Boris the Feminist

Thinking about Tory leadership candidates?

Wondering if Boris is the great galumphing white hope?

He isn’t.

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Most of the Conservative leadership candidates – Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Matthew Hancock, Andrea Leadsom, Rory Stewart and James Cleverly – have all declared that they are feminists, after Dominic Raab said he was “probably not” one.

The question of women’s equality became an issue in the contest after Raab, one of the favourites to be Conservative leader, rejected the label of feminism and stuck by his 2011 assertion that feminists are among the most “obnoxious bigots”.

I already nailed my colours to tbe mast regarding Raab’s soundness… I’ve seen much to corroborate my case, and nothing so far to detract from it.

A vote for Boris (or these also-rans) is a vote for continuing national humiliation at the hands of the multicultural, feminist, socialist wreckers.


Update: Adam Piggott doesn’t think the Guardian have the rhetorical killshot on Boris. And that’s true, but I say they don’t need it, because Boris offered it from his own pen last year.

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If you want to solve the problems of the developing world, be a feminist. And if you want to be a feminist, do it by educating girls.

UPDATE 2: It may or may not be clear that BJ isn’t actually a feminist, that he’s just talking the talk out of electoral expedience. It probably is complete bollocks, in fact.

But that doesn’t matter at all. That he’s even willing to pay lip service is enough to show that he’s unprincipalled compared to Raab, and that he’s prepared to lend credibility to feminist arguments by taking them seriously and at face value is enough to destroy any claim he has to being ‘on our side’.

There’s still talk of there being a ‘Boris & Amber dream ticket’, in which this ramshackle hack pairs up with the awful, undistinguished, machine-politico automaton, Amber Rudd.  That talk is fading, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find him paired up with another token woman – Priti Patel, or Lis Truss being persuaded on-board.


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