Teetering between madness and genius

I wrote this about Alistair Williams a while back:

I’m not yet sure whether Alistair is in the process of going mad, or is coming to a crescendo of comic social commentary. It’s compelling either way.

I’m still not sure: while his livestreams are shambolic and paranoid, his pre-recorded work is excellent. Insight, intelligence, wit and passion ooze from this:

Good stuff.

When the revolution comes, we should consider using Jess Phillips’ face as the business end of a battering ram to get us into the Bank of England.



2 thoughts on “Teetering between madness and genius

  1. Jessica Rose Phillips is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley since 2015.
    EU Referendum result for Birmingham, Yardley
    Leave – 60.09%
    Remain – 39.91%
    What does she not understand about that?

    • Oh she understands it perfectly well… she understands that whatever she does, the people in her constituency will still vote labour. Defying the Brexit vote? DOESN’T MATTER. LABOUR TIL I DIE. Confronting the Muslims who don’t like the globohomo agenda in schools? DOESN’T MATTER. LABOUR TIL I DIE.

      I have £10 here that says if she stands at the next election, she’ll be re-elected. Because some people are thick, others have political stockholm syndrome, and the remainder are the 40% who voted remain.

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