Progs rage against the effects of their own policies…

Woe is spreading amongst progressives about the problem of collapsing levels of rape conviction and rising rates of rape.

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Indeed it’s a problem that should concern us all, but some of us have some insight into why it might be happening that is lacking amongst those with the prog-blinkers on.

The collapse of rape trials is clearly a reaction amongst police and prosecutors in the wake of a series of scandalously mishandled complaints, during which their ”believe all victims” ethos – itself a begging of the question – whereby young men suffered procedural torment and reputational ruin, and only belatedly saw anything resembling justice when the lawyers deigned to look at the actual evidence exonerating the men.

The drip drip drip of women who have falsely accused men also has its effect in the minds of police, prosecutors and juries.

The rising incidence of genuine rape cases… well how to explain that? Perhaps the general emasculation of law enforcement has played a part. Perhaps the continuous incoming tide of people from places that have no respect for women has something to do with it.

Perhaps the sense of entitlement and the taboo of ‘slut shaming’ amongst young women – amongst other snubs to feminine virtue – is leading them to make choices that leave them more vulnerable than good sense would dictate. Perhaps their lack of regard for their own propriety and safety makes it difficult for authorities and juries to buy their tales of woe.

Every last thing here that contrubutes to the problem is a direct or indirect result of progressive political philospohy and policy. And yet they will never reaslise or accept it, because this is the one kind of cognitive dissonance they simply cannot entertain. It would break them. So they’ll double down again and demand more ill-conceived and poorly drafted laws, no doubt further disadvantaging innocent men accused of awful crimes.

The cycle of fuckwittery and ruined lives will continue. Justice will become an ever more distant dream for anyone unlucky enough to become tangled in the web of progressive nonsense.





2 thoughts on “Progs rage against the effects of their own policies…

  1. “…Justice will become an ever more distant dream…”

    ‘Twas ever thus. I want to reach for a gun when I hear people wittering on about our “Justice system”. We have no such thing and never have had.

    What we do have is a “Legal system”, developed over centuries but whose raison d’etre was initially designed to protect the property of the higher orders and didn’t concern itself much with the hoi-polloi. Dare one say “Plus ça change”?

    Very occasionally our legal system has delivered justice, but this has been happenchance rather than intent.

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