You’re feeding the trolls

In the war of attrition with the left, we troll them and they troll us. Each side contrives to reduce the other to a quivering mass of impotent rage and keyboard-wrecking social media outbursts.

And that’s why I prefer to completely ignore obvious trolling shit like this. When a no-mark San Francisco lesbian says that Miley Cyrus (I dunno either) has ‘struck a blow against the patriarchy’ and that ‘heterosexuality is just not working’, you just know that whatever follows will be the biggest heap of ludicrous festering shite since the last one. A vapid, misandrist ignoramus with an axe to grind lauding a vapid, arrested development, patently damaged pop-star? Stop the front page.

Yet both Adam Piggott (podcast) and Dave Cullen (Bitchute) were moved to comment at length on it.

What’s that Skippy? NBC are confirming to the normiest of normies that they are a complete irrelevance and a laughing stock? Again? And it’s why they and the rest of the mainstream media is dying? Wow, fuck, let me write that down.

Adam even went so far as to propound a hyperbolic future that ‘they’ are working towards in which heterosexual relationships are outlawed, and we will all be allocated a sexual partner of our own gender. I’m becoming suspicious, by the way, about Adam’s obsession with hatin’ on the gays, when taken with his procaimed abstinence from women and his rigorous gym regimen. Then there’s him singing ‘I will survive‘ on holiday. And just listen to the way he talks about Aaron Clarey. Manlove for sure.

But I digress.

Why are we even wasting mental and internet bandwidth dignifying horseshit like this with a response?

We know that the world has gone mad. We know the left are completely unhinged. Our message does not reach the normies. We need the idiot MSM to carry features that expose this crap to a wide audience of the unengaged masses, precisely so that none of it ever comes to pass.

In the meantime, never interfere with the enemy when xe is in the process of destroying xirself.


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