How to respond when Brexit kills

I like this bloke. Proper northern common sense on the topic of Brexit and the wider associated issues of culture and nationhood.

Here he wonders how we should respond in the event that we do get a proper Brexit, and the Remainers’ predictions of doom start to come true – people go hungry for food and die for want of vital medicines.

By examining how the prog-elite have consistently responded to any adverse outcome of one of their policies, he comes to what I think is the correct conclusion: we double down the commitment to Brexit and what comes next, and we ascribe bad faith to the kvetching objectors.

Certainly there will be problems that come up and there will be the whole gamut of university educated wokerati, queuing up on the steps of BBC News to deploy the panpoly of logical fallacies, statistical errors and other assorted legerdemain to prove that Brexit caused whatever X, Y & Z is on their list of supposed disasters and confected grievances.

But Brexit is still the right thing to do for the greater good. Any problems will be mitigated as best they can and lessons will be learned, but no sense of buyers remorse can be allowed to prevail amongst those of us who have advocated for this.

He considers a specific hypothetical case where, post-Brexit, a poorly child dies for want of a vital medicine, which was unavailable due to the logistical complications of no-deal, and he anticipates the inevitable outcry from remainers that everyone who voted for Brexit has blood on their hands.

The media will, of course, pick up on every thing ever said by a Brexiter that could be turned against them in this event. There will be no point in treading on egg shells. We can only really say ‘well I’m very sorry about your dead child, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and we have a wider question of the national interest to consider’.

If that makes you feel queasy, remember the prog-elite’s blanket response to thousands of groomed and abused children in provincial England: it’s regrettable, but it’s for the greater good of our ideology, and if you keep on about it, we’ll have you arrested, take your job and cast you out of society as the racist that you are. And don’t forget that the spectre of terrorism and violent street-crime is just part and parcel of living in a big city.

I absolutely guarantee that before the bien pensants decided whether or not to sympathise with the parents of the dead child, they’d want to know (or they’d just assume), which way they voted in the referendum.

The parents voted to remain? The child was a victim of a cruel and ignorant Brexit majority. The parents will become martyrs to the cause, feted, crowdsourced into a comfortable existence and defered to by the media on matters of policy, ethics, economics and medicine.

The parents voted to leave? They deserve no sympathy and should probably be in prison for killing their child. A million people will tell them so on Facebook and, once they’re doxxed, by spraying their house and putting flaming dog turds through their letterbox.

One thing is for sure, the recriminations for Brexit will be widespread, and colourful in the extreme.

In the absence of a genuine apocalyptic catastrophe, the greater good is still being served by Brexit and we lose sight of that at our peril in the face of continuing remainer hysteria.



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