All Pie left behind…

For a while, Jonathan Pie was a hoot. That was while Andrew Doyle was involved in writing for him. Now though, all pretence of ‘giving it out to all sides’ has been dropped, and Pie is now just another pile of narrow-minded leftie shite, in defiance of many words of derision that were previously uttered by Pie himself about swivel-eyed progressives who brought Trump and Brexit on themselves.

So the torch of common-sense and the bleeding-obvious must be passed to a new man, and Alistair Williams is that man.

His more or less daily bulletins are spot on. Here is his latest:

Though you may first have heard of him thanks to his Burgerking Brexit metaphor which was masterful.

There are a few hours of his material on his YT channel, and a decent interview with him (where I originally learned of him) on the New Culture FOrum’s YT channel.

Enjoy. I’ll be going to see him live when I next get the opportunity.


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