This is education

This woman is a force of nature. In the event that the House of Lords remains a thing, she should be in it when she’s tired of being a headmistress.

Not a lot of us are entitled to keep a straight face when we say ‘I’ve been on a journey’, or ‘I really feel like I’ve achieved something’, but Katherine Birbalsingh is.

She’s a hugely impressive person, and a reminder that you needn’t be male or white or English to be a thorn in the side of the establishment. You just have to believe in discipline, intellectual honesty and logical consistency, and it’ll piss them right off.

I’ve met her in person. We had dinner years ago, long before she opened her school, and it was obvious then that she’d blow the doors off the education establishment. I’m very pleased that her school’s first year of exam results has been stellar.

What boggles my mind is that, following the coherent logic she proposes in her interview above with Brendan O’Neill, she ought to be the multiculturalists’ wet dream, but they hate her so.


2 thoughts on “This is education

    • Have a good one, mate. Their success is well deserved vindication of KB’s hard work and guts, as well as all those teachers enough brave to follow her and go against the tide of mediocrity.

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