Back ’em up, it’s time to get off this platform…

In more than 10 years using this platform, it always seemed like quite a stable, open, pro-free-speech platform, or at least neutral.

I wasn’t aware of any previous deplatforming, but today I am.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.45.20

We can’t say that there haven’t been warnings that this day would come from people like Clarey, Vox Day etc..

Back ’em up and ship out.

Even if I’m not high enough profile to attract Porquemada’s attention, I don’t think I want them earning a cent more from putting ads on my blog.

As soon as I have sorted an alternative, I’ll post details.



2 thoughts on “Back ’em up, it’s time to get off this platform…

  1. It’s easy enough to do your own and then all you need to worry about is your ISP. The only real difference is it isn’t free.

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