This a thousand times

I think this is the most important video I’ve seen on YouTube in a very long time.

And of course it appears at the very moment when the attacks on anything that we might consider to be truthful – and the right to express it – are being stepped up another level by the likes of YouTube, with their latest blanket disqualification of red-pilled content from vital monetisation.

Once I’ve figured out how to embed BitChute videos instead of YT videos – and it’s far from obvious in this blogging tool –  that’s what I’ll do.

In the past, I’ve found Dave Cullen’s videos to be excellent, but unbearably laden with unpleasant truths. This is a sea-change and as such I’ve started to support Dave financially, outwith the YouTube network. And obviously, whatever I’m doing is awesome, and you should share in the glory by doing the same.



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