernible difference to the world), perhaps she should campaign against FGM, rape gangs, moped crime, etc.

  4. It was her parents who stole her childhood, by indoctrinating the autistic child with eco-bollocks. She probably believes the crap they filled her with: I call that child abuse as bad as any other kind.
    I’ll be contacting her in the magic 20 years (not 19 or 21, the prediction is so accurate) when she’s 36, just to see if she and billions of others are dead
    Meanwhile, little girl, try to relax!

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