Nothing Ever Happens

Tommy Robinson has been sent back to prison for 9 months having been reconvicted on contempt of court charges. Speculation is rife as to what the future holds for the anti-rape-gang martyr.

The whole situation stinks. It is the archetypal travesty of justice. I won’t rehash all the facts and background here – it’s all out there via a simple internet search, though you will have to look beyond the mainstream media if you want anything approaching the truth, the unedited video recording of the so-called offence, and a better account than a litany of tendentious claims about Robinson’s supposed commitment to made-up leftist concepts of racism and islamophobia. You will need that rarest of treasures – an open and inquiring mind – otherwise you’ll be gulled by the weight of imbecilic pablum and lazy reheated opinions of conformist imbeciles and people whose income depends on pushing a particular fashionable narrative.

What I’m interested in is what happens next; what will the consequences be?

There is excited speculation in bar rooms and internet forums that Robinson’s death in custody would be the blue touchpaper that would set off God only know what… riots, race wars, revenge attacks against unrelated Muslims, subsequent reprisals and a spiral of civil disorder and violence.

I predict none of that.

Having been sentenced to 9 months, Robinson will be out on licence half way through. He probably will spend most of it in solitary, and it will be damaging to him, but he will survive it. He’s probably one of the mentally toughest, most courageous and resilient people walking this land.

And, after all, who would want to be the prison governor on whose watch this figurehead was seriously or fatally wounded, with the attendant risks of prison and civil disorder?

But let us suppose I’m wrong and that, by cock-up or conspiracy, Robinson leaves prison in a black bag.

Oh sure, a couple of dozen inarticulate knuckleheads will put the windows through on their nearest curry houses, and a handful of mosques will become bacon-magnets… nothing we haven’t seen before, but enough to have the media salivating at stories about the ‘far-right extremists’ in our midst.

The societal rage at this situation will be suppressed and sublimated as it has many times before in my lifetime. There is no tipping point or critical mass. The lid will simply be further tightened on the pressure cooker, and more layers of plating will be welded to the containing hulk by the media, politicians, judiciary, police, celebrity dregs and common-or-garden useful idiots.

Rallying support for any kind of action – even getting the truth out and jamming a jaws-of-life into the Overton window – via social media will be impossible with the advanced state of partisan censorship and collaboration between the elites of London and the elites of Silicon Valley.

It will be a damp squib, and any hope of the prevailing order being dented – let alone overturned – will be shown to be utterly fantastical.

You want to know what the long term outlook is? It is conformity. It is mediocrity. It is grey goo. No bang, all whimper. More laws, more taxes, more stifling bureacracy, more chaos, more cognitive dissonance, more injustice, more lies, more insidious redefinitions of long established words, more surveillance, more technological monitoring, more corruption.

We have already lost. Enjoy the fucking decline, and if you’re going down, take as many of the bastards with you as you can.

Still, never mind. Another pint, Bob? Who do you think will win Wimbledon?



3 thoughts on “Nothing Ever Happens

  1. The big problem here is that most of us have things like families, jobs, mortgages etc. Easy to talk about kicking off and “fighting the good fight” when you have nothing to lose! Add to this a corrupt justice system which changes the laws according to who is accuser and who defendant (do you think there would have been such a charge if TR was one of the ‘protected’ classes?) and shysters who seem to forget that they are there to defend their client, not pile on top! Stop shopping at muslim owned shops, refuse to work with or hire one, refuse to bow the knee or accept any of their bullshit, do not accommodate them in any way! Ah, but that’s more difficult than bloviating online or moaning down the pub, at least you can still buy beer here, wait till it becomes too ‘offensive’ to the pigfuckers for you to do that! You may actually see something happen then!

    • Quite right.. you make a very good point.

      I listened to a podcast recently – I think it was Sean Gabb on this podcast – where the point made was that libertarian and conservative types lack any kind of kinship when it comes to spending their bucks.

      There’s no way to look up a tory plumber or a libertarian tree surgeon, when you’d rather hire one of those guys than put money in the pocket of a guy who voted Remain.

      I’m not the guy to put something like that in place – it’s not in my wheelhouse – but I’d be 100% behind someone who did.

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